Saturday, November 12, 2011

HiWave’s BMRs and Audium Amplifier IC Drive Audio in Revo K2

>CAMBRIDGE, England -- HiWave Technologies (LSE:HIW), the provider of electronic and transducer solutions for audio and haptic touch, today announced that Revo has adopted its BMR (Balanced Mode Radiator) speaker technology and ultra efficient Audium amplifier ICs in its new K2 digital radios, which begin shipping worldwide today.

Friday, November 11, 2011

MyFord touch

An old comment from

>>Still, the screen can be a distraction. While it has some benefits, like a crystal-clear view from the rear-facing camera, it lacks tactile feedback. So when you reach down to tap on a music selection you must take your eyes off the road or you’ll touch the incorrect tiny button. Some form of haptic or vibrating feedback, a feature many touch-screen smartphones have adopted, would help.


from Seeking Alpha:

>Equinix (EQIX +6.3%) pops after JP Morgan initiates the stock with an Overweight, saying the company is at the intersection of several big trends in the data center industry. Demand for the company's data center solutions is being spurred by several large trends including enterprises moving more content to both private and public clouds and more users accessing the Internet from mobile and smart phones.

JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) Analysts Begin Coverage on Equinix


>Equities research analysts at JPMorgan Chase & Co. (NYSE: JPM) initiated coverage on shares of Equinix (NASDAQ: EQIX) in a research note issued to investors on Friday. They set an “overweight” rating and a $120.00 price target on the stock.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Equinix Continues Expansion in Asia-Pacific with Opening of Second IBX Data Center in Hong Kong

The US$63 million (HK$491M) investment is a response to demand from the financial services and cloud services sectors

HONG KONG — November 9, 2011 — Equinix Inc. (Nasdaq: EQIX), a provider of global data center services, today announced the opening of the first phase of its second International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data center in Hong Kong. The new IBX data center, called HK2, was built to meet the increasing demand for premium colocation and interconnection data center services, particularly from financial services organizations and cloud service providers operating in the city. HK2 represents an investment of US$63 million and extends Platform Equinix™ to a total of 99 data centers, across 38 strategic markets around the world.

Located near the existing HK1 IBX data center in the western part of the New Territories region, the first phase of HK2, an investment of US$20 million (HK$156M), will provide 450 cabinet equivalents, expanding to 1,450 at full build-out. With direct fiber connection to HK1, the HK2 IBX data center builds on Equinix’s existing rich network density, providing customers with a wide range of connectivity options. Major networks operating within HK2 include PCCW and Wharf T&T.

“Commercial growth and the continuation of Hong Kong’s dominance as a financial hub in Asia are key drivers of demand for data center services in the local market,” said Alex Tam, managing director, Equinix Greater China. “Data centers are an essential part of the city’s infrastructure and the opening of HK2 ensures the supply of data center availability needed to support the sustainable growth of traditional pillar industries such as financial services and trading.”

The HK2 facility will also meet an increase in demand for data center capacity driven by the appetite for cloud computing in the market. With its world leading broadband penetration and excellent international connectivity, coupled with good policy governance, Hong Kong is rapidly becoming a desired location for cloud service providers. HK2 will offer cloud service providers access to multiple networks, which is critical to enhance application performance and ensure redundancy. BrightHost, a leading supplier of high-capacity cloud infrastructure and web hosting solutions, deployed its cloud offering within Equinix’s HK1 data center earlier this year to meet its blue-chip customers’ requirement for a presence in Asia.

In addition to having access to a carrier neutral, dense network environment, businesses deployed in HK2 will be able to enjoy close proximity and access to a vast ecosystem of partners and potential customers, enabling them to maximize business opportunities within the data center.

The HK2 IBX data center offers a variety of premium data center services including colocation, interconnection and peering and direct cross connect between networks. Customers will also have access to the Equinix Marketplace, giving them the ability to discover new partners and locate services where they are required.

“Hong Kong is a key location for regional and global businesses that are keen to expand operations and build business ecosystems in this important financial market. Our global reach also means that customers looking to enter new markets can do so confidently, knowing they will receive the same level of service. Growing our global platform allows us to meet customers’ on going needs for premium, well-connected, data center services,” added Tam.

