Friday, November 27, 2009

ABC, we’re already here!

“Teachers TV – Australia leads the way in high volume, low cost television production and distribution and the Governments of Australia are already getting excellent value for the taxpayers’ investment,” said Sjoquist. “Governments and Philanthropic groups interested in helping to improve the quality of Australia’s education outcomes need look no further when providing further funding to help grow and develop the wonderful teachers of Australia and promote the new national curriculum.”

Teachers TV has been broadcasting on the digital trial platform in the Sydney metro area for over 12 months. The signal is currently being broadcast on channel 45 from the ABC tower in Gore Hill for Sydney viewers, and streamed live on their website for viewing around the nation. The stories are also available “click & pull” from the website for on demand play.
The channel won an International Webby Award in 2008, for the cutting-edge technology used in the creation of the website for The Institute for Trade Skills Excellence.

“We have been working closely with our technical partners – Pipe Networks, Broadcast Australia, Cisco Sytems, IVision, Soul Communications, Equinix and ASEIT Networks to develop new ways of doing things to drive down the cost of television production and distribution”.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Christopher B. Paisley

Ontario introduces CyberKnife Robotic Radiosurgery at Juravinski Cancer Centre

Ontario introduces CyberKnife Robotic Radiosurgery at Juravinski Cancer Centre

Technology Offers New Option for Cancer Patients

HAMILTON, ON, Nov. 26 /CNW/ - Ontario marks a milestone with the announcement of the province's first CyberKnife Robotic Radiosurgery treatment option for cancer patients at Juravinski Cancer Centre. The technology will offer many cancer patients an effective alternative to surgery for some cancers.

The technology is the world's first and only robotic radiosurgery system and it is designed to treat tumors anywhere in the body with sub-millimeter accuracy. Within Canada, this form of radiation therapy is only available at one Quebec cancer centre and it is new to Ontario.

"The addition of the CyberKnife to Ontario is great news for cancer patients," said Terrence Sullivan, President and CEO, Cancer Care Ontario. "This new technology allows a level of precision that is not currently available for some cancer patients, especially for those who have tumours which are considered inoperable or surgically complex."

Unlike a traditional radiation treatment machine which delivers radiation in a linear way, the CyberKnife system has a robotic arm which can move around the patient to deliver radiation. It has a sophisticated tracking system which uses x-rays to ensure that the radiation beam is directed precisely where the patient requires treatment. In addition, this image-guided approach continually corrects for any movement, such as breathing, helping to make sure that the beam is optimally positioned during the whole treatment.

"The Juravinski Cancer Centre is renowned for our expertise in clinical trials and evaluating shorter, more effective radiation treatments for cancer patients," said Dr. Bill Evans, President of the Juravinski Cancer Centre. "We're looking forward to developing further research into the use of this technology to decrease treatment time for patients with cancers of the prostate and breast."

The Juravinski Cancer Centre Foundation raised approximately $1 million towards the cost of the CyberKnife which will replace an older piece of equipment currently at the hospital. It will be available for patient use in spring 2010.

"We are grateful and thrilled with the generous support we've received from Mischa Weisz, SC Johnson Canada and other supporters of the Juravinski Cancer Centre Foundation who have made the acquisition of the CyberKnife possible," said Pearl Veenema, President and CEO, Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation.

A selection process was held by Cancer Care Ontario to determine the location of host centres for this technology. After evaluating applications, an expert panel selected Juravinski Cancer Centre to be one of two sites in Ontario, with the Ottawa Hospital also in line to host the Cyberknife technology. The plan for the installation of the CyberKnife at the Juravinski Cancer Centre is now fully approved.

Cancer Care Ontario is the provincial agency responsible for continually improving cancer services. As the government's cancer advisor, Cancer Care Ontario works to reduce the number of people diagnosed with cancer, and make sure that patients receive better care every step of the way.

The Juravinski Cancer Centre Foundation supports and enhances patient care, research and education at the Juravinski Cancer Centre through developing, managing and distributing charitable resources.

The Hamilton Niagara Haldimand Brant Regional Cancer Program oversees the delivery and quality of cancer services for the counties of Brant, Burlington, Haldimand, Hamilton, Niagara and most of Norfolk. It is one of 13 Regional Cancer Programs created by Cancer Care Ontario in 2005 to ensure cancer care is delivered according to province-wide quality standards.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A fund that invests not only in technology innovation but those who benefit from it

by the Associated Press

The Baron iOpportunity fund invests not just in technology stocks but companies that benefit from technology, says portfolio manager Michael Lippert. Among his holdings are wireless tower companies. The fund has ranked in the top 2 percent of its category for total returns over the past year, according to Morningstar.

Q: Your biggest holding, Equinix, has roughly doubled in the past year. What got you interested in it?

A: That's a company we have owned for a long time. I could build a data center right next to (one owned by) Equinix and charge half the price. No one would go there because you want to be in an Equinix building because that's where all the networks are. Equinix, though, could build their own building next door and tether it to their first building with fiber.

Can High Frequency Colo Support Many Players?

read the full article at Data Center Knowledge:

>>Can High Frequency Colo Support Many Players?

As NYSE Euronext pushes deeper into data center services, many industry-watchers are gauging the impact upon the market for low-latency colocation in Northern New Jersey. Colocation providers say the larger role for the NYSE and other exchanges will bring further segmentation to a fast-growing market, and predict that traders will continue to seek require colocation partners beyond the NYSE.


“According to our industry checks, the new NYSE Euronext data center is increasing competition in the financial services markets,” said a recent research report from Mark Kelleher and Aron Honig at Brigantine Advisors. “Customers are researching the new product and it appears to be causing hesitation within the customer base.

“While speed is a factor, our checks are indicating that the NYSE is charging 3-7x what Savvis would charge for proximity hosting,” the report added. “Are the microseconds of speed worth the cost? Probably for the larger high speed trading firms, but it will not be for less active traders.”

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Data center location matters

from BusinessWorldOnline:

>>OVUM research indicates data center customers increasingly rely on these facilities to deliver low-latency resources that support the products and services they deliver to their own customers. Data center vendors can lower their wholesale customers’ transaction times by building or acquiring facilities close to the ultimate end users.

Much more than just data storage


Equinix’s announced acquisition of Switch and Data highlights the importance of data center locations. In response to customer demand for resources in close proximity to their end users, Equinix agreed to acquire Switch and Data for approximately $689 million in cash and stock. The combination extends Equinix’s global data centre services into 16 new markets across North America.

Equinix acknowledges that the rapid growth in demand for online information requires its existing and potential customers to store and distribute larger volumes of latency-sensitive digital assets and applications at the network edge, near local population centers and the eyes of professional and recreational users. Ovum expects mergers and acquisitions to be a constant presence in this market as companies deploy their facilities to meet wholesale customers’ requirements.

Equinix: Connecting in the cloud - Global Ethernet Report

from Fierce Telecom:

>>Equinix might not be the first service provider that would immediately come to mind as a global Ethernet player.

All that changed with the debut of its Equinix's Carrier Ethernet Exchange platform, which it offers on its International Business Exchange (IBX) data centers. Now, Equinix is right in mix of the Ethernet-Network to Network (E-NNI) ecosystem.

Equinix did not have to really look that far to develop its platform to enable global E-NNI arrangements. Taking a leverage and extend approach, Equinix found inspiration right in the data system program it provides for Internet peering and other applications.


Read more:

NXT in touch screen deal with Immersion; sees sales recovering

NXT plc, a provider of unique sound solutions, best known for its flat panel loudspeaker technology, said it has licensed TouchSense haptics technology from Immersion Corporation.

