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Internap - Lehman brothers

It looks like Internap was on a trial with Lehman Bros - the contract will be assumed by Barclays.

To see the list of Contracts and Leases to be assumed and assigned to the Purchaser at the closing, please click on the links below:
List of Contracts and Leases to be assumed and assigned to the Purchaser at the closing (IT) (updated as of 9/19/2008 1:07 AM *)

Immersion - update

The latest developments seem to indicate that Immersion technology is NOT used in the new RIM blackberry, and the new HTC phone - see these posts from cellodude on the IV MB:

>>No haptic touch in HTC Diamond - did they talk to IMMR and say no?

HTC was to have haptic touch in the Diamond but canceled the feature. What happened?

1st vid explains why no touch haptics, 2nd vid shows haptic game.

Video interview with Horace Luke, HTC Chief Innovation Officer (@1:52):

Graphic: [Why no haptic?]

HL: "... over and over again, and I fine tuned it over and over again, and after asking a whole bunch of folks, and doing a whole bunch of usability studies, people like, "not worth it.""

Interviewer: "So, on the record, you did design..."

HL: "We did design with the intent of it, but no, it didn't... it didn't happen because it just SUCKED (laughs).

Graphic: [Have you considered localized haptic technology?]

HL: "... very expensive technology, very expensive. (Smiles) Not ready yet. Until you can buy it at 7-11, I don't think, you know..."

Then HTC goes on to demo a game "Tweeter" that has haptics and Horace Luke and Eric Lin, HTC Online Global Strategist are all excited about feeling it in action.

Video of HTC Diamond game Tweeter in action:

Reviewer: "It [Haptics] blew me away."

This is hard to figure what happened. Possible scenarios:

1 They talked to IMMR about VibeTonz (actuator shakes entire phone) and didn't like it.

2 They didn't talk to IMMR about VibeTonz style vibration and couldn't get simple haptics working correctly themselves.

3 They talked to IMMR about next-gen localized feedback but decided it was too expensive, or not available to them soon enough because of the time involved for tweaking.

This last one doesn't make sense: 4 They didn't talk to IMMR about next-gen haptics and decided it was too expensive.

My theory: they tried VibeTonz & didn't like it, then asked about localized feedback (ala Nokia) & decided to skip it, too difficult & expensive to implement. Result? No haptic touch in HTC Diamond.

Perhaps this prompted IMMR to release the "Kit for Designing Touch Feedback Into Small Touchscreen Products" in July? Food for thought.

>>Re: Verizon's Internal Release on Storm

I don't think the haptics are driven by vibration actuators/electrically, so no. I think they're using an in-house design with screen layers that somehow click when depressed, but you have to push HARD to get the click effect, slowing down text entry. One video reviewer is afraid the screen will break, you have to push so hard. See bad reviews at #41532.

>>Don't hold me to it, but I believe it doesn't use an actuator, even the built-in one. If by some chance it does use the built-in actuator, then they're doing the same as Motorola, without the precise control over the actuator which IMMR tech has.

Tata Communications' Global CDN service selected by IAHGames

First TATA and Bit Gravity customer announcement:

>>Sep 19, 2008 (TELECOMWORLDWIRE via COMTEX) -

Tata Communications (NYSE:TCL), a provider of communications, and IAHGames, an online game Publisher and Operator in Southeast Asia, announced on Thursday (18 September) that IAHGames has engaged Tata Communications to provide its Global Content Delivery Network (CDN) service in Asia. Tata Communications' Global CDN service reportedly accelerates game delivery and offers a high quality customer experience for the digital media and entertainment community. In addition the CDN service enables large gaming files to download six times faster than conventional networks.

The CDN service will deliver a range of online games, including Granado Espada and an upcoming title EA SPORTS, FIFA Online 2, which is due for closed beta testing.

Financial details were not available.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Switch and Data - Atlanta

On September 15, 2008, Switch and Data GA Four LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Switch & Data Facilities Company, Inc. ("Switch and Data"), entered into a lease agreement for a 79,200 square foot facility located at 180 Peachtree Street in Atlanta, Georgia. The lease commences on December 1, 2008, for a term of fifteen years, which Switch and Data may renew, at its discretion, for an additional ten or fifteen years. The facility will be operated in a manner consistent with existing Switch and Data facilities.

