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Direct Edge Plans Connectivity Consulting Service


Direct Edge is launching connectivity consulting services as a separate division in conjunction with its move to Equinix’s NY4 data facility, according to Bryan Harkins, head of sales and strategy. The ECN hired Kevin Carrai this month as its head of connectivity services to lead the initiative. Carrai previously ran the access services business at Nasdaq OMX Group.

Harkins emphasized that this is not a collocation business, but an effort to help
brokers leverage their connectivity to Direct Edge via Equinix.

Equinix is not directly involved in Direct Edge's new service.

Needham & Company Reiterates a 'Buy' on Equinix (EQIX); Colocation Demand Should Drive Growth


>>Needham & Company Reiterates a 'Buy' on Equinix (EQIX); Colocation Demand Should Drive Growth

Needham & Company reiterates a 'Buy' rating on Equinix, Inc., price target $125.

Needham analyst says, "We believe March quarter sales should continue to be driven by colocation revenue given strong demand and stable pricing. We believe demand for broadband and data center solutions remained robust across all of the company's regions during the quarter."

Repaving the Information Highway

from the WSJ:

>>Repaving the Information Highway


Its buildings are giant blank slates, with few windows and no corporate logos. Legions of security cameras and guards watch the premises. Visitors must place their hands in a biometric scanner and pass through interlocking steel mantrap doors to gain entrance.


Still, the 12-year-old company has a few advantages over its rivals. Companies tend to stay put in a data center for years, because moving can be costly and disruptive. "It's a very sticky business," CEO Steve Smith tells SmartMoney. Equinix's global scope makes it attractive to firms looking for one company to provide services on different continents. The biggest telecom firms already are entrenched Equinix customers too, and that lures smaller companies that want to be part of the same Internet ecosystem. "Equinix's growth will slow, but they're not at that point," says Michael Lippert, manager of the Baron iOpportunity fund, which owns shares of the company.



In re: Immersion Corporation Securities Litigation.
This Document Relates To: ALL ACTIONS.

No. 09-cv-04073-MMC.

United States District Court, N.D. California.

April 8, 2010.

ROBBINS GELLER RUDMAN, & DOWD LLP, WILLOW E. RADCLIFFE (200087), SARAH R. HOLLOWAY (254134), San Francisco, CA, Liaison Counsel for Lead Plaintiff.

BROWER PIVEN, A Professional Corporation, DAVID A.P. BROWER, New York, NY, Lead Counsel for Lead Plaintiff.

FENWICK & WEST LLP, JAY L. POMERANTZ, FELIX S. LEE, JAY L. POMERANTZ, Mountain View, California. FENWICK & WEST LLP, SUSAN S. MUCK, JENNIFER C. BRETAN, San Francisco, CA, Attorneys for Defendants, Immersion Corporation, Victor A., Viegas, Clent Richardson, Stephen, Ambler and Daniel Chavez.


MAXINE M. CHESNEY, District Judge.

WHEREAS, on September 2, 2009, this Court issued an order in the above-captioned action setting an Initial Case Management Conference for December 11, 2009.

WHEREAS, on November 16, 2009, this Court issued an order continuing the Case Management Conference until April 30, 2010 and setting a deadline for the Joint Case Management Statement for April 23, 2010.

WHEREAS, on January 12, 2010, this Court issued an order setting forth the following deadlines regarding Lead Plaintiff's Consolidated Complaint and Defendants' motion to dismiss:

(i) Lead Plaintiff shall file a Consolidated Complaint no later than 60 days after Immersion's anticipated restatement is filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, but, absent further Order by the Court, in no event later than June 30, 2010;

(ii) Defendants shall move, answer or otherwise respond to the Consolidated Complaint within 60 days after the Consolidated Complaint is filed;

(iii) In the event Defendants move to dismiss the Consolidated Complaint, Lead Plaintiff shall file his opposition to Defendants' motion no later than 60 days after such motion is filed; and

(iv) In the event Defendants move to dismiss the Consolidated Complaint, Defendants shall file any replies to Lead Plaintiff's opposition to the motion to dismiss no later than 40 days after such opposition is filed.