The agreement enables NXT and its licensees to additionally benefit from Immersion's touch feedback intellectual property for touch screen and touch panel applications.

Leveraging their understanding of bending wave physics, NXT scientists have developed a novel way of creating haptic feedback from touch screens and touch panels by differentiating the audio signal normally deployed in NXT's distributed mode loudspeakers.

The audio signal is optimised to deliver tactile vibrations so that touch screens can be either tuned to simultaneously function as a loudspeaker or operate almost silently but with haptic feedback, depending on applications and customer requirements.


A Walk in the Cloud with PowerVPS and Equinix


>>Thursday, I was fortunate enough to get to walk around Equinix’s DC-4 datacenter in Ashburn, VA.


Equinix’s infrastructure is fed by numerous high voltage cables to Dominion Power, but in case of an outage, they have rooms full of batteries, 2MWatt generators, and 500,000 gallons of fuel ready to go. I heard that during a storm a few years ago, Dominion Power was having a hard time getting the full workload up – which led to them asking Equinix to run off of fuel generators all week. Equinix was capable of managing their load and maintaining operations the entire time.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Equinix Purchase of Switch - Decline of the Massive Data Center

from datacenterguru:

>>Three years ago, Equinix would have never seriously considered buying Switch and Data. Switch facilities were of a smaller scale, lower power density and more broadly distributed. All of these points were the converse of Equinix' stated strategic tenets at the time.

So did Switch reinvent itself or Equinix radically alter its strategy? In truth a little of both happened, but even more this is an indicator in a significant shift in market direction influenced by a number of factors.


Report: New Colocation Space Fills Quickly

from Data Center Knowledge:

>>Report: New Colocation Space Fills Quickly

New colocation space is filling quickly when brought online, according to new data from the telecom research firm TeleGeography. Global colocation service providers surveyed by TeleGeography have added 1.66 million square feet (154,016 square meters) of new space since the beginning of 2008, many of which were more than 50 percent full by mid-year 2009.

“While ample capacity is available in aggregate, operators in some cities, such as London, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, reported fill rates of more than 80 percent” for their colocation footprints, TeleGeography said in announcing an update of its Colocation Database, one of the company’s paid services.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

See what customers are saying about PivotLink for Salesforce:

"We needed a solution to supplement reporting and were looking for a partner with which we could work to improve our executive reporting," said Charles Sides, manager, CRM applications for Internap. "PivotLink allows us to pull data from multiple sources, giving us deeper clarity into our business and it is easy to use. PivotLink is also SAS 70 Type II certified. Our IT group is enthusiastic about eliminating the report backlog and putting analytic capabilities into the hands of business users across the organization. Furthermore, PivotLink has provided outstanding customer service to make sure that we are getting the highest return on our investment. I would highly recommend this product to any sales organization that wants to gain more control of their sales reporting processes and extend the benefits of fact based decision making to a much broader audience."

Streaming Media West and Online Video Platform Summit - Special Edition News Round Up

from Larry Kless' blog:

It was a busy news week with major announcements from companies participating in Streaming Media West and the Online Video Platform Summit.


Over 30 companies in the online video platform category participated in the show as either speakers, event sponsors or exhibitors, and many others came to see what was going on. The OVP space has evolved over a short time and has moved up the stack as a SaaS (software as a service) offering eclipsing CDNs which just a few months ago saw their own summit at Streaming Media West. Ben Homer, who I was glad to finally to meet at the show, pointed this out in his post, SMW Closing Thoughts | Online Video Watch,
"CDNs were noticeably missing from the event floor. There were a few, Internap was there, but Neither Akamai or Limelight had a booth this year. Several years ago CDNs were everywhere you looked at Streaming Media shows. Now it’s platforms."

Terence Warmbier of Immersion Corporation talks to Marek Pawlowski of MEX

Terence Warmbier of Immersion Corporation talks to Marek Pawlowski of MEX about haptics, touchscreens and user experience.