Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Sad Day - Pandora Radio Blog

This is a very sad day for Pandora, and for me personally. Today we reduced our staff from 140 to 120 employees. Like virtually every company, Pandora is not immune to the challenges presented by the current economic turmoil. We are trying to react quickly and responsibly to the new environment.

There are tough times ahead for the economy, but our listenership is growing rapidly, the Internet radio royalty rate resolution seems finally near, and the explosion of mobile devices like the iPhone are opening up a world of opportunity for internet radio to expand off the desktop. Moreover, our ad sales are growing so well that, not only did we not make any reductions there, we need to continue to hire more.

It's just hard to be excited about all that today.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Equinix Sunnyvale and DC Pricing

What is everyone seeing as the standard pricing levels for a full cabinet with 3x primary 20A circuits at the Equinix facilities in Sunnyvale and/or Washington DC these days?

I'm certainly familiar with their pricing in the Chicago market, but not sure how that compares to their other locations.

Karl Zimmerman - Steadfast Networks
karl @ -
Chicago, IL Dedicated Servers and Colocation
Steadfast Networks - An Inc. 500 Company


Was quoted this for DC5 in august, Ashburn Campus.

Circuit Pricing:

20amp 120v

30amp 120v

30amp 208v(Single Phase)

Per Cabinet Pricing (3 Year Term)

Draw Model

2.4 kW- $850/$1000
4 kW- $1190/$1000
6 kW- $1785/$1000


At Sunnyvale, expect close to $2K/rack for a cabinet with 3 x 20A

Hosting companies embrace Internet peering for international coverage and margins

from Tier 1 Research:

>>The Planet is the latest major hosting firm
to disclose a presence in major carrier-neutral colocation facilities. For those scratching their heads over why The Planet would buy colocation space when it already owns datacenters, the reason has less to do with the datacenter square footage and more to do .....

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

DLR: Data Centers Not Discretionary Spending

must read from Data Center Knowledge:

>>Why would companies continue to invest heavily in data centers in the midst of a global credit crunch and steep losses in the stock market?
It doesn’t always make sense. And yet they do.

The quarter ending Sept. 30 was the best quarter ever for new leasing at Digital Realty Trust (DLR), the world’s largest owner of data center properties. Last week the company announced new leases of data center space with IBM, Equinix, Starwood Hotels and the Children’s Medical Center of Dallas.