Thursday, November 15, 2012

Deciphering Immersion Corporation's Recent Trading Pattern

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>>Immersion Corporation (IMMR) has experienced an unusual trading pattern in the last 4/5 weeks, although the share price remained relatively stable if we just look at the historical closing prices on October 9th ($5.44) and November 13th ($5.76).

Here is a quick look at what happened in between these two dates, with some added commentary:

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ideal Occupant Interface


Android A to Z: Haptic feedback


>>It goes one step further with the addition of things like the Immersion haptic SDK to the mix, where developers have an almost unlimited way to make their applications register with your fingers as well as your eyes and ears. Sometimes, the little things mean a lot.

The Spirit of Vanquish. The Art of Aston Martin.

Once again the One-77 supercar
has provided welcome inspiration,
giving rise to the central ‘waterfall’
design centre console. This flowing,
elegant design houses all the major
controls for the ventilation and
latest generation infotainment
systems. It also incorporates touchsensitive
capacitive switches, which
give haptic feedback – a gentle
vibration - through the smooth
glass surface.

From the sumptuous embrace of
the softest hand-crafted leather
and the fingertip pulse of our
hi-tech ‘haptic’ switches, to the
confidence-inspiring steering feel
that connects you to the road,
Vanquish is a tactile delight.

AMi (Aston Martin infotainment) and the climate
control systems are controlled using new touchsensitive
switches. Taking inspiration from the latest
smart phones and tablet devices, these capacitive
switches are a tactile and technological triumph,
giving ‘haptic feedback’ by delivering a subtle
vibration through the glass surface of the switch
to provide sensory confirmation that the system
recognises your instruction. These haptic switches
are supplemented by a new joystick, which now
includes rotary control as well as up/down/left/right,
ensuring precise control and easy input of
instructions to AMi.

Data Center-Related Stocks Sell Off In October

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>>Data center-related stocks had their worst monthly performance in the last two years, but most of them still remain a positive investment on a year-to date basis.

Monthly performance

Here is a quick look at how each stock under our radar screen performed in October 2012: