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United States Patent Application 20090219252
Kind Code A1
Jarventie; Heli Margit ; et al. September 3, 2009



An apparatus, method and computer program product are provided for facilitating blind usage of an electronic device having a touchscreen. The electronic device may sense the location of a user's finger on the touchscreen and generate, at that location, an output associated with an object capable of being selected. Generating the output may include displaying an icon and/or generating a sensation associated with the object. Alternatively, generating an output may include generating a sensation or tactile feedback that guides the user to the location of an icon associated with the object. In addition, or alternatively, each of a plurality of objects may have a different sensation associated therewith. The electronic device may output the sensation of the various objects upon receipt of a tactile input at different locations on the touchscreen, so that the user can move his or her finger around the touchscreen until he can feel the desired object.

Inventors: Jarventie; Heli Margit; (Tampere, FI) ; Jurvanen; Laura Katariina; (Espoo, FI) ; Hiltunen; Kirsi-Maria; (Paavola, FI) ; Nurmi; Mikko Antero; (Tampere, FI)
Correspondence Name and Address:
Assignee Name and Adress: Nokia Corporation

Serial No.: 039331
Series Code: 12
Filed: February 28, 2008

In response to detecting the tactile input and determining its location, the electronic device (e.g., processor or similar means operating on the electronic device) may cause an output associated with a first item in the sequence of items to be generated at the determined location. (Block 304). As discussed above, according to one embodiment, causing the output to be generated may involve displaying an icon associated with the item or object. Alternatively, or in addition, causing the output to be generated may involve generating a sensation or haptic/tactile feedback that is associated with the item or object underneath the user's finger. Sensations may include for example, a furry, rubbery, fluffy or slimy feeling, various vibrations including, for example, a vibration that mimics a machine gun, snoring, a heartbeat, or the like. For example, each of the control buttons of a music player may have a different sensation associated therewith. These sensations may include, for example, a jumping up or down feeling for the volume button, a sliding right feeling for the next track button, a sliding left feeling for the previous track button and the like. As one of ordinary skill in the art will recognize, sensations of the kind described herein may be generated using, for example, the techniques disclosed in U.S. Pat. No. 6,429,846 assigned to Immersion Corporation ("the Immersion patent").

NAP of Americas (Xavier Banchon) wrote:

> Does anyone have issues with Internet connection through NAP of Americas?

Yes - there's obviously been some failure on the DC power, which
took the peering grid down (and a few ISPs, too). Session's have
come up again around an hour ago.

Btw - anyone there and not peering with 31529 (.de ccTLD service),
please drop me an email. It's pretty hard to get a list of



We do have problems since 13:27 CET



Accuray Board of Directors

Mr. Lavigne is a former member of Equinix BoD.

Effective September 4, 2009, the Board of Directors of Accuray Incorporated filled two vacant seats with the appointment of Mr. Louis J. Lavigne, Jr. and Mr. Dennis L. Winger as members of the company’s Board of Directors. Mr. Lavigne and Mr. Winger are independent directors within the meaning of the rules of the Nasdaq Stock Market. Mr. Lavigne and Mr. Winger will serve as Class II members of the Board of Directors and will stand for election at the company’s 2011 annual meeting of stockholders.

Mr. Lavigne is currently an independent consultant specializing in the areas of corporate finance, accounting and strategy. From 1983 to 2005, Mr. Lavigne served in the following positions with Genentech, Inc.: 1983-1986, Controller; 1986-1988, Vice President; 1988-1994, Chief Financial Officer; 1994-1997, Senior Vice President; 1997-2003, Executive Vice President; and 2003-2005, Executive Vice President/Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Lavigne also serves on the boards of directors of Allergan, Inc. and BMC Software, Inc.

Mr. Winger most recently served as Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer with Applied Biosystems, Inc. from 1997 to 2008. Prior to that, from 1989 to 1997, he was the Senior Vice President, Finance and Administration and Chief Financial Officer of Chiron Corporation. Mr. Winger also serves on the boards of directors of Cell Genesys, Inc., Cephalon, Inc. and Vertex Pharmaceuticals.

It is expected that Mr. Lavigne will serve on the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors and Mr. Winger will serve on the Compensation Committee of the Board of the Directors. Either one or both of them may also serve on the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee of the Board of Directors.