Cyberknife Cancer Center at the Brandon Regional Hospital in Brandon, Florida opening in Dec 2008 or Jan 2009.

from yyy60 on the Yahoo MB:

>>Radiation Therapist - FT for Cyberknife


Location: Brandon, FL
Employee Type: Full-Time Employee
Industry: Healthcare - Health Services
Manages Others: No
Job Type: Health Care Professional Services
Education: 2 Year Degree
Experience: At least 3 year(s)
Relocation Covered: No
Posted: 9/12/2008
Contact Information Ref ID: OSG-Cyberknife-Brandon-Rad

***New Cyberknife Center at Brandon Regional Hospital opening December or January.

JMP Securities

Internap Network Services Corp. (INAP)

18-Sep-08JMP SecuritiesInitiated
Mkt Perform

Equinix Inc. (EQIX)

18-Sep-08JMP SecuritiesInitiated
Mkt Outperform

Equinix to Host Regional Peering Forum on September 19, 2008

SINGAPORE, Sept. 18 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ —

Equinix, Inc. (NASDAQ:EQIX) , the leading global provider of network-neutral data centers and Internet exchange services, today announced that it is hosting the Regional Peering Forum 2008, featuring speakers from network and content industry leaders including Microsoft, TRUE Internet Gateway and Globe Telecom. The forum will take place at the MGM GRAND Macau on September 19, 2008.

Both network service and content providers recognize the importance of peering in enhancing performance, reliability and reducing transit costs. With tremendous opportunity in the South East Asia Internet market, international players are now beginning to explore peering relationships with the local Internet service providers in the region.

At the Regional Peering Forum, Equinix will provide analysis of regional peering trends and dynamics, along with local experts from Globe Telecom and TRUE Internet Gateway, who will discuss Internet development and their peering perspectives in the Philippines and Thailand. Microsoft will also share their experience on the international network engineering arena, specifically within the region.

The Regional Peering Forum will be chaired by Raphael Ho from Equinix and scheduled speakers include Bobby Romero from Globe Telecom, TRUE Internet Gateway’s Rungkiet Kamondetdacha, and Christian Nielsen of Microsoft.

Equinix is also hosting Peering Tutorials on the same day, featuring best practice on IPv6 peering deployment and peering coordination by Martin Levy of Hurricane Electric and Guy Tal of Limelight Networks.

In addition, Equinix powered “Meet-Your-Peers” sessions are scheduled on 18 September in conjunction with the Regional Peering Forum. “Meet-Your- Peers” sessions provide a meeting platform that enables dialogues between the forum attendees to further grow their peering contacts.

Source: Equinix Hong Kong Ltd

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

notes from the 3rd European peering forum

some notes form a partecipant at the 3rd European peering forum. The last comment is: Equinix has a bigger and bigger presence, with continuous expansion.

>>IXP Panel

  1. Che cosa si può fare per migliorare i collegamenti trai vari partecipanti della comunità (tools, pagine pubbliche, etc) - No public peering matrix perchè i soci non la vogliono (AMS-IX). Tutti stanno lavorando per un tool che permetta di fare peering to all
  2. 100 GBE- Ci stanno pensando
  3. Free ports per IPv6? - No al momento

Considerazioni finali:

  • l’evento, come altri simili, è di interesse per le occasioni di confronto e di incontro con altre persone. Quindi è utile per far “conoscere” al mondoTOP-IX
  • in compenso occorre stare con l’occhio pronto per catturare le persone che interessano (non viste per esempio le persone di Amazon, si Google e Yahoo); potrebbe essere utile un servizio di peering tra le persone dedicato e non casuale.
  • la presenza sempre maggiore di Equinix che offre colocation e exchange contemporaneamente, in continua espansione. Il fatto che non non siano presenti ancora in Italia è significativo

Monday, September 15, 2008

a difficulté dans laquelle se trouve aujourd'hui la médecine en général et la cancérologie en particulier face à l'innovation, réelle ou supposée.

