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comment about ARAY

from the Yahoo MB:

>>The problem is that CyberKnife has been successful on so many cases where the patient had run out of options that a lot of informed people, like you, are starting to ask the obvious questions. Very intelligent people, patients with Ph.D.s for example, and I'm speaking here from direct experience, are walking into doctor’s offices saying, look, I’m not going for that. I’ve done the research. I’m at least as current on this science as you, probably more so. I want CyberKnife SRS, period.

We are seeing the beginning of the end for the old, invasive, expensive, barbaric treatment paradigms. In 10 years, most of the current “Gold Standard” treatment protocols will be viewed in much the same way as we now view blood letting.

And, again, by and large, this is a patient-driven mega trend.

Comparing Switch & Data to Internap?

3d from Web Hosting Talk:

>>I'm in the final stages of bidding on a 10-rack cage, it's come between Internap and Switch & Data.

I know the good about hosting with both of them. Who can tell me the bad?

Please, don't email me telling me about your datacenter, because I'm not looking at any other providers this late in the game.

Michael T. Halligan | | datacenterjunkie blog
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With Switch & Data you will need to interconnect with the carriers you choose and will most likely need to cover the cross-connect fees to connect to said carriers. With InterNAP or any non-neutral carrier, you still may be subject to a cross-connect fee, but you'll be locked in to using their bandwidth exclusively. Find out if you'll be able to order additional cross-connects from InterNAP as this will give you some options down the line.

Your comment about 'this late in the game' seems to indicate some lack of planning as these differences should have been made clear to you earlier on. Perhaps that may have swayed your decisions already.

Good Luck

James Cornman -

It is possible to bring other carriers into (some) Internap facilities.

Internap is charging for cross-connects now, even in Internap facilities.

All things being equal, I would take Internap just about every time. This despite having our rates jacked up considerably recently.

I'm actually in two other Internap facilities right now, and it's never been a problem bringing in other carriers that are live in the building. The Seattle Internap building itself has 5 other carriers on-net, plus a reasonable cross-connect fee to get onto Sabey's Fiber network, which gets me to their meetmeroom, and their other Seattle area buildings.

Ignoring the rude post above the one I'm actually replying to, how is this different from any other facility? Every carrier-netural facility charges cross-connect fees to connect to other providers.
Michael T. Halligan | | datacenterjunkie blog

Switch & Data is.. well a datacenter company with zero work with IP transit.

Internap.. is well a IP transit company that dabbles into datacenter space.

With that being said. Why not go to a switch & data building and get internap transit? That is if they are on-net in a switch & data facility near you.

Yellow Fiber Networks

Thanks for all the suggestions on bandwidth but I'm covered, really I am. I can get the same 5 providers I want at Switch & Data or at Internap. What I'm trying to find is people's anecdotal experiences with how these companies manage their presences at non-equinix facilities. I'm more interested in customer experience, how they manage power incidents, and how reliable their power plants have been over-all.
Michael T. Halligan | | datacenterjunkie blog

I think most of these answers are going to be very dependent on the location...which ones are you looking at?

If you're already a customer of Internap, you already know they have a great NOC, probably the best in the business (at least in my experience). I've been through a power outage while leasing colo space / transit with Internap, but at an Equinix facility. If anything, I would think that dealing direct with Internap for datacenter related issues might be better, as there are definitely some issues at times going through the customer -> Internap -> Equinix hierarchy to get things done.

Is Internap just selling you space without their IP transit? I was under the impression they didn't do that, but things may have changed and maybe they got some extra space to move.


I'm not going to guide you based on the NOC's or anything else, more of business aspect -

1) INAP Colo marketing is guided to raise their revenues year over year, but they have had a little misguided focus on getting their revenue more based on existing base vs. getting more inventory to sell. They don't offer SAS70 options - except thru 365 Main locations. (think the highest power density I have heard from this group is about 150 watts per ft)

2) S & D - more than likely can support higher densities (this based on information they provided the street that they were building HPD above and beyond the normals of 100 W / 150 W per ft.) they also could bring the optional SAS70 cert - but could be wrong on that, been a while since I talked with a rep over there.

(2) decent companies - good luck with your purchase - I would do a 60 mo term and make them get aggressive rates - Also - HAVE THEM LOCK IN THE POWER RATES it is only going to get more expensive on this part of the business plan.

But - without you providing which sites you are considering - I could not give you clarity on which one - just more of an overall perspective....

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Uwink customers reviews

from the IH message board:

Woodland Hills ...58 reviews

Hollywood ...14 reviews

The Smart Profits Report

The Smart Profits Report is posting a report about Immersion - a few notes and a link to their article:

A little over a year after bagging those profits, Immersion (Nasdaq: IMMR) remains loaded with potential, but still somewhat on the launchpad. As a small-cap company, it's still volatile, so the stock market's breakdown hasn't helped its progress in trading terms.