Mr. Lavigne and Mr. Winger will receive the same cash and equity compensation for their service on the Board of Directors and board committees, as is currently paid to all non-employee members of Accuray’s Board of Directors. A description of the compensation for non–employee directors is in Accuray’s proxy statement for the 2008 annual meeting of stockholders and was unchanged in fiscal 2009.

There are no arrangements or understandings between either Mr. Lavigne or Mr. Winger and Accuray pursuant to which Mr. Lavigne or Mr. Winger were appointed as directors. In addition, Accuray is not aware of any related party transactions involving Accuray and either Mr. Lavigne or Mr. Winger.

"Haptic" phone series helps Samsung to it's highest cellular market share ever

from the IV MB, by cellodude:

>>"Haptic" phone series helps Samsung to it's highest cellular market share ever

When Samsung released the original Haptic, the full touch phone market was dominated by its competitors. The vibration feedback as well as the unique UI functionality, however, differentiated the series from its counterparts. In addition, the name of Haptic itself has been emphasized through the marketing series, raising the recognition of the brand among consumers. Based on this experience, Samsung has emphasized AM OLED as a brand name of its latest mobile phone.

With the growth of the Haptic series, Samsung was able to continuously raise its market share. In the last month, it posted 55% in market share, the highest record since it began the mobile phone business. Also, it accounts for 70% of the full touch phone market. Samsung Electronics plans to release more models of the Haptic series including a 2G full touch phone, B900, within this month

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We are officially out of Internap Fisher!

We are officially out of Internap Fisher!

First cyberknife in Ukraine

from the IV MB, by yyy60:

>>First cyberknife in Ukraine

** translated from Ukrainian **

First in Eastern Europe, oncology, equipped with modern kibernozhem, opened in Kiev

KIEV, September 10. (Hope Yurchenko - Ukrinform).

The first eastern Europe Medical Center Kiberklinika Spizhenka "in which to treat cancer using a unique technology kibernizh, opened today in the village Kapitanovka Kyiv Kiev to Kyiv region. Radiohirurhichna robotic CyberKnife G4 System allows to remove malignant tumors in any part of the body without damaging surrounding healthy tissue. The founder of the clinic is a medical doctor, academician Yuri Spizhenko AMS, the correspondent UKRINFORMu.Pershyy Deputy Health Minister Alexander Bilovol in a speech at the opening of oncology called the event "historic and landmark.

"Thanks to the efforts of George Spizhenka today, everyone can count on in Ukraine ... Today people there last hope, but hope and concrete quality" - he O.Bilovol.Zasnovnyk clinic Spizhenko Yu explained that the idea of took a year and a half ago, and its cost to build an incredible tension of all participants in the process managed by 9 months.

Today the Medical Center is a Department of Diagnostic Radiology, allowing without surgery and without pain to treat cancer tumors for 30-90 hvylyn.Uchenyy told that, unlike the gamma knife, which can treat brain tumors smaller than 2 , 5 cm, and head of the patient requires special fixation frame, using kibernozha no need to do, and treatment are tumor size up to 5-6 sm.Yu.Spizhenko also explained the technology of handling with kibernozha.

In preparation of the patient before the operation to inspect the computer tomography and magnetic, then the special equipment pictures nakladayutsya each одний, more doctors determine the contours of the disease and all that is transmitted to kibernizh. Цей процес називається планом операції. This process is called plan of operations. When he was drafted, includes robotic system kibernizh, which depending on the size of the tumor and its localization in half an hour-hour operation conducted. The patient goes home the same day. During 2.5 months after tumor irradiation zmorschuyetsya, then there precipitated salt and the place formed a small scar.

"This technology already works in Ukraine, and we currently do not have to send our people abroad" - the uchenyy.Vin also said that the U.S. installed 100 such machines, which are combined in a corporate network users kibernozhiv. Medical Center Kiberklinika Spizhenka - one outside the U.S. member of the association, which gives its employees the opportunity within 24-48 hours to advise the patient to any American scholar. "The main consultants clinics are outstanding domestic scholars - Professor Anatoly Makarov, Evgeny Pedachenko and Mykola Polishchuk. But if such advice is needed, we can get it" - the founder of medical tsentru.

Na press conference at the opening of the clinic Yu Spizhenko avoided of answers to questions about the financial side of the building the most advanced oncology clinics in Ukraine, said only that the return will go approximately 5 and a half years. The cost of operation, depending on the amount and localization of tumor ranged from 12 to 17 thousand dollars, children get 10 per cent discount. The clinic treated tumor lung, prostate, pancreas and breast, liver, kidney, brain and spinal cord, bones, skulls and so forth.

[Current indications and ongoing clinical trials with CyberKnife (R) stereotactic radiotherapy in France in 2009.]

[Current indications and ongoing clinical trials with CyberKnife (R) stereotactic radiotherapy in France in 2009.]

[Article in French]

Thariat J, Li G, Angellier G, Marchal S, Palamini G, Rucka G, Bénézery K, Castelli J, Trimaud R, Mammar H, Marcie S, Gérard JP, Bondiau PY.

Département d'oncologie-radiothérapie/IBDC CNRS UMR 6543, centre Antoine-Lacassagne, université de Nice - Sophia-Antipolis, 33, avenue Valombrose, 06189 Nice cedex 02, France.

Image-guided frameless fractionated stereotactic radiotherapy can be performed with millimetric accuracy using the CyberKnife(R) (Accuray Inc. Sunnyvale, USA) equipped with an integrated tracking system for intra- and extracranial lesions. Highly conformal hypofractionated irradiation has been used to treat lesions with curative or palliative intent. It is advantageous for radioresistant tumors, re-irradiating lesions, boosting small volumes and treating tumors that move with respiration. It also limits travel costs and improves the quality of life. Over 60,000 patients have been treated worldwide using CyberKnife(R) including 600 patients in the three French cancer centres of Nice, Nancy and Lille. These expert Cyberknife(R) centres follow quality assurance programs and work together with the "Haute Autorité de santé" and the French National Cancer Institute (INCa) to promote clinical developments. The CyberKnife(R) has been used to treat intracranial lesions including (but not limited to) meningiomas, acoustic schwannomas, brain oligometastases, as well as skull base tumors like chordomas, or para- or intraspinal tumors, and extracranial tumors such as lung cancers. Currently, extracranial stereotactic radiotherapy is particularly attractive for tumors moving with respiration and is being evaluated in liver, prostate and re-irradiation including head and neck tumors.

Lexus LF-Ch Concept hatchback sporting IMMR "Remote Touch"

from the IV MB, by cellodude:

>>Lexus LF-Ch Concept hatchback sporting IMMR "Remote Touch"

A navigation screen takes its place at the top of the dash, below which are two slim air vents recalling those in the 2010 Toyota Prius. The LF-Ch also features Lexus' Remote Touch controller with haptic feedback, as found on the 2010 HS 250h and RX SUVs.

Along with the LF-Ch, Lexus will introduce refreshed GS and LS sedans at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

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Is NYSE’s NJ Data Center A Game Changer?

must read about colocation and the financial sector, from Data Center Knowledge:

>>Is NYSE’s NJ Data Center A Game Changer?

The NYSE initiative has securities analysts wondering whether the exchange will win business away from the low latency trading operations of other north Jersey data center players, including the Savvis (SVVS) trading hub in Weehwaken and Equinix’s growing presence in Secaucus.

“While we recognize there is additional capacity coming in, I think that the overall demand environment is going to continue to drive business for service providers such as ourselves for the foreseeable future,” said Phil Koen, CEO of Savvis, in a recent conference call. “We see that as an improving trend.”

Equinix has emphasized the global nature of its network of financial trading hubs, with additional facilities in Chicago, London, Frankfurt, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

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Symbio Networks’ Asian expansion


>>Symbio Networks’ Asian expansion

Australian managed VOIP services and network provider, Symbio Networks, has expanded into the Asian region with regulatory approval for the deployment of its Point of Presence (POP) service into Singapore, offering live services from next month.

Symbio wholesale manager, Alastair Slattery said today that, after months of planning and market analysis, the company had obtained a services-based operator license from the Singaporean regulatory body, the IDA, to allow it to expand its network and to provide direct termination services into key destinations throughout South-East Asia for carriers and service providers via SIP or H323 VoIP-interconnect.

Symbio says its Singapore POP will be deployed at the Equinix Singapore Internet Business Exchange, and will initially provide direct terminating routes into Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines, in addition to the current directs within Australia and New Zealand.