WHEREAS, on February 8, 2010, Immersion filed its anticipated restatement.

WHEREAS, pursuant to the Court's January 12, 2010 Order, Lead Plaintiff's Consolidated Complaint is due April 9, 2010, Defendants' motion to dismiss is due June 8, 2010, Lead Plaintiff's opposition to Defendants motion to dismiss is due August 9, 2010, and Defendants' reply in support of their motion to dismiss is due September 20, 2010.

WHEREAS, pursuant to the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, unless otherwise ordered by the Court, discovery in this action is stayed during the pendency of any motion to dismiss (15 U.S.C. § 78u-4(b)(3)(B)).

WHEREAS, counsel for Lead Plaintiff and Defendants respectfully submit that good cause exists to vacate the existing April 30, 2010 Case Management Conference and April 23, 2010 Joint Case Management Statement deadlines until such time as the Court has the opportunity to rule on Defendants' motion to dismiss.

IT IS ACCORDINGLY STIPULATED, pursuant to Civil L.R. 7-12, by and between undersigned counsel for the parties, that: (i) pursuant to Civil L.R. 16-2, the Case Management Conference scheduled for April 30, 2010 be vacated and rescheduled for a date that is not less than 30 days after the Court's ruling on Defendants' motion to dismiss, or such other time as the Court shall determine to be appropriate; and (ii) the Joint Case Management Statement deadline of April 23, 2010 likewise be deferred.

* * *



The Case Management Conference currently set for April 30, 2010 and Joint Case Management Statement deadline currently set for April 23, 2010 are hereby vacated and will be rescheduled at a later time for a date not less than 30 days after the Court rules on Defendants' motion to dismiss. is CONTINUED to November 12, 2010. A Joint Case Management Statement shall be filed no later than November 5, 2010.

This copy provided by Leagle, Inc.

Study: CK good treatment option for patients with liver metastases of colorectal carcinoma

from the IV MB, by yyy60:

>>Study: CK good treatment option for patients with liver metastases of colorectal carcinoma

** translated from German **


The results of a new trial for the treatment of metastases in the liver starting from a primary tumor in the colon show that CyberKnife represents an additional treatment option. This may, in addition to chemotherapy or even when made inoperable metastases in general.

For the study, which is now published in European Journal of Cancer online (Stintzing et al.), Physician of the LMU-University Hospital and the European CyberKnife Centre in Munich-Grosshadern have patients with colorectal metastases and treated. The average age is 65 years, the patients were followed for an average period of 16.8 months. Of these, 87% survived the first year after treatment, average survival time prolonged by 9.2 months. In order to physicians is in any case the most interdisciplinary team another option for the treatment of metastases in the liver due to a bowel cancer available. Further studies with larger patient population over a longer period are currently in the planning.

In the CyberKnife technology is the most innovative photon therapy. The main task of radiation surgery is the high-precision irradiation of a precisely defined target volume. These are the healthy parts of the body in the tumor environment as little as possible are made by rays. To achieve this, first is a treatment device with an appropriate radiation type and energy selected and irradiates the tumor region from different directions. With the flexible technology, the CyberKnife irradiation unit rotates around the patient - typically up to 150 per (possible from 1400) set beam treatment. the spectrum because of published scientific studies and proven efficacy to currently ranges from the irradiation of tumors in the brain, the eye of the spine and pelvis as well as in lung, liver, and partly also to the prostate.

The first CyberKnife center in Germany on 1 July 2005 in cooperation with the University of Munich (LMU) opens. Using a high-precision image-guided robot control can be addressed destroying a tumor dose of radiation to a precisely defined target volume, while the surrounding healthy structures are preserved. In the treatment of overlapping weak beams from many different directions in the tumor, where they add up to total dose. Through the development of the CyberKnife technology integrated with a combination of image guidance and robotic control to draw a completely new, non-invasive treatment option. Meanwhile, in Munich more than 2,500 patients have been treated with this method.

