We experiment a major outage in one of our datacenter rooms. We'll keep you updated as soon as we have additional information.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience

Gandi team

20:26 CET it was a power outage, services are coming back now

20:55 CET Gandi's website is back online, as well as email. The GandiBlogs will return shortly as well as the servers that were affected. We are currently verifying the disks' Raid state

00:10 CET All services are now stable, however we have still received no communication from our hosting partner as to the cause of the outage. As such we are remaining on standby in case of any further incident

09:20 CET 21/12/09 Equinix have scheduled a maintenance window at 10:30 CET to switch over to generator power. There should be no impact to services, but our teams are on alert in case this activity does not go according to plan.

--11:10 CET 21/12/09__ Equinix have not yet effected the switchover. Our teams are still on standby alert while we wait for an update.

11:30 CET 21/12/09 Equinix have now effected this switchover.