But the promise of its industry ("haptics" - i.e. touch-screen and force-feedback technology) is tremendous and has received much greater press from the iPhone. Let's take a look at this fast-growing trend, its future outlook, and where market leader Immersion is headed from here…

Georgetown Only CyberKnife Center in Mid-Atlantic Treating Children With Targeted Non-Surgical Radiation

>>“It was very important that we do something very quickly to help Kailee,” said Greg Gagnon, MD, radiation oncologist and director of the CyberKnife program at Georgetown University Hospital. “We started with chemotherapy and standard radiation right away. But we worried about critical structures like her pituitary gland, her teeth, salivary glands and spinal cord. The tumor was dangerously close to all of these and all are very sensitive to radiation, especially in children. So the third and critical weapon we used was the CyberKnife, which ended up being key to her successful treatment. Without CyberKnife we would not have been able to reach all of Kailee’s cancer and I know her outcome would not have been this favorable. We aimed CyberKnife at the tumor and radiated it, while missing everything else we were worried about.”

“My daughter had no side effects whatsoever from the CyberKnife,” said Kari Vance. “She was very scared in the beginning but she got used to it and did great.”

“We used the CyberKnife to get to places we couldn’t reach with surgery or standard radiation, and very importantly, without damaging other important tissue. She was a real trooper,” said Dr. Gagnon.

Georgetown physicians have been using CyberKnife to zap inoperable cancerous as well as benign lesions since 2002. Originally purchased to treat the brain, neck and spine, Georgetown’s program has advanced and expanded to now treat tumors virtually anywhere in the body. Georgetown University Hospital was the 6th center in the United States to start using CyberKnife and is one of just a handful of centers in the world that has two machines.

Treatment of intraorbital lesions using the Accuray CyberKnife system

Hirschbein MJ, Collins S, Jean WC, Chang SD, Adler JR Jr.

Department of Ophthalmology, Krieger Eye Institute, Sinai Hospital of Baltimore, Baltimore, MD, USA.

PURPOSE: The goal of this study was to better understand the safety and efficacy of CyberKnife image-guided radiosurgery for lesions immediately adjacent to the optic nerves. METHODS: This retrospective, non-comparative, interventional case series included 16 patients (6 women and 10 men) with lesions located wholly within the orbit. Thirteen cases involved tumors (31% benign and 69% malignant), two cases presented with chronic orbital inflammation and one patient had intraorbital tissue growth secondary to Graves disease. Staged radiosurgical ablation was performed using CyberKnife image-guided technology. The main outcome measures analyzed were change in tumor/neoplasm size, pain, visual field preservation and visual acuity, which were followed for up to 15 months. RESULTS: Twelve patients had a postoperative MRI, which revealed either a decrease or stabilization of tumor size. In the five lymphoma cases there was complete disappearance of the tumor. Pretreatment pain resolved in all 10 patients who reported it before the procedure; improvement in pain typically occurred within 1-2 weeks of radiosurgery. All 16 patients had a visual evaluation performed after the procedure: of these, 15 had no change in their visual field and one reported improvement. Visual acuity was preserved in 13 patients and improved in two, while one patient developed diplopia. CONCLUSIONS: Staged CyberKnife radiosurgery is an effective option for the treatment of intraorbital lesions that controls tumor size, relieves pain, and preserves vision. The long-term safety of this treatment remains to be confirmed.

PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE

Internap Network Services to Release Financial Results

>>ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Internap Network Services Corporation (NASDAQ: INAP - News), a global provider of end-to-end Internet business solutions, will host a conference call briefing with Jim DeBlasio, president and chief executive officer, and George Kilguss, chief financial officer, on Tuesday, August 5, 2008 at 5:00 p.m. EDT, to discuss the companys financial results for the second quarter 2008.

No outlook, as usual...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The iPhone is a Pandora's Box for Radio

>>The iPhone 3G and other smartphones like it will change how people access interact with audio. Already, the Pandora music discovery service is the fourth most popular application in the iTunes store. And bloggers like Jeff Jarvis believe that it will disrupt radio. I tend to agree.

The cellphone will change the radio landscape by not only establishing a two-way modality but by ushering in new models for advertising that are mapped to people's musical tastes and perhaps locally relevant as well thanks to GPS. This maybe one of the most promising mobile ad formats and is a space to watch.

Touch-Screen Phones - Nokia

>>The company also plans to introduce touch-screen models this year, and the first devices will aim at the "volume market,'' Nokia executives said on a conference call.