Dr. med Muacevic Alexander, who heads together with Prof. Dr. Berndt Wowra the European CyberKnife Centre in Munich-Grosshadern, is also President-Elect of the international CyberKnife Supervisory Board. In the area of treatment of patients with diseases of the brain, the Munich Radio surgeons are world first. Across all disease areas they take away a rank 3, for a total of 190 worldwide CyberKnife centers

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Equinix CTO 10 year perspective, data center changes in highly connected Internet services


>>I had the pleasure of interviewing Equinix's CTO David Pickut as part of Equinix reaching its 50th data center.

The perspective I was looking for is David's view of the past 10 years and what the future looks like. Over the past 10 years, Dave has seen three big changes in data centers.

  1. Energy density in racks has gone up.
  2. Energy Efficiency awareness has increased.
  3. Transition from stand alone data center mindset to highly connected data centers.

This is best illustrated by drawings David provided. Here is what data centers looked like 10 years ago.


And this is what data center design looks like it 2010


Note in the upper left of each of these slides the external forces affecting data centers. This is proof I was looking for that Equinix is on the right path to Green (low carbon) Data Centers.

The mass media industry will cover Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple data centers. But, here is a simple way to understand the future of data centers. David and I chatted about many more things regarding the future 10 years, and he said it is easy to build energy efficient cost effective data centers. The hard part is accounting for the accelerating rate of external factors that now affect data center design.

Stephens Inc. Senior Vice President Guides Investors Through Data Storage Sector And Reveals 2010 Top Stock Winners

April 16, 2010 - The Wall Street Transcript has just published Data Hosting & Data Storage Report offering a timely review of the Data Storage sector. This Special Report contains expert industry commentary through in-depth interviews with public company CEOs, Equity Analysts and Money Managers. Please find an excerpt below.


TWST: Let's talk a little bit more about Rackspace and Equinix, since you cover them. What's your outlook for these particular companies?

Mr. McCarver: In general, the outlook for top-line revenue growth for both companies is very good. Right now expansion is a fairly capital-intensive project, but the outlook for growth is very strong. I believe the better operators are growing as fast as they can without overreaching their ability to effectively manage the business. So while there is an abundance of demand, companies are only going to grow at a level that guarantees the wheels don't come off. I think one of the strategies at Equinix that can be seen is the desire to run at a certain capacity utilization level that is conducive to attracting new clients. Somewhere between 78% to 82% of capacity is where they've run in the last several quarters, and that is strategic in nature in that they are able to capture larger customers with that available capacity.

If EQIX was running at, say, 90% of capacity and the available space was already spoken for by existing customers, it would be difficult to convince new customers that they will have additional space available. At 80%, you are able to go out to large potential customers and say, "I can meet your demands for growth this year and next year." I think the fact that EQIX is spending well beyond its enormous free cash flow potential to maintain 20% excess capacity illustrates just how much demand the company expects to see in the coming year. Clearly, if they weren't seeing the demand, they would not risk the capital. For Rackspace, it's a little bit easier.

TWST: What are your thoughts on the Switch And Data and Equinix deal? Is that a smart move for Equinix?

Mr. McCarver: I think so. Strategically, it opens up some new markets. There is a good argument to be made that EQIX can benefit from more exposure in Tier II markets. Also Switch And Data (SDXC) has some very good operations, a strong management team and lots of excess capacity. Certainly, Equinix is looking forward to filling that capacity. I think Switch And Data also has an attractive customer base in new industries where EQIX has less expertise. If Equinix had not acquired Switch And Data, I think there is a good chance a foreign competitor would have done so and as a result, would be out in the U.S. marketplace. So I think there are some very good strategic reasons for this deal. My model does indicate that the acquisition will be significantly accretive over time.

