Saturday, September 25, 2010

CyberKnife zaps tumours without scalpels, anesthesia or even surgeon

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On Thursday, Krista Kowalchuk became the first patient to be treated with the CyberKnife at an Ottawa hospital. She lay on a treatment table without anesthetic and promptly fell asleep as the programmed robotic arm homed in on two tumours in her spine and zapped them with carefully calibrated radiation beams.


On Friday, The Ottawa Hospital unveiled the $3.5-million CyberKnife, which Dr. Jack Kitts, the hospital's chief executive, likened to the wand that Star Trek's Dr. Leonard McCoy used to pass over his mates on the Enterprise to cure all sorts of ailments.


In the meantime, The Ottawa Hospital Foundation is hoping to raise an additional $685,000 to cover the remaining cost of the CyberKnife. So far, $2.8 million has been raised through private donations.

Citigroup Believe REIT Structure Is Becoming More Viable For Equinix's Colocation Segment


>>Citigroup analysts believe that the REIT structure is becoming a more viable long-term option for Equinix's colocation segment that can provide better cash flow efficiency for eventual shareholder distributions and potentially close at least part of the valuation gap that has widened between the company and its competitors.


The bank sees fiscal 2010 EPS of $0.97, vs. consensus estimates of $1.02 per share, and fiscal 2011 EPS of $2.33, vs. consensus estimates of $2.52 per share.

Citigroup - new price target for Equinix


>>Citigroup has published a research report for Equinix Inc. with a new price target, stating:

"We remain a Buyer of EQIX with potential catalysts from: 1) accelerating revenue growth in the 2H/10 with favorable demand; 2) upside potential to consensus revenue for ‘11; & 3) discounted valuation to its peers with favorable attractive growth prospects & improving financial flexibility to consider cash repatriation options for shareholders over time. Target price increased to $121.
Also, we are reducing our risk rating to High."

The price target for Equinix is up from $110, and the rating has been reduced from Buy/Speculative to Buy/High Risk.

Friday, September 24, 2010

3M creates 'tactile' roulette tables

a small, indirect confirmation that the 3M tactile roulette includes Immersion's technology:


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Piper Jaffray Has Equinix At Overweight (EQIX)


>>Piper Jaffray rates Equinix Inc. at Overweight with a $124 price target, as it picked up several strong data points in Europe.

In the research note, Piper Jaffray writes, "Despite new smaller entrants pricing below the larger operators in Europe, the incumbents, including Equinix, have been able to maintain their premiums and in some areas raise pricing. Mr. Anker noted that the industry is seeing somewhat different trends in the different market segments. Pricing and demand trends for retail services are the strongest, while trends for wholesale datacenter services have not been as strong."

Continuous Innovations Help Touch and Haptics Technologies Expand Applications across Industries

The hectic R&D activities in haptics and touch technologies are showing no sign of slowing down due to the heavy demand from high-volume applications. Haptics technology is most prevalent in the medical and gaming arena.


PRLog (Press Release)Sep 16, 2010 – MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – Sept. 16, 2010 – The hectic R&D activities in haptics and touch technologies are showing no sign of slowing down due to the heavy demand from high-volume applications such as smart phones, portable gaming devices, navigation devices, media players, digital cameras, tablet computers, and e-readers. While touch technology pervades applications such as automated teller machines (ATMs), casinos, medical, automotive, and aerospace, haptics technology is most prevalent in the medical and gaming arena.

New analysis from Frost & Sullivan (, Advances in Haptics and Touch Technology, finds that a major section of the market for touch-based products is expected to adopt haptics due to the enhanced user experience delivered by the combined technologies. Touch screen technology is rapidly making inroads into a broad range of application sectors such as industrial, commercial, and consumer electronics.

If you are interested in a virtual brochure on this study, please send an e-mail to Sarah Saatzer, Corporate Communications, at, with your full name, company name, job title, telephone number, company e-mail address, company website, city, state and country.

Haptics and touch technologies provide a real-time experience, which, in turn, significantly improves the understanding of the process and the time consumed in executing a specific task. Feedback from the device further enhances the end-user experience and facilitates real-world simulation. Participants across industries have been striking strategic partnerships to best implement these technologies.

“Acquisitions and partnerships are propelling the growth of this market, especially with start-up companies that are focused on improving touch interfaces,” says Technical Insights Research Analyst Amritha S. “Innovative touch technologies developed by start-ups are also being licensed by the bigger companies to enhance existing technologies.” University researches and funding activities play a vital role in expanding the reach of these technologies.