>>Nicolas Daly-Schveitzer
Toulouse, Haute-Garonne, France
Médecin cancérologue-radiothérapeute. Professeur d'université (Toulouse III). Ancien directeur général du centre-anticancéreux de Toulouse.
Dans son numéro du 15 septembre 2008, le "Red Journal" (*) fait place à une vive controverse déclenchée par deux médecins, Soren Bentzen (Madison, Wisconsin) et Todd Wasserman (Delray Beach, Florida), qui s’insurgent contre la démarche publicitaire du constructeur Accuray en faveur de l’utilisation de son produit phare, le Cyberknife (accélérateur linéaire miniaturisé et robotisé), dans le traitement du cancer de la prostate.


Balancing on a Knife's Edge: Evidence-Based Medicine and the Marketing of Health Technology
Søren M. Bentzen, Todd H. Wasserman
pages 12-14
Full Text | Full-Text PDF (92 KB)

CyberKnife Treatment of Prostate Cancer: A Reply to Bentzen and Wasserman
Omar Dawood
pages 14-18
Full Text | Full-Text PDF (112 KB)

BlackBerry Storm

Verizon BlackBerry Storm Minute with Mike Details...
Posted In: News & Rumors | By: Kevin Michaluk | Date: 15 Sep 2008 | 13 comments

Verizon BlackBerry Storm

UPDATE: Here's the image we were waiting for. I love how the first paragraph is about the bloggers who love to speculate. Cheers to that Verizon! Not much new in the announcement, but GREAT to see things get "official." Word has it there are more images and even a video that were circulated within Verizon, so hopefully we will soon be seeing some more BlackBerry Storm eyecandy. And while at this moment the site is not up and running, it does look like that will in fact be the place to go to sign up for web updates. Stay tuned for more. **

CDNetworks - Equinix Tokyo

10 gig port:

Company Information
Company Name CDNetworks
Also Known As AS-CDNetworks
Company Website
Primary ASN 43303
IRR Record
Network Type Content
Approx Prefixes 5
Traffic Levels 5-10Gbps
Traffic Ratios Mostly Outbound
Geographic Scope

Public Peering Exchange Points
Exchange Point Name ASN IP Address Mbit/sec
AMS-IX 43303 10000
DE-CIX 43303 10000
Equinix Tokyo 38670 10000

BlackBerry Storm launch?

from cellodude, on the IV MB:

>>BlackBerry Storm announcement Monday?

[VZW BlackBerry Storm to be Announced on Monday?
By: Kevin Michaluk | Date: 13 Sep 2008 |

Verizon BlackBerry Storm to be Announced on Monday?

The net is buzzing today with word that Verizon is set to "announce" the BlackBerry Storm this Monday, September 15th, with sales targeted to begin on November 1st (will believe it when the device is in my hands that day!).

This news comes via an internal email that's been floating around Verizon Wireless featuring the image above (notice the Stormy clouds in the background and the touchscreeny-like fingerprint. Subtle. Not!!). Word also has it that Monday's announcement should be accompanied by the launch of a teaser site at]

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Startup Marries Flash Video with P2P

from GigaOM:

>>PPLive, a Singapore start-up that has a P2P video platform for distributing television in Asia has developed a way to accelerate and distribute Flash videos over peer-to-peer networks.

The other issue with this technology - it could make the video aggregators like YouTube crazy. Why? Because the first few seconds of the video are streamed from say YouTube and rest from the PPVA network. “This becomes an even bigger issue when advertisers start requesting more detailed statistics about online video usage,” NewTeeVee writes. Nevertheless, it could have some interesting implications for P2P CDN offerings.

Nokia perfects the clicky tactile touchscreen

Immersion has had an agreement with Nokia for over one year - without a haptic phone reaching the market, yet. One explanation is that Nokia has been "fine tuning" the touch feed back with IMMR - and under this view the agreement for a flat fee could find an explanation. more questions than answers, anyway...

>>It’s taken them 10 years but Nokia boffins
have finally perfected a ‘touch feedback’ touchscreen. Don’t be fooled by simple vibrational imitations folks, this is the real McCoy – you press a key on the screen, and it clicks under your finger with exactly the same sort of fingertip feedback as if you’d pressed a conventional keyboard key. Roope Takala, Senior Program Manager at Nokia’s research labs gave me a demo of the technology in Finland the other day on a hacked N770 Internet tablet.