HK2 is the third new IBX data center to be opened by Equinix in the Asia-Pacific region this year as part of its plans to expand Platform Equinix in the region. Earlier this year the company opened IBX data centres in Sydney (SY3) and Tokyo (TY3) – the third Equinix IBX data centres in both cities.

Data Center Related Stocks Deliver Positive Earnings Surprises

Read the whole article at Seeking Alpha:

>>Most data center related companies have already reported Q3 earnings, with each one but Internap (INAP) showing a positive stock price one-day change after the announcement:

NYSE Euronext plans site near rivals

from FT:

>NYSE Euronext is to open an access point to its trading venue at the site of its European rivals, in a bid to draw more customers to its network.

The bourse will open an access point at a data centre west of London run by Equinix, the US group, and home of Chi-X Europe, Europe’s largest pan-European trading venue. The visually unremarkable Slough site has become one of Europe’s most sought-after locations to conduct trading because it sits on the telecommunications pathways between London and New York, but is also close to Europe’s financial centre.

Nyse Technologies expands SFTI network in UK

Nyse Technologies, the commercial technology unit of Nyse Euronext (NYX), has strategically chosen to extend its global trading network, the Secure Financial Transaction Infrastructure (SFTI) to the Equinix London LD4 International Business Exchange (IBX) data centre campus in Slough.


Utilising a newly built SFTI access centre at Equinix's LD4 site, customers of both companies will benefit from direct connectivity to financial markets and market participants, including NYSE Euronext's European markets as well as a range of market data and post-trade services delivered over the SFTI backbone.

With this new installation, NYSE Technologies has grown the number of SFTI access centres within Equinix facilities to five - New York, Chicago, Singapore, Frankfurt, and now LD4 in London. NYSE Technologies' presence in LD4 lays the foundation for financial services customers within the data centre to access the full suite of low-latency trading solutions available in other NYSE Technologies Global Liquidity Centres around the world.

"Connecting to the Equinix LD4 campus further strengthens the reach and connectivity of the SFTI global trading network," said Don Brook, Head of Infrastructure, NYSE Technologies. "Equinix has built a strong community of trading firms in the LD4 campus, including a number of existing SFTI customers that will benefit from even greater market access, reduced connectivity costs and enhanced performance through this new access centre."

"Equinix is delighted to welcome NYSE Technologies SFTI trading network into the LD4 data center," said Russell Poole, Managing Director, Equinix UK. "The addition of the access PoP in LD4 further expands the number of SFTI access points into five of Equinix's top 16 global financial centers and enables our 650+ financial services customers to take advantage of a single point of connectivity to NYSE Technologies' high-quality, low-latency trading network."

Created for the financial services community in 2002, the SFTI network has been significantly upgraded and expanded throughout Europe and Asia. SFTI is built to facilitate large quantities of electronic quotes, trades and market data traffic while ensuring reliable, ultra-low latency access to NYSE Euronext'xt's markets, other global trading venues and firms, including more than 1,300 market participants. This new access centre will continue to build on NYSE Technologies strategy to expand its network of Global Liquidity Centres in key locations around the world.

Magento Hosting Provider, MageMojo Expands to New Datacenter

The fastest magento hosting provider in the US, MageMojo ( announced today that is has completed it's expansion into a new Equinix datacenter in Pittsburgh, PA. This move has greatly expanded MageMojo's network and has quadrupled it's power and rack capacity to make room for their rapid growth.

The Equinix datacenter is a carrier neutral facility and has direct connections to many of the Tier 1 internet providers around the world. This move brings together MageMojo's own IP space with the network blend of Tier 1 internet carriers including; Level3, Global Crossing, Qwest, Cogent, Verizon and Sprint.

Co-founder Eric Hileman says "Colocating inside a carrier neutral facility like Equinix allows us to put our equipment less than 50 feet from the Tier 1 internet carriers. This provides a unique advantage of lower latency network connectivity over our competitors who chose to colocate their equipment in a manner that requires them to backhaul long distances into carrier neutral facilities. We've combined that lower latency with route optimization software from Cisco, to always find the best route from all our carriers. The end result is that we're able to provide some of the lowest latency routes around the world which means faster page load times for our customers. Our expansion into this new datacenter and the many optimization techniques that we use on our servers, make us the fastest Magento hosting provider."

Eric Hileman's claim that MageMojo is the "fastest Magento hosting provider" have recently been confirmed by independent tests at Magento commerce sites that are hosting with MageMojo are showing transaction speeds of .09 seconds per transaction, truly making MageMojo the fastest Magento web host in the US.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Rackspace/Equinix Partnership A Win-Win Move

Read the whole article at Seeking Alpha:

>>On Monday, Rackspace (RAX) reported Q3 numbers that exceeded analyst consensus.

Before its conference call, the company also announced Rackspace Cloud: Private Edition, an OpenStack-powered cloud backed by its managed services and operational support. The service targets customers looking to build medium-to-large scale private clouds, who can so rely on Rackspace's Reference Architecture and take advantage of the company's experience about the logical and physical architecture of a reproducible OpenStack deployment. The initial design is based on tested OpenStack configurations and hardware from Dell (DELL) and Cisco (CSCO), and obviously on Rackspace's Fanatical Support.


from the RAX c.c. (Seeking Alpha transcripts):

>>James Breen – William Blair

Okay, thanks and just one follow up Equinix actually, especially saying that they’re providing you Rackspace Cloud, the private edition services, can you talk about just that overall environment for infrastructure and how you guys are thinking about going forward in terms of leasing space or owning your own space and how the environment may have changed in the last couple of quarters, thanks.

A. Lanham Napier

Yeah, sure. Well, there is a couple of different nuances in your questionnaire. Let’s start I guess, which is the infrastructure environment in general. Our intention consistent with the prepared remarks is that we will be leasing space, but the reason we want to do that is it just better aligns the timing of the expense with the investment with the revenue we have received that from a basically it turns into a variable nature instead of a fixed nature that is all up front for us. Nothing has changed in the market place to make us deviate from that plan that is core to our strategy going forward, if you look at the infrastructure expansion, we’ve had over the last call it year and a half, vast majority it has been within this recent model.

We believe it’s very effective, we’ve been able to deliver great results to our customers in it specifically with what’s happening with the Equinix, in our press release we are pretty excited about the Rackspace Cloud private edition, for us this is a first step for us to take Fanatical support outside of our data centers, which is consistent with our long-term vision of managing and running open stacked powered clouds anywhere, basically if a customer wants to deploy an environment just for themselves inside an Equinix data center, we want to be able to provide Fanatical Support for them.

So we see it real simply is that there are two primary layers in our business, the infrastructure layer and a service layer in this Rackspace cloud private edition based on the open stack technology, the customer would be purchasing the infrastructure, paying Equinix rent for that data center infrastructure, and then they would be paying us the service fee to manage it remotely on top of that infrastructure.

So this is a business model innovation for us, which has minimal capital involved in all of the profit margin of our service layer. So we like this innovation, we are just getting started with it, there will be a lot more work to do, but we believe this is a good solid first step.

Ford Improves MyFord Touch LCD


>>Ford had an old version of MyFord Touch setup next to the new version and I got a chance to compare the two. The new version is far superior in every way. It’s much faster, especially in navigation, which featured an enhanced framerate. Aesthetically, the new version is much more intuitive. Ford managed to whittle down unnecessary controls for the sake of simplicity and safety, and they did a fantastic job. However, when asked if the company will employ haptic feedback technology in future versions of MyFord Touch user interface, Ford deemed it “gimmicky” and not necessary for the average user. The Cadillac Cue system is rife with haptic feedback.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Immersion Earnings: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Read the whole article at Seeking Alpha:

>>Last week, Immersion Corporation (IMMR) reported Q3 2011 earnings.

Total revenues for Q3 2011 were $6.5 million, unchanged from Q3 2010, and less than the consensus estimate of $7.52 million. Net loss for the quarter was $(1.4) million, or $(0.05) per share, less than analysts' expectations of a ($0.02) loss. The company also lowered yearly guidance, and now expects 2011 revenues to be in the range of $29.5 to $30.5 million, with a net loss of $(1.0) to $(2.0) million.

Longsight ready to expand into Equinix CH3 data center

The Longsight Group is proud to announce the addition of a new data center to support growth, performance, and high reliability of services for our hosted clients. As service and storage use continued to expand, we explored new space in top-tier data centers. Equinix has long had a top reputation in the data center industry. Our conversations with Equinix all pointed to the CH3 facility in Chicago as their premier facility, a building that has never suffered power downtime in its existence.

Servers don’t like to lose power, and we’ve made substantial investments to date to ensure that our systems would never lose power via separate A and B power feeds. Our investment at Equinix CH3 includes four 208v power feeds to each rack in an A/B configuration. Equinix CH3 provides N+1 redundancy with full UPS systems and backup generators if utility power fails.

Two additional points made our decision to choose Equinix straightforward: 1) A 24x7 security team, every door leading to our cage secured with biometric hand readers, interlocking doors (“mantraps”), and scanning of all equipment entering and leaving the building, and 2) The ability to purchase bandwidth from a huge array of providers instead of being forced to purchase bandwidth from the data center owner. Equinix is a carrier-neutral data center, and we have chosen Internap, a provider of aggregated bandwidth services for our connectivity.

Visteon Products Shine on Fisker Karma Hybrid Electric Vehicle

from Visteon's P/R:

>>The Karma incorporates Visteon's advanced infotainment platform that allows technologies to be quickly added and customized for any market. The system provides state-of-the-art onboard navigation, AM/FM/satellite radio, USB/iPod® connectivity, and Bluetooth® wireless technology audio streaming and hands-free phone functionality. Visteon designed the user interface for all major vehicle infotainment and climate controls, accessed through a 10.2-inch haptic touch screen display that eliminates the need for mechanical dials and buttons, reducing materials and production tooling.

Equinix Awarded 2011 Frost & Sullivan Australia Excellence Award

Datacentre Service Provider of the Year Award acknowledges market leading growth and innovation

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA— October 28, 2011 — Equinix, Inc. (Nasdaq: EQIX), a provider of global data centre services, today announced that it has been awarded the 2011 Frost & Sullivan Australia Excellence Award for datacenter services provider of the year. The Frost & Sullivan Awards are presented to companies that, based on Frost & Sullivan’s research, have demonstrated market-leading revenue growth and business innovation.

The award follows the opening of Equinix’s third Sydney International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centre, known as SY3. Built at a cost of US$65M, and located in south Sydney, SY3 provides 1,000 cabinet equivalents of capacity, expanding to 3,000 with subsequent phases. The new IBX has significantly increased the company’s Sydney capacity and ability to meet high demand for premium colocation and interconnection data centre services.

“Equinix is thrilled to be the recipient of this significant accolade from Frost & Sullivan,” commented Equinix’s Todd Handcock, chief marketing officer and VP for marketing and strategy in APAC. “This award validates our Platform Equinix strategy to provide industry-leading global infrastructure to help businesses accelerate their growth.”

“The fact this award also recognizes innovation is timely given Equinix has just launched the Marketplace, an initiative that allows customers to easily buy and sell digital services. The Marketplace is an online directory of service providers that allows the 4,000 companies on Platform Equinix to identify suppliers, partners and customers. Never before has a datacenter provider made it so simple for its customers to do business together,” added Handcock.

Arun Chandrasekaran, Research Director, ICT Practice at Frost & Sullivan commented: “Equinix has differentiated itself in the data centre industry by providing industry leading availability combined with stringent security and low latency. Equinix data centres offer direct access to multiple carrier backbones, thereby delivering high performance to customers.”

“Equinix’s strong commitment to high availability, security and low latency, makes it an attractive partner for customers such as financial services organisations, cloud computing service providers, content providers and telecommunications services providers, offering the stringent performance parameters they require to host their mission critical infrastructure. Equinix is therefore very well positioned to benefit from the growth of content delivery and cloud computing in Australia in the years to come.”

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Jamba debuts at The Fort in just five days


>>The good news is that this renowned smoothie debuts at The Fort on 11-11-11, in just five days. Brought in by one of the largest food chains in the country, The Max’s Group of Companies, Jamba Juice has made our country its first site in Southeast Asia. Sharon Fuentebella, managing director of Jumba Juice Philippines, personally toured our group and introduced us to the super-delicious drink. She is a real team leader, applauding loudest when a half-Pinoy staffer, Kimmie Molino, who has worked with Jamba Juice for 17 years, was given a special employee award by Jamba Juice CEO James White.