Apple Inc. sold 1 million of its iPhones in the three days after the July 11 debut of a faster model, more than double some analysts' estimates. Kallasvuo said "the next wave of growth'' will come from devices linked with services such as mobile Web applications, navigation maps or portable music stores.

Pandora Media, Inc

Private Peering Facilities
Facility Name ASN City Country SONET Ethr ATM
Equinix San Jose (SV1) 40428 San Jose US

Company Name Pandora Media, Inc
Also Known As
Company Website
Primary ASN 40428
IRR Record AS40428
Network Type Content
Approx Prefixes 8
Traffic Levels 20-50 Gbps
Traffic Ratios Heavy Outbound
Geographic Scope North America

Internap Helps Pandora Deliver Smooth Music Listening Experience

Internap Performance IP Supports Entertainment Company's 16 Million User-Generated Internet Radio Stations

ATLANTA - May 23, 2006 - Internap Network Services Corporation (AMEX:IIP), a leading provider of performance-based routing solutions over the Internet, today announced that Pandora (, an online music listening and discovery service, has increased its usage of the Internap(R) Performance IP service to optimize continued audio streaming of Pandora's diverse collection of music, powered by their Music Genome Project. Pandora users can create a station by simply typing in an artist name or song name to create a personalized, streamed listening experience. Users can create up to 100 stations and interactively guide the service by providing feedback on song choices and creating a personal page of "favorites". Additionally, stations can be shared with friends via email. Listeners have created 16 million stations since Pandora's launch in the fall of 2005.

Global Touch Panel Industry - iPhone Phenomenon Fuelling Demand

>>The major factor fuelling growth of the touch panel industry will be the launch of iPhone by Apple Inc. Other trends likely to add to the market growth include the increasing usage of tactile feedback technology in touch-screen devices, innovations in the existing technology and a rising demand for large-sized touch-screen.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

An ailing nation looks for cancer cure

>>Nearly 100,000 Ukrainians die prematurely each year of cancer, a sad reflection on the nation’s deteriorating healthcare system and unhealthy lifestyles.

A small but important step in this direction was made last week by Ukraine’s richest man, Rinat Akhmetov, who announced he will donate $40 million from his estimated $31 billion in wealth to purchase stateoftheart oncology diagnostic equipment.

While standard at hospitals in many moreadvanced nations, the equipment that Akhmetov pledged to donate is unheard of in Ukraine.

The money provided by Akhmetov’s Development of Ukraine charity foundation will go to acquiring two apparatus for positron emissive tomography (PET), a gammaray chamber, a cyberknife and some other equipment to diagnose and treat cancer.

Pandora Usage Stats Prove It’s iPhone’s Killer App

From TechCrunch:

Pandora’s internet radio has always been one of those sites that was really cool in concept, but too inconvenient to ever go mainstream.

But with the launch of Pandora’s new iPhone app last Friday, it looks like the service is about to hit critical mass. It’s a free, mobile, digital radio station that only plays music you like and lets you skip the stuff you don’t. And it rocks.

We introduced the app last Friday, when we called it our “flat out favorite application so far”, and since then it hasn’t failed to impress. Streamed music plays flawlessly over Edge and 3G networks - during a 40 mile drive I didn’t once run into any kind of skipping or static. Even better, the app currently has no advertisements playing, though we can probably expect that to change.

Unsurprisingly, Pandora’s usage stats are overwhelmingly positive. Pandora is currently the fourth most popular free app on iTunes (behind Apple’s Remote, AIM, and WeatherBug), and has reportedly been seeing a new listener every 2 seconds. Usage over the weekend hit an all-time high for the service, with 3.3 million tracks streamed to iPhone listeners alone. Perhaps more impressive is the retention rate of listeners, who are averaging over an hour of listening per day.

3M nets platinum award for MicroTouch Capacitive TouchSense System

>>3M Touch Systems received the highest honors in Casino Journal’s Top 20 Most Innovative Gaming Technology Products of 2007 contest. The company’s MicroTouch Capacitive TouchSense System netted the Platinum Award at this year’s Gaming Technology Summit, where attendees voted for their favorites among all of the Top 20 winners. The MicroTouch Capacitive TouchSense System is a next-generation touch interface for gaming machines where players receive tactile feedback on the touch-screen surface as well as the traditional audio and visual cues.


This system has allowed game manufacturers to replace their mechanical buttons with a video-based button panel so players receive tactile feedback similar to pressing a mechanical button, which will increase player involvement and time on machine.

“We really relish this Most Innovative Gaming Technology Product of the Year award since the selection was made by the broad range of industry technology specialists in attendance,” said Scott Hagermoser, gaming business unit manager for 3M Touch Systems. “This award is another indicator that the MicroTouch Capacitive TouchSense System could become the next-generation touch interface for the gaming machine industry.”

