Friday, December 17, 2010

Pinching kilowatts adds up to big savings for Equinix Read more: Pinching kilowatts adds up to big savings for Equinix


>>This isn’t your grandfather’s server farm.

When data center operator Equinix Inc. opened a new facility in San Jose last month, it also revealed the latest in technology that aims to reap as much power as possible from every last watt.

“In terms of our other data centers, this will be one of the more efficient in the world,” CEO Steve Smith said.

The effort isn’t just about being green for green’s sake. The Foster City-based company expects to save around $1 million a year in utility costs


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Nexus S

Vice President of Marketing for Europe

Equinix today announced that Dick Theunissen has joined the company as its Vice President of Marketing for Europe. Theunissen will spearhead Equinix marketing in Europe, focusing on how organizations in the region can rely on Equinix’s global platform of high performance International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centers and services to expand geographic reach and improve application performance.

Dick Theunissen Joins Equinix as Vice President of Marketing for Europe

Tech 2011 outlook: Cloudy, chance of takeovers


>>“The data center market did well in 2010, and I certainly expect it to an area of significant focus and investment next year, as well,” said Erik Suppiger, managing director of Signal Hill Capital Group. “There’s a growing need for work-related applications and a growth in dynamic, bandwidth-intensive content that’s driving content providers to think about where to invest for their needs.”

One of the companies that Suppiger is high on for next year is Equinix Inc., a provider of data-center operations that companies often use for hosting their applications and information in a so-called “cloud” environment. On Oct. 6, Equinix shares plunged more than 33% after the company issued revenue warnings for its third quarter and entire fiscal year. That warning took down many other data-center operators along with Equinix. However, Suppiger said he believes the selloff was overdone. “The [stock] pullback made them even more attractive,” Suppiger said. “Right now, a lot of investors are trying to determine whether the market is reaching maturity. We believe the demand is still there and there will be a need for more data center capacity.”

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Accuray Up 10% After Receiving FDA Clearance

from Benzinga:

>>Shares of Accuray Incorporated are up almost 10% this morning, after the company received FDA clearance for its CyberKnife® System's lung optimized treatment.

Analysis: Dude, where's my save?


>>As General Manager at Equinix and a former PC gamer himself, he's one of few people who actually knows which companies databank with him -- most companies like Zynga won't make that information public. To them, it's a security risk because they don't want people trying to physically assault their servers (which can happen the way it went down with Lineage II); but to OnLive, announcing that they databank with Equinix encourages user trust -- because no datacenter sounds safer than Equinix's.

"They're basically maintained as anonymous sites, and most often where we do development we do them in warehouse areas," Poole says, giving us a verbal tour of our OnLive saved games' home. "So from the outside, they're indistinguishable from any other warehouse. There is no marking, we don't put our logo on the outside of the building. If you were just to walk up to it, the only thing you might notice are all the closed circuit cameras that look at the outside. To get in, you would need a code to get into the security lobby. Once you're in there, that's where the security guards are, and then there is a mantrap layer between the security lobby and the regular lobby. Where you have to go through a biometric security check."

IPC extends collaboration with Equinix to Frankfurt and London


>>IPC Systems has announced that it has extended its collaboration with Equinix to two of Equinix's European data centres in Frankfurt and London Slough.

"The Equinix global platform effectively serves its financial market participants with a direct connection to its partners," said John Knuff, general manager of Global Financial Services at Equinix. "IPC provides our financial partners and customers with a reliable and scalable option for their trading connectivity requirements. IPC has a global footprint and depth of experience that makes it a high quality connectivity choice for our financial communities in Frankfurt and London Slough."

"ECS is a compelling connectivity choice for members of the electronic trading community operating within Equinix's financial ecosystems in the London Slough and Frankfurt IBX data centres," said Dave Brown, IPC Senior Vice President of Global Network Operations. "We represent a strong choice, especially for firms looking to trade across multiple regions, in emerging markets such as Eastern Europe and the Middle East, as well as expanding financial services markets in the Asia-Pacific region."

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Morgan Stanley Jacks Christmas Smartphone Sales Expectations


>>Morgan Stanley just jacked its Q4 smartphone forecast to 99.4 million units, up from its previous estimate of 88.2 million units, analyst Ehud Gelblum writes in a note.
  • Also in the note, but not a new estimate: Morgan Stanley's Katy Huberty thinks Apple will sell 16 million iPhones in the December quarter, up from the firm's previous estimate of 13.2 million, and up from 14 million shipments last quarter.
  • Gelblum also expects Nokia to ship 31.1 million smartphones, up from his previous estimate of 28.9 million, and up from 26.5 million last quarter.
  • He expects 28 million Android devices sold in Q4, up from 5.2 million in Q1.
  • Gelblum expects 112 million Android shipments in 2011, versus 47 million iPhones, and 28 million Windows Phone units.

Gelblum thinks the smartphone market will grow to 297 million devices next year, up 62% year-over-year.

Another Reason To Get The C7: Enhanced Haptic

not sure this is correct, though... see the comment section


>>Still can’t decide between the N8, C7 or E7? Take a look at our handy comparison, which might make the decision making process a bit easier.

If you’ve looked at that chart closely, you’d notice that the C7 has one feature that both the N8 and E7 lack: Enhanced haptic. What’s strange about this is that it isn’t mentioned in the C7’s specs and the Product Manager didn’t really talk about. It wasn’t until I used the C7, did I notice that there was something different about it compared to the N8. While typing with the virtual QWERTY keyboard I noticed that the haptic feedback was much better.