However, there is another side to this huge rise in the adoption of touch screens in high-volume markets. The mass uptake has resulted in a new set of criteria and requirements for touch technology providers, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and application software developers. Consumers are becoming increasingly demanding about factors such as response time, resolution, accuracy, and durability of the touch screen.

The adoption rate of haptics technology has also suffered due to ineffective system integration and lack of awareness. Industry participants have to actively educate end-users about the benefits of haptics and ensure smooth system integration to guarantee the delivery of feedback at the appropriate time. Touch screens offer ease of use, speed, and accuracy and reduces the time taken to learn new applications.

“Touch screens provide a computer interface that is fast and easy to use,” notes fellow Technical Insights Research Analyst Avanti Chitnis. “They offer considerable cost savings and productivity improvements.”

Haptics is expected to ride the coattails of touch screens’ popularity, and is observed to play a key role in almost all sectors due to users’ preference for simplified user input mechanisms. It is particularly useful in the medical domain for simulation and training. Multitouch technology and the emergence of multitouch user interfaces have created a paradigm shift in human computer interaction (HCI).

“Multitouch brings with it the ease of browsing, selecting options, handwriting and data entry, arranging and sizing windows and picking and dragging movements,” observes Chitnis. “This technology allows users to interact with computers in a more natural and intuitive manner, taking HCI to the next level.”

Advances in Haptics and Touch Technology, a part of the Technical Insights subscription, provides insights into the fields of touch and haptics technologies. In this research, Frost & Sullivan's expert analysts thoroughly examine the following applications: consumer electronics, gaming, medical, and automotive; and technologies: capacitive, resistive, and surface acoustic wave. Further, this research service includes detailed technology analysis and industry trends evaluated following extensive interviews with market participants.

Technical Insights is an international technology analysis business that produces a variety of technical news alerts, newsletters, and research services.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Morningstar Initiates Credit Coverage of Equinix with a BB Rating


>>What Morningstar doesn't get is that the key to continued success for Equinix is a focus on network neutral co-location, and at this point the provider is not veering into any dangerous overdiversifications, which are typically the biggest risk with any data center service provider.

Morningstar goes on to say:

"Pricing can come under pressure quickly if supply outstrips demand and data center owners seek to fill up unused space quickly."

In theory, I guess it could. In practice, it rarely has. In the middle of this recession, revenue per cabinet has risen 8% year-over-year.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Leading IPv6 Provider Continues to 'PoP' Up Globally


Hurricane Electric, the world's largest IPv6-native Internet backbone and a leading colocation provider, today announced that it has established points-of-presence at Comfluent located at 910 15th St., Denver, CO; Equinix Singapore located at 20 Ayer Rajah Crescent, Singapore and The Northwest Access Exchange (NWAX) in Portland, OR.

Hurricane Electric's expansion in the two facilities will enable customers of Comfluent and Equinix Singapore to exchange IP traffic or "peer" directly with Hurricane Electric's global Internet backbone.

Hurricane Electric's connection to NWAX in Portland, OR will reduce latency and router hops for Northwest connections. Two weeks ago, Hurricane Electric announced a new PoP at The Pittock Building located at 921 SW Washington St., Portland, OR.

"Hurricane Electric's presence at these locations will enable the smooth delivery of next-generation IP services by improving fault tolerance, balancing traffic loads and reducing congestion," said Martin Levy, Hurricane Electric's Director of IPv6 Strategy.

Hurricane Electric first deployed IPv6 on its global backbone in 2001. Hurricane Electric's global Internet backbone is one of the few that is IPv6-native and does not rely on internal tunnels for its IPv6 connectivity. IPv6 is offered as a core service and every customer is provided IPv6 connectivity, as well as classic IPv4 connectivity. Hurricane Electric connects to more than 900 associated IPv6 backbones.

In addition to access to Hurricane's Electric's vast network, Hurricane offers enterprises free IPv6 certification and tunnel broker service.

Hurricane Electric offers IPv4 and IPv6 transit solutions over the same connection, at speeds up to 10 Gbps. Within its own global network, the company has 45 major exchange points with connectivity to more than 1,500 different networks. Employing a resilient fiber-optic topology, Hurricane Electric has no less than four redundant paths crossing North America, two separate paths between the U.S. and Europe, and rings in Europe and Asia.

Daesung Reveals Its World First Haptic Switch On Steering Wheel At Automechanika

September 13, 2010 -

Today, more and more companies are keen to introduce technologies one would expect to be consumer electronics features into vehicles, and the HMI is being extended to allow drivers to control and access personal electronics devices, from cell phones to mp3 players, through the car's infotainment system. This is to say that the automotive industry is going through a Human Machine Interface revolution that continues to change the way drivers interact with their cars.

Specialized in “Haptic technology” for automotive car control system, DAESUNG offers integrated HMI (Human Machine Interface) module and reveals its world’s first haptic remote control switch module on steering wheel at Automechanika. Daesung’s Steering Wheel Haptic Switch is a perfect solution for operating car infotainment system and controlling ever increasing number of contents displayed on the TFT LCD enabled cluster vision. This steering wheel-mounted thumbwheel controller allows the driver to control more functions without increasing the number of switches, at the fingertip while keeping both of his/her hands on the wheel for safer driving. Different tactile feeling for each different function, centafacia display linked with the switch provides you a consolidated “Look and Feel”, which adds an extra convenience and safety when you operate navigation, telematics, and multimedia system.

Daesung, a Joint Venture between LS Group and Delphi, is a leading automitive parts supplier in Korea. At this year's Automechanika show, this company will have an array of new products, including this steering whell haptic switch, displayed in its booth 3.1, K81, Messe Frankfurt.

Congratulations Stanford for treating 5,000 CyberKnife patients!

Congratulations Stanford for treating 5,000 CyberKnife patients!

Nokia Delays N8 Smartphone Delivery

from WSJ:

>>Nokia Corp. has pushed back delivery of its much-delayed flagship smartphone by another few weeks, saying it needs the time to make final adjustments.

The delay is the latest hiccup for the launch of the phone, called the N8, which Nokia had hoped would give it a credible competitor to high-end smartphones made by Apple Inc. or based on Google Inc.'s Android software.

"In some markets, we had planned to start delivering the Nokia N8s to our pre-order customers by the end of September," Nokia said in an emailed statement. "To ensure a great user experience, we have decided to hold the shipments for a few weeks to do some final amends."

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Aviat - Ramius

Ramius gets a seat on Aviat BoD:

>>Aviat Networks Announces Settlement Agreement With Ramius LLC

Aviat Networks, Inc. ("Aviat," Nasdaq: AVNW), a leading wireless expert in advanced IP network migration, today announced that it has reached a settlement agreement with Ramius Value and Opportunity Advisors LLC, a subsidiary of Ramius LLC (together with its affiliates, "Ramius").

Under the terms of the settlement agreement, Aviat Networks will include one candidate recommended by Ramius as a nominee on management's slate for election at the Annual Meeting. The nominee would serve as an independent director of the Company. Aviat Network's Board of Directors will consist of eight directors, seven of which will be independent. The Aviat Networks 2010 Annual Meeting will be held on November 9, 2010, at the Company's headquarters in Santa Clara, California. Ramius, which beneficially owns approximately 7.6% of Aviat Networks' outstanding shares, has agreed to vote its shares in favor of each of the Board's nominees at the 2010 Annual Meeting and has agreed to certain, limited standstill restrictions.

"We believe that open dialogue with our shareholders is essential as we continue to execute our restructuring plan and outline our strategic vision for Aviat Networks," said Chuck Kissner, Chairman and CEO of Aviat Networks. "Ramius is an important investor and we believe that this agreement aligns the interests of management and all of Aviat Networks' shareholders. We expect the Ramius nominee will be an asset to the Company and we look forward to working with him as we continue building out a platform to drive sustainable, profitable revenue growth and enhanced shareholder value through innovation, prudent cost management and operational excellence."

Peter A. Feld, Managing Director of Ramius, added, "We are pleased to have worked constructively with Aviat Networks with the shared goal of enhancing value for all shareholders. With the recently announced management change and cost reduction initiatives, we believe the Company is on track to significantly improve operating performance and profitability. We are confident that our nominee will provide valuable insight as the Company drives towards the goal of generating profitable growth."

Samsung Galaxy Tab - All The Great Features (Official Promo Video)

More info about Bryant Street vs. Equinix Lawsuit

from DCK:

>>Last week the owners of 529 Bryant Street in Palo Alto, Calif. filed a lawsuit against Equinix, which operates an important Internet exchange point at the site. More than 100 networks connect with one another within the building, once known as the Palo Alto Internet Exchange (PAIX).



It looks like the case has been scheduled for Feb. 2011 (click to enlarge).

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