Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japan May Prioritize Power for Data Centers

from Data Center Knowledge:

>>“The biggest concern at the moment is power disruption,” said Furuta. “We have fueled the generators at our Tokyo data centers to their full capacity, which will provide emergency backup power in the event of any power disruption. We have a priority contract with our fuel supply company. We are closely monitoring the situation, but depending on future status, they could have to prioritize among the priority contractors, or in an extreme case, the government may have to prioritize the national energy to the devastated area. We do not expect an issue for fuel in the short term, but the mid to long term future is always unknown.”

Significantly, Furuta said the government recognizes the important role played by data centers in keeping critical services operating in the aftermath of the disasters.

“The government (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) is working on prioritizing power and energy supply to data centers which are considered critical information and telecommunication, and we are working with them,” he said.

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