Friday, December 2, 2011

Equinix plotting massive Ashburn data complex


>>Equinix of Foster City, Calif., has applied to Loudoun County to expand its network of nine existing data facilities. It wants to develop an 87-acre site by Gloucester and Loudoun County parkways to make room for up to 1.1 million square feet of data center and office space, according to Loudoun County public documents.

Robotics may impact future surgery


>>In a new paper published online last month in The International Journal of Medical Robotics and Computer Assisted Surgery, a system is presented for minimally invasive surgery performed with Haptic feedback and visual feedback aids for surgeons. Haptics refers to the sense of touch, specifically the perception of objects as such. In the new work, the case of prostate cancer is examined, due to rising concerns over the effectiveness of robot assisted surgery for this application.

The paper was written jointly by researchers at Hopkins and Robotics and ElectroMechanical Systems, Intelligent Automation, Inc., located in Rockville, MD.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cable&Wireless Worldwide Leverages Platform Equinix to Expand into Hong Kong and Tokyo

Strengthens its global network infrastructure for enterprise customers in Asia

HONG KONG, CHINA — December 1, 2011 — Equinix, Inc. (Nasdaq: EQIX), a provider of global data center services, today announced that Cable&Wireless Worldwide has strengthened its market reach to Hong Kong and Tokyo with Platform Equinix ™. By establishing network points-of-presence in Equinix’s Hong Kong and Tokyo International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centers, Cable&Wireless Worldwide can now directly offer its network services to multinational corporations in Asia Pacific. C&W Worldwide already leverages Platform Equinix in Chicago, London, New York, Paris, Singapore, Sydney, Washington DC and Zurich.

C&W Worldwide delivers a range of high quality managed voice, data and IP-based services and applications to large enterprises, connecting businesses all over the world. By leveraging Platform Equinix, C&W Worldwide can expand its network coverage for existing customers and access new ones located in Equinix’s data centers. In addition, Equinix’s customer base of multinational enterprises in Hong Kong and Tokyo can now access a full range of services from C&W Worldwide and connect directly to its network for secure and cost-efficient global connectivity.

“As a leader in mission critical communications, we provide our enterprise customers with premium network connectivity and services,” said Mr Gavin Tait, Director, Network Planning and Implementation, Asia, for Cable&Wireless Worldwide. “Extending our relationship with Equinix in Hong Kong and Tokyo represents our continued commitment to expanding our next-generation network capabilities to service multinational companies as they expand and grow their businesses in Asia. Platform Equinix also gives us access to a rich ecosystem of customers, which provides us with immediate opportunities to grow, while continuing to optimise our customers’ experience.”

“Our extensive relationship with Cable&Wireless Worldwide is testament to the value of our global platform for enabling network service providers to easily expand their service reach to access new revenue opportunities,” said Andrew Oon, business development director, networks & content, Equinix Asia-Pacific. “Cable&Wireless Worldwide is a valuable addition to our carrier-neutral platform, which offers Equinix customers a broad choice of best-in-class network providers to meet their telecommunications needs.”

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

EU Claims Breakthrough In Robotic Neurosurgery


>>The ROBOCAST project has developed a new type of robot that gives two important advantages to surgeons: 13 degrees (types) of movement, compared to the four available to human hands during minimally invasive surgery, and "haptic feedback" the physical cues which allow surgeons to assess tissue and perceive the amount of force applied during surgery.

Monday, November 28, 2011

The onscreen keyboard has haptic feedback

>>The Note is a multitouch smartphone. It’s very responsive and the navigation, intuitive. The S Pen is also meant to make it stand apart from other smartphones. I don't find myself using it much, though it probably will appeal to others. I also find the S Pen a bit hard to take out from its cocoon. The onscreen keyboard has haptic feedback, which works just fine.

Samsung says expects to top 2011 smartphone sales target

from Yahoo:

>SEOUL (Reuters) - Samsung Electronics expects to beat its 2011 smartphone sales target thanks to brisk sales of its Galaxy smartphones, a mobile executive said on Monday.

"We are pinning high hopes...on achieving sales higher than our previous plan," the executive said at a press conference, without disclosing its expected sales figure.

DealHub introduces proximity hosting for eFX

DealHub (Option Computers Ltd) announced today that its ultra-low latency eFX trading solutions are now available as hosted services at Equinix datacentres in London and New York, co-located with key FX Market participants.

DealHub is already hosting live trading services for a number of customers in London, with further eCommerce solutions due to be launched in New York for both Tier 1 and regional banks in the coming weeks.

"For our customers, speed equals profit and their agility is critical to winning new business," said Peter Kriskinans, CEO, Dealhub. "We can now offer our full suite of ultra-low latency, flexible trading capabilities in a fast-to-market, fully hosted solution that rivals the very best bespoke tier one services. This is an incredibly exciting opportunity for ambitious organisations to level the playing field with their larger competitors - with minimal integration required and no up-front capital cost."

DealHub services are hosted in Equinix's LD4 (London) and NY4 (New York) datacentres, co-located with many of the FX industry's leading participants and execution venues. Direct cross-connects from these participants and venues to DealHub services guarantee the fastest possible pricing and execution. DealHub's dedicated high-speed London to New York connection minimises inter-region latency and committed plans to replicate services in Asia will ensure global, ultra-high speed connectivity for all Dealhub customers.

Reliability and security are key concerns for banks looking at hosted solutions; Dealhub's live-live redundancy in each datacentre and inter-region disaster recovery, coupled with Equinix's best-in-class data centre services, ensure that customers can host their mission-critical trading systems with absolute confidence.

The investment in high performance hosting facilities also enables DealHub to offer its full range of pre and post trade services in a fully managed environment. This includes market leading straight-through-processing and archive services, as well as real-time business intelligence. Given the current focus on preparing for new regulations in 2012, DealHub is seeing strong demand for its regulatory reporting solutions, offerioffering smart routing to CCPs and SDRs via a single connection to the hosted environment.