“Funnily enough, although you think you’re typing faster than normal because of the feedback, in actual fact you’re not,” said Takala, “There’s just some sort of mental satisfaction that comes from typing with a tactile response.”


The new Haptikos technology will apparently be shipped with the upcoming Nokia S60 Touch phone that has been shown off at recent demos, and the team is busy working on the next challenge, which is to provide exact tactile replicas for scrolling and draw/paint programs.

A post from cellodude on IV:

>>IMMR has patents covering the use of piezo actuators under the touch screen for haptic feedback. Yes Nokia is paying IMMR for IP, plus SDK & consultation to achieve exactly the effects they want.

[United States Patent Application 20080111788
Rosenberg; Louis B.; et al. May 15, 2008 [continuation from 2003]
Assignee Name: Immersion Corporation

Haptic feedback for touchpads and other touch controls

[0035] or more piezoelectric actuators 42 are coupled to the underside of the touchpad 16...In one embodiment, a single piezoelectric actuator 42 is positioned at or near the center of the touchpad...In other embodiments, multiple piezoelectric actuators 42 can be positioned at different areas of the touchpad...

[0039] The piezoelectric actuators 42 have several advantages for the touchpad 16. These actuators can be made very thin and small, allowing their use in compact housings that are typical for portable electronic devices. They also require very low power, and are thus suitable for devices with limited power (e.g., powered by batteries).]

Ike Hammers Texas Internet

Renesys reporting on the effects of IKe, especially in Houston:

>>The counties around Galveston and Houston, TX (most notably Harris County) have suffered a slowly climbing number of network outages over the last day. We expect to see this number continue to climb as the secondary effects (e.g. power loss, UPS battery failure, generator fuel unavailability) of the storm hit the region.

We examined the withdrawals reported in BGP for prefixes (networks) in Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Texas and notice that, aside from Texas, the coastal Gulf region has fared pretty well against Ike, so far. The Texan cities and counties immediately in the path of Ike are, however, definitely and noticeably suffering network connectivity failures.

Affected cities, counties and organizations

To get a sense for the organizations affected in the initial aftermath of Ike, we can look at the top ten organizations, top five cities and top five counties, sorted by number of networks suffering an outage as of approximately 13:00 CDT. Notably, these do not account for the relative sizes of the organizations, cities or counties.

Organizations affected (prefix count)

  1. Schlumberger Limited (19)
  2. AT&T WorldNet Services (15)
  3. NASA/Johnson Space Center (12)
  4. Suddenlink Communications (10)
  5. Level 3 Communications, Inc. (10)
  6. Cebridge Connections (10)
  7. Internet America, Inc. (9)
  8. Comcast - Houston (9)
  9. NTT America, Inc. (8)
  10. Moore Concepts (6)

Cities affected (prefix count)

  1. Houston (110)
  2. Kingwood (14)
  3. Dallas (14)
  4. The Woodlands (10)
  5. Friendswood (5)

Internet Traffic Begins to Bypass the U.S.

from the New York Times, USA are losing their position as the heart of the internet:

>>The era of the American Internet is ending.

Engineers who help run the Internet said that it would have been impossible for the United States to maintain its hegemony over the long run because of the very nature of the Internet; it has no central point of control.

And now, the balance of power is shifting. Data is increasingly flowing around the United States, which may have intelligence — and conceivably military — consequences.

Almost all nations see data networks as essential to economic development. “It’s no different than any other infrastructure that a country needs,” said K C Claffy, a research scientist at the Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis in San Diego. “You wouldn’t want someone owning your roads either.”

Indeed, more countries are becoming aware of how their dependence on other countries for their Internet traffic makes them vulnerable. Because of tariffs, pricing anomalies and even corporate cultures, Internet providers will often not exchange data with their local competitors. They prefer instead to send and receive traffic with larger international Internet service providers.

This leads to odd routing arrangements, referred to as tromboning, in which traffic between two cites in one country will flow through other nations. In January, when a cable was cut in the Mediterranean, Egyptian Internet traffic was nearly paralyzed because it was not being shared by local I.S.P.’s but instead was routed through European operators.

The Renesys rankings of Internet connections, an indirect measure of growth, show that the big winners in the last three years have been the Italian Internet provider Tiscali, China Telecom and the Japanese telecommunications operator KDDI.