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Microsoft MSN - Public and Private Peering

Just an update from peeringdb:

Company Information
Company Name Microsoft MSN
Also Known As MSN, LIVE
Company Website

Public Peering Exchange Points
Exchange Point Name ASN IP Address Mbit/sec
Equinix Ashburn 8075
Equinix Chicago 8075
Equinix San Jose 8075

Private Peering Facilities
Facility Name ASN City Country SONET Ethr ATM
Equinix Ashburn 8075 Ashburn US
Equinix Chicago (CH1/CH2) 8075 Chicago US
Equinix San Jose (SV1) 8075 San Jose US - Equinix common switch

New on the Equinix GigE Exchange in Ashburn:

Equinix to showcase at the 2008 Enterprise Computing Strategy Summit UK

Equinix Inc. (Nasdaq: EQIX), the leading global provider of network-neutral datacentres and Internet exchange services, today announced it is a gold sponsor of the 2008 Enterprise Computing Strategy Summit UK at the Hilton Canary Wharf in London on 5 June 2008.

The Enterprise Computing Strategy Summit is a forum for The 451 Group's customers and invited guests to hear the latest thinking on key enterprise computing issues, to meet representatives of both the London and US-based analyst teams from The 451 Group and to network with industry colleagues.

Equinix will showcase its network of global Equinix Financial eXchange communities at the event. Equinix Financial eXchange is a community of common interest, consisting of capital market participants such as execution venues, buy and sell side firms, market data providers, technology utilities and network service providers, that locate operations within Equinix datacentres in order to implement a high-performance, low latency connectivity infrastructure within a neutral environment.

Equinix customers can directly exchange data within the same physical location with strategic partners, customers and vendors, providing solutions for their multi-network connectivity and high-performance datacentre needs.

Launched in 2003, Equinix Financial eXchange now extends to hundreds of members and is available in Equinix IBX centres located in Chicago, New York, Frankfurt, Paris and London.

Equinix’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing – Europe, Michael Winterson will be on the panel discussion for Low Latency in Financial Services.

Please visit for further information on the event.

Equinix to showcase at the Hosting Transformation Summit Europe

Equinix Inc. (Nasdaq: EQIX), the leading global provider of network-neutral datacentres and Internet exchange services, today announced it is a gold sponsor of the Hosting Transformation Summit Europe at the Hilton Canary Wharf in London on 3 June 2008.

The Hosting Transformation Summit Europe is a premier forum for executives in the data centre, colocation, hosting, IT services and Internet infrastructure sectors. Corporate leaders, industry visionaries, senior IT architects and financial professionals will convene to learn, network and develop strategies for today’s marketplace.

The intensive, one-day program will provide an overview of the opportunities and challenges facing the industry, ranging from power, cooling and partnering to meeting the ever-increasing expectations of the customer. Industry leaders will talk candidly to their peers about the future of their industry and enjoy exceptional networking opportunities with a senior-level executive audience.

Equinix’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing – Europe, Michael Winterson will be on the panel discussion for Eco - Efficient Datacentres: Where’s the Money?

Please visit for further information on the event.

Internap Investor Presentation - Cowen and Company 20/20 Technology Media Telecom Conference

Interesting presentation. As I'm usually very critical about the lack of transparency (metrics) from this management team, I must really congratulate with the new CFO as it sounds to me that several issues have been addressed.

Going through some of the slides, available here, with my comments highlighted in RED. You will have to click on the slides to read the comments better.

I know I'm a pain, but I would enjoy another metric. As some companies do for churn, I would talk about both the number of customers and the percentage of revenues involved.

Example: Company A has 100 customers and just one is buying the bundled services concept. That's just 1% of customers. That single customer is doing 30% of revenues. The bundled service concept is representing 30% of total revenues. This small example is extreme, but it is just to say that an additional datum could help highlight the size of the customers interested in the service better (I speculate more the smaller ones, for Internap...). Even if we have a good number of customers, how much is involved in terms of revenues? JMHO.

Another great slide. GK also talked about "non recurring" revenues in IP Services, which was exactly my expectation.

Going by heart, Internap always mentioned FCP sales in general in their filings, like "minus 5%" of total revenues in the IP category. It is important to have the exact numbers highlighted as this is the only way to properly follow the bandwidth growth/price decline trend, which gets lost in a single number.

Another great slide, and more clarity on the expansion plan (location, squarefootage, timing...). I was personally hoping some plans were closer to completition.

Some "new" wins are actually old Vistalstream customers (National Geo...) and I noticed lately that most announced wins (NYMag - thanks to JB for the heads up - or National Geo, etc.) are actually using other CDNs - Limelight or Panther Express, for example...

Tier1 Research - CDNetworks earnings dips in 1Q 08: any larger significance?

The headline from Tier1 about CDNetworks earnings:

>>CDNetworks, which is publicly traded on the KOSDAQ, reported first-quarter 2008 earnings earlier in May. Unlike its better-known counterparts, a decline in earnings and a 15% drop in share price seems to have gone largely unnoticed by those trading in Limelight Networks and Akamai shares.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Internet retailer - It’s summer; Santa is getting near

Known customer, but interesting mention of Internap in the online shopping vertical:

>>PC Universe works throughout the year with content delivery network Internap Network Services Corp. to ensure web servers are operating properly and supporting quick page loads and pulls of information from product databases. “We make sure that whatever technology we’re developing throughout the year is working at optimal levels,” Colletta says.

The retailer also drills down into critical applications like checkout. Working with AlertSite, which tests e-commerce applications, it can simulate typical shopping cart clickstream experiences of customers logging onto its site from multiple locations. “If anything fails during any step of a checkout transaction—for example, if an error page appears or information can’t be added to a billing address form—AlertSite notifies us via e-mail and text messages to our cell phones,” Colletta says. “We do this to make sure we deliver on our promise of a good shopping experience.”

Checking usability

PC Universe uses the Internap and AlertSite services throughout the year.
It will also commission a web site usability specialist like LeftClick once every year or two to see if its online shopping features offer the kind of experience customers want. In the first half of last year, for example, it determined it needed a more user-friendly checkout. After a series of A/B tests, it went with a simpler though multi-page design that led to increases in conversion rates and average order values for the 2007 holiday shopping season, Colletta says.

Seeking Alpha - Five Key Quotes from Limelight's Conference Call

Seeking Alpha has just published the transcripts of Limelight Network's conference call.

An interesting comment:

>>Here are five key quotes from Limelight Network's (LLNW) conference call. Limelight competes with Akamai (AKAM), Level3 (LVLT) and AT&T (T). The quotes are taken from the Limelight transcript which we published a few hours after the call ended:

1. Tough pricing environment for content delivery networks [CDNs]?
2. Litigation with Akamai
3. Rising competition
4. The quarter's results
5. Guidance for next quarter - Failure Rates in Google Data Centers

An interesting analysis of Jeff Dean's overview of Google's data center operations (from the Google I/O conference for developers).

>>A 50 percent chance that the cluster will overheat? This suggests that Google's approach, which packs 40 servers into each rack, is running pretty close to the edge in terms of thermal management. Or perhaps that Google has trouble anticipating when an area of its data center may develop cooling challenges.


Link to the complete article:

Failure Rates in Google Data Centers

Google fellow Jeff Dean offered an overview of Google's data center operations in this week's Google I/O conference for developers. has an overview of Dean's presentation, most of which revisited general information that is already public and is summarized in our Google Data Center FAQ. But there were a couple of areas where Dean offered data that provided additional insight into Google's operations. In particular, he discussed failure rates within the clusters of 1,800 servers that Google uses as the building block for its infrastructure:

uWink Hollywood & Highland opening ceremony

The official opening of the new Hollywood location is getting closer, although there's no date in this invitation:

uWink Hollywood & Highland opening ceremony - VGV is there

I never pass on an invitation, especially one that involves gratuitous amounts of alcohol and videogames!

uWink Hollywood & Highland opening ceremony - VGV is there

VGVisionary will be attending the ‘uWink Hollywood & Highland Media Preview Invite’ and provide some coverage on this newest addition to uWink’s chain of restaurants!

As Nolan Bushnell said during the MI6 Game Marketing Conference:

“A drunk with a credit card is a wonderful thing.”

How does he know me so well?

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