Friday, November 14, 2008

Internap, AS 22212, is expanding in Europe


Internap, AS 22212, is expanding in Europe and the U.S. and is actively seeking peers. Please contact us to discuss peering if our locations overlap.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


from CDN Evangelist:

>>I spent about an hour Monday on a conference call in an exclusive,
confidential briefing concerning an announcement which I will be posting tomorrow morning. This post, concerning video streaming, is sure to rock the CDN space as we know it. The announcement will be posted at 8am ET so be sure to check back tomorrow!

Randy Cooper
Founder, CDN Evangelist

Sunday, November 9, 2008

GRX Peering at Equinix (GPE)

GRX Peering at Equinix (GPE) is a resilient, fully-managed, Ethernet-based switching platform designed specifically for exchange of mobile Internet traffic. The service is available for all GRX operators and qualified customers that are colocated within the Equinix IBX that wish to exchange mobile Internet traffic with their peer of choice.

Port Speeds

Port Bandwidth Media
FastE 100Mbs Cat5e
GigE 1000Mbs Multimode or Singlemode


  • Redundant Infrastructure: Equinix provides GRX operators with fully redundant LAN infrastructure for improved service delivery.
  • Private Bilateral Peering: Freedom to negotiate private peering arrangements without any restrictions.
  • SLA: GPE service offers GRX Operators stringent SLAs with uptime guarantee of 99.99% for individual ports.
  • VLAN Trunking Encapsulation: Trunking encapsulation can consolidate multiple physical links onto fewer VLAN trunk ports, thus increasing network efficiency.
  • Dedicated GPE portal: – Full service transparency with access to port-level statistics on a dedicated portal for GPE.
    • Measures jitter, packet loss, service availability, and packet delay
    • Traffic utilization graphs
  • Connections to the GPE fabric can be set up in a Single or Redundant Configurations.
Available at the following locations:

Ashburn, Silicon Valley, Holland (AMS-IX), Singapore