Voxel Expands Network and CDN to Hong Kong, China – HKG1 POP Now Live

from the Voxel blog:

Voxel Expands Network and CDN to Hong Kong, China – HKG1 POP Now Live

It’s said a picture is worth a thousand words, so I thought it prudent to begin my post with a photo of the network rack powering Voxel’s latest VoxCAST deployment, our Hong Kong Point of Presence, or “HKG1″ as we know it. Certain of our Asian VoxCAST end users will begin to see their content served out of this location in the coming days…

Our deployment consists of VoxCAST servers and core network equipment inside the Equinix Hong Kong (HK1) datacenter, with infrastructure at the iAdvantage MEGA facility at 399 Chai Wan Road (commonly known as “Mega-I”), to facilitate additional peering and transit connectivity. This POP connects to our Singapore (SIN1) datacenter, as well as to our US and Europe presences. We’re also peering at the Equinix Exchange in Hong Kong, with expansion plans including a port at the larger Hong Kong Internet Exchange (HK-IX).

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"Coverage initiated on Immersion Corp by Brigandine"

"Coverage initiated on Immersion Corp by Brigandine"

IMMR job opening in Taipei

HT to cellodude on the IV MB:

Applications Engineer, Touch
Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Requistion #: IC2010-12

An energetic and innovative organization, Immersion Corporation brings human touch to the user experience in digital devices through innovative technology solutions – known as haptics – that allow people to experience rich tactile sensations when using enabled devices. Our technology has broad consumer appeal and is licensed to product manufacturers and application developers in the mobile, gaming, automotive, consumer electronics, industrial and medical markets. Immersion partners and licensees include industry leaders like Samsung, LGE, Sony, Microsoft, Logitech, BMW, and Medtronic.
The FOCuS Team helps customers integrate Immersion solutions into their products and unlock the value of Haptics for consumers around the globe. This dynamic team is looking for talented individuals who thrive on challenge in evolving market spaces. We offer competitive salaries and benefits in a stimulating professional environment.

Job Description:
Based out of Taipei, Taiwan the successful candidate will support our customers with in-field integration assistance and product training. The primary focus will be on post-sales support for the TouchSense product line, Immersion’s flagship vibration enhancement solution. Working closely with the Immersion sales and engineering teams, you will drive adoption of the TouchSense solution among project teams at target device makers as well as supporting content providers.
Working on the front line of customer interaction, you will also be responsible for technical communication with technology partners. You will be responsible for assisting customers with hardware and software integration issues, as well as helping partners overcome mechanical architecture challenges and occasionally implementing reference code on the customer’s behalf. This includes understanding customer development timelines and objectives and coordinating Immersion activities and deliverables accordingly; educating and training partners in Haptics and the TouchSense system; and identifying and creating the needed documentation including specification documents, training presentations, and demonstration applications as needed.
The successful candidate has a solid engineering background and will be required to interact with engineering, product planning and sales personnel both within Immersion, and within customers’ organizations throughout the region. Frequent travel will be required to visit customers within Taiwan and China. Occasional travel to Immersion facilities in Montreal, Canada and in San Jose, California may also be required for training and coordination. The candidate must possess superior listening and communications skills – both oral and written; must demonstrate initiative and leadership; and have a positive, “can-do” attitude. Attention to detail is critical as is the ability to deliver on deadlines and perform with minimal supervision.

Responsibilities include:
· Owning technical relationships with customers;
· Facilitating integration of the TouchSense System – hardware and software – into customer products;
o Participation in customer calls to better understand project specifications and needs, including visiting customers for installation and implementation support
o Reviewing mechanical integration requirements
o Providing in-field product training services on the TouchSense system to customers including mechanical integration, drive and control electronics, APIs, effect design and Authoring tools
o Suggesting mechanical implementations
o Assisting with TouchSense feature implementation
o Validating customer mechanical design implementation
o Coordinating and tracking TouchSