Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Player 4 and 5 to arrive in the US this spring

from Engadget:

>>Remember the Galaxy Player (or Galaxy S WiFi) we saw back at MWC? Sure you do, it basically strips out the 3G and calling functionality of a Galaxy S phone and leaves you with a Android 2.2 media player or shrunken tablet. Well, it looks like both the 4-inch Galaxy Player 4 and the 5-inch Galaxy Player 5 will be headed to the US this spring. Samsung's demoing the players here at its NYC Spring Product Showcase today, although it isn't talking exact timing or pricing.

Display tech to watch this year: Haptics create a buzz


>>The current generation of smartphones built using Immersion's designs is limited to a few basic vibrational patterns capable of emulating a button click or a low-frequency woofer pattern to augment the bass sounds of a ring tone.

But Immersion and other haptics vendors are developing more sophisticated techniques that finely tune vibrational frequencies to simulate different textures on the screen surface, and to target specific areas of the screen so that, for example, only the finger touching a "depressed" key on a virtual keyboard feels a click sensation.


But the technology is costly to use in a smartphone. "We can't drop that into a $200 cell phone today, but it's coming," he predicts.

Therein lies the rub. TouchSense 5000 is available now, and Sheehan says several manufacturers are "actively evaluating" it. But no manufacturers have announced phones that use it or indicated when such devices might become available.

Immersion - White Cap Report


>>Shares have been on a tear lately. And if the pace of licensing growth continues to ramp up, we should see higher prices ahead. Look for dips as buying opportunities.

Data Centers, Recognized as Key Communications Hubs in Japan, Continue Work After Quake

Read the whole article at Seeking Alpha:

>>As we noted in our previous article, there have been no reports of major data center outages after the devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami that hit Japan last week.

Unfortunately, more recent news highlight that damage to the submarine telecommunications cables are probably worse than first believed, with two segments of a trans-Pacific network out of service and at least two other cables damaged.

Citigroup Comments On Equinix's Latest NY-Expansion Highlights

from Benzinga:

>>Citigroup has published a research report on Equinix after recently meeting with company management that highlighted another New York Metro expansion.

In the report, Citigroup writes "Our takeaways from our walking tour of NY-4 included: 1) the first two phases of NY-4 seem booked at a 90%-plus rate, while we believe the third phase is off to a good start (opened in mid-2010) with roughly 30-35% billing and 45-55% booked or reserved from our observations; 2) Equinix highlighted favorable demand trends from its financial vertical as financial exchanges are a substantial contributor to the demand and occupancy of the facility; 3) we believe the increasing utilization of NY-4 is likely to lead to another capacity expansion in a nearby facility in which the company has already signed a lease during 2010 for 325k square feet."

Equinix To Offer Free Internet Exchange Service In Japan For Networks Restoration

Dear Customers,

We would like to express our sincere sympathy to the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in northeastern Japan. We are also deeply concerned on the effects of the aftershocks and the nuclear power plant situation.

While there has been no impact to the Equinix Tokyo TY1 and TY2 facilities and services, we understand the subsea communications infrastructure has been impaired and would like to offer our assistance in the restoration effort.

Equinix can create private VLANs over our exchange fabric to allow service providers with available capacity to quickly set up bilateral VLAN connections with other providers in need of capacity. This service will be performed free of charge for restoration purpose by sending an Email request to

To further assist our customers with this restoration, we would like to offer you a free 2nd port or a free port upgrade. Please contact our Tokyo team for additional information.

Best regards

Kei Furuta
Managing Director, Equinix Japan K.K

Gartner picks hybrid data centres as future trend


>>Speaking at the analyst firm’s Infrastructure, Operations and Data Centre summit in Sydney this week, Gartner UK vice president of research, Rakesh Kumar, said hybrid data centres which combine aspects of a data centre housed in a container with a traditional bricks and mortar offering were emerging overseas due to lower cost and faster deployment.

HP and Equinix were cited as vendors building hybrid centres now.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japan May Prioritize Power for Data Centers

from Data Center Knowledge:

>>“The biggest concern at the moment is power disruption,” said Furuta. “We have fueled the generators at our Tokyo data centers to their full capacity, which will provide emergency backup power in the event of any power disruption. We have a priority contract with our fuel supply company. We are closely monitoring the situation, but depending on future status, they could have to prioritize among the priority contractors, or in an extreme case, the government may have to prioritize the national energy to the devastated area. We do not expect an issue for fuel in the short term, but the mid to long term future is always unknown.”

Significantly, Furuta said the government recognizes the important role played by data centers in keeping critical services operating in the aftermath of the disasters.

“The government (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) is working on prioritizing power and energy supply to data centers which are considered critical information and telecommunication, and we are working with them,” he said.

Visteon and 3M Showcase Innovative Car Technologies Designed for Consumers in India

MUMBAI, India, March 15, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --

Visteon Corporation (NYSE:VC - News) and 3M (NYSE:MMM - News) today introduced to the India market an approach to integrating advanced features and innovations for cars, designed to meet the preferences of drivers and the needs of vehicle manufacturers in this fast-growing market.

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Sydney running out of power


>>NextDC founder and CEO Bevan Slattery today warned that Sydney's power infrastructure is rapidly becoming restrictive, limiting future datacentre investment in the city.

"There is a real lack of power in Sydney and you can't get power upgrades in the CBD at all," Slattery said, adding that the suburb of Alexandria is of particular concern. Slattery said that rival datacentre provider Equinix was lucky to get the power it needed to run its new datacentre there.

"Getting power anywhere around Alexandria is very difficult," he said.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Japan Earthquake: Internet a Communications Lifeline as Telephone Lines Fail

Read the full article at Seeking Alpha:

>>Japan’s devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami put the country's telecommunications and Internet infrastructure under intense pressure. Millions of telephone lines were unavailable soon after the quake. Carriers were limiting voice calls on congested networks, with NTT DoCoMo (DCM) restricting up to 80 percent of voice calls. Mobile networks were also congested or unavailable. Data connections were actually the least impacted, so that many Japanese turned to Web access in order to send out e-mails or updates to social networking services to communicate with families and friends.

Jefferies Raises Price Target on Accuray (ARAY)


>>Jefferies is maintaining their Buy rating on shares of Accuray (NASDAQ: ARAY) following their recent announcement on their plans to acquire TomoTherapy Incorporate.

Immersion Corporation: A Two-Digit Stock in the Making

Read the whole article at Seeking Alpha:

>>Immersion Corporation (IMMR) reported Q4 and full year 2010 results last Thursday night (see company's press release and Seeking Alpha transcript).

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Nasdaq: technology is key in exchange mergers


>>Technology is a key driver in rapid consolidation that has been taking place in the stock exchange space, Robert Waghorne, senior VP of European markets technology at Nasdaq OMX, said. Waghorne delivered a keynote presentation at the DatancenterDynamics New York 2011 conference on Thursday, March 10.

Pet-CT Technology with the Cyberknife


>>Construction to house the only CyberKnife in the region is also underway.
The robotic CyberKnife treats difficult tumors and can automatically adjust the patent's movement.
"For instance if you had a brain tumor that was near the optic nerve and you didn't want to injure it with radiation therapy because it's right next to the brain tumor this would allow you to give it so precisely 3 dimensional stereotactically. So that's the beauty. it's magic."
The new technology is part of a 6 million dollars is upgrades for patients at the Lewis Cancer Pavilion.