When I asked the Product Manager, he confirmed that indeed the C7 was using a newer generation of haptic feedback. It’s a bit hard to describe, but it’s as if each single key vibrated separately, instead of just the entire device vibrating to simulate a single key press. It’s as if they placed individual tiny motors beneath each key on screen, which of course is impossible. The general idea behind this on previous devices was to give you some tactile feedback, the sensation that you actually pressed a physical button. On all previous devices like N900, 5800, N97 and even the N8, it did give you feedback, but it wasn’t really like pressing a single, isolated button, it was more like: Oh, the entire phone vibrated.

On the C7 they’ve done an amazing job, creating a very effective and elegant effect that actually feels like pressing a key. The way each key vibrates separately without affecting other areas needs to be felt to be appreciated. It’s a very sophisticated process with subtleties that takes this to another level and that works beautifully on the C7. What makes this even more surreal is when you realize that your touching a piece of glass and that this is coming from a device that seems impossibly thin. This time Nokia got that just right.

Did you like or noticed the Nokia C7’s enhanced haptic?

Haptics Explained by an Expert

Interactive Data Extends to Equinix Data Centres in Tokyo and London

Further extends global presence to enable faster trading for financial market participants

LONDON and TOKYO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Interactive Data Corporation, a leading provider of financial market data, analytics and related solutions, and Equinix, Inc. (Nasdaq: EQIX), a provider of global data centre services, today announced that Interactive Data has extended its presence in Asia and the UK by adding Equinix Tokyo-2 (TY2) and London-4 (LD-4) International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centres to its existing presence with Equinix in Hong Kong, Sydney, Chicago, New York and Frankfurt. The new data centres are integral to Interactive Data’s global expansion programme for its real-time market data and trading solutions, by further extending the Company’s capabilities to key financial markets across the globe.

“Our joint financial clients can greatly benefit from the services of Interactive Data to make secure and direct connections to multiple partners simultaneously inside Equinix data centres around the world.”

By expanding the Interactive Data 7ticks low-latency trading infrastructure to new major money centres, clients can gain direct access via a single service provider to regional multi-asset markets, as well as to Interactive Data’s low-latency, consolidated global datafeed, PlusFeedSM.

“Equinix has been our valuable provider over the years and we are excited to be expanding with them in the Tokyo and London markets,” said Joe Bigane, managing director for Interactive Data 7ticks. “Our objective in the real-time market space is to provide best-in-class value. These expansion efforts are only a few of many that we are undertaking to meet the growing needs of our trading clients. Equinix’s global platform, rich network density and expertise in the financial services industry helps ease our expansion efforts to offer ultra-low latency access with ongoing technical support and monitoring solutions.”

“We are very pleased to extend the relationships with Interactive Data, enabling its offering of ultra-low latency proximity services to the financial services community on our global platform,” said John Knuff, general manager of Global Financial Services at Equinix. “Our joint financial clients can greatly benefit from the services of Interactive Data to make secure and direct connections to multiple partners simultaneously inside Equinix data centres around the world.”

Interactive Data now has a presence or connectivity in locations across the globe. This broadening of connectivity venues and hosting capabilities is helping Interactive Data to advance its strategy for meeting the evolving needs of its growing institutional customer base for electronic trading. The Company continues to build out its global ultra-low latency trading network infrastructure, which can support a broader range of high-quality direct exchange access and consolidated datafeed services.

Monday, December 13, 2010

New Cyberknife at Bucks County Speciality Hospital in PA

from the IV MB, by yyy60:

>>** The CK is owned by Bucks County Specialty Hospital in Bensalem, PA and managed by Thomas Jefferson University's Kimmel Cancer Center.

Cyberknife Program-RN Coordinator
Company: Bucks County Speciality Hospital
Location: Bensalem
Posted on: December 2, 2010

Bucks County Specialty Hospital is a single-specialty surgical hospital in Bensalem, Pennsylvania....

We have immediate opening for a Cyberknife Program, RN Coordinator.

First Cyberknife installed in Poland

from the IV MB, by yyy60:

>>** translated from Polish **

Gazeta, Poland
Judith Watoła

Robokop vs. cancer. In Gliwice, Poland is already a reality

Strike with precision and cancer from all sides at once - it's possible! Oncology Centre in Gliwice in Poland as the first camera to starts the-art CyberKnife radiation. When the former are like children's toys Robokopie - said prof. Bogusław Maciejewski, head of the center

New CK installed in 2011-Q1

from the IV MB, by yyy60:

>>There are 9 new CK installed in Q1 (USA-3, Canada-1, Europe-4, Japan-1):

USA (3)
- Oakwood Hospital, Dearborn MI
- Christus Spohn Cancer Center, Corpus Christi TX
- Pinnacle Health System, Harrisburg PA

INTERNATIONAL (Canada-1, Europe-4, Japan-1)
- Ottawa General Hospital, Ottawa, Canada
- Vicenza Hospital, Vicenza, Italy
- Izmir Ataturk Training and Research Hospital, Aegean, Turkey
- Instituto Madrileno de Oncologia (Madrid Institute of Oncology), Madrid, Spain
- Burnazyan Federal Medical Biophysical Center, Moscow, Russia
- Sendai Radiation Oncology & Imaging Clinic, Miyagi, Japan

Bulgarian PM Inaugurates Top-of-Line Diagnostic Ward


>>The Health Ministry is expected to issue by Wednesday a permit for the University Hospital to install the most modern apparatus for tumor treatment – the so-called cyber knife. Currently, such treatment of Bulgarians in need of it is done in neighboring Turkey while the State pays for the services of Turkish hospitals.

Introducing Digital Realty Trust’s New 370,500 sq ft Singapore Data Center