Interview With David Frigeri, General Manager & VP for Content Delivery at Internap

>>I spoke with David Frigeri, General Manager & VP for Content Delivery at Internap about their CDN and managed hosting business. In addition to our conversation, I've listed some thoughts and issues in the marketplace also worth noting.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Tulip Systems, Inc. Expands its Data Center Space, Infrastructure and Capabilities

NewswireToday - /newswire/ - Atlanta, GA, United States, 07/14/2008 - Tulip Systems, Inc. announced today that it has just completed major infrastructure upgrades to meet the demand of an ever increasing marketplace and its ever growing client list.

“It is apparent that Data Center space in our hometown of Atlanta is quickly being absorbed. As a result, we are experiencing greater demand for our co-location capabilities. We are on top of the largest peering point in the South Eastern United States and are already operating both Tier I A and Tier II A centers here. Our new center is being launched as Tier III A”, said Nino Doijashvili, the company’s CEO.

Ms. Doijashvili continued, “We must have this kind of infrastructure. We can now offer it to companies in need of such a high level of performance”. She then announced the formation of a new operating unit, ATLDC, to manage this growing operation.

“Demand was rapidly catching up with our infrastructure’s ability to supply. With explosive growth in this marketplace, we had to expand our delivery capacity”, said Thomas Burling, CFO of Tulip Systems and newly appointed General Manager of ATLDC. Tulip has more than doubled the physical size of its facilities in Atlanta. Additionally, over 10 Gbit of connectivity to the internet has been added along with the latest Route Optimization equipment from Atlanta’s Internap. “With The BBN, we have some major upcoming live events, including some popular college sporting events. For that you’ve got to have a great deal of bandwidth”, Burling added.

Tulip Systems has dramatically expanded its operations to meet a growing demand for its services. Tulip has made a major entry into the Content Delivery market with recent partnerships with Pathfinder World Video, Black Broadcasting Network, New Tang Dynasty TV, Delantero Entertainment, and other content producers, providers as well as linear international television stations. Tulip delivers content across the internet and, more specifically, converts and delivers partner content for cellphone viewing. Tulip has created a new operating division to manage its content delivery and streaming platforms called NGCDN.

Tulip has also taken options on even more space, in anticipation of its soon to be launched IPTV system. “We have been working with a Set Top Box manufacturer to be able to take our internet based content delivery systems straight to the television screen without the need for a PC. This connection allows us to deliver quality as high as 1080i HD“ said Tulip CTO George Bokuchava. “We will then be able to offer a great variety of programming through our partnerships with content providers”.

Tulip operates under several brand names including ETTIX for its content delivery and its 2 newly formed divisions. “This enables us to offer our partners the exact solutions they need through a brand and team specifically assembled to meet that need.” said Louis Lewow, VP Sales and newly appointed NGCDN division president. “Whichever Tulip brand our partners align with, they receive the same high level of customer relations that has always been the cornerstone of our company”.

About Tulip Systems
Founded and Incorporated in 2000, Tulip Systems, Inc. has earned a reputation for technological innovation and performance. Beginning with the development of simple social networking software and Broadband based webware, TULIP has quickly expanded to become a 'one stop shop' for Internet Services. With five operating units, each concentrating on a specific niche in the marketplace, TULIP is able to meet the needs of corporations and individuals alike.

Morgan Stanley Spending More on IT, Not Less

Data Center Knowledge is following the financial sector spending quite closely, as usual:

>>The conventional wisdom is that the downturn in the economy and the financial sector will lead to reduced IT spending by Wall Street. After last week's market selloff, concerns about demand for data center space and services might seem reasonable, particularly with reports of slowing demand in London due to fewer requirements from financial firms.

Some Wall Street firms aren't thinking about IT cutbacks. Reuven Cohen from Sys-Con attended last week's Morgan Stanley CTO Summit in San Francisco, and shares this account

BlackBerry Thunder Screenshots leaked

>>BlackBerry can only beat the iPhone with a better data input experience that their customers are used too from their other devices.

The BlackBerry Thunder touchscreen has apparently tactile feedback. It is "soft" and pushes in a bit.

The first rumors about the BlackBerry Thunder appeared in May. The BlackBerry Thunder is considered to be released late this year (November) according to BGR.
More photos and details on CrackBerry. More BlackBerry Thunder News.

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Download test: SoftLayer's CDN service

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Softlayer resells Internap's CDN service with 21 POPs around the globe (15 US, 4 Asia, and 2 Europe). I am sure other people may have wondered how good the CDN service is. So, let's put it to test. Can you test the download speed:

then please compare the download speed from our servers:

In East coast (our own Equinix Secaucus POP):

In West coast (Pacific Rack's data ceter):

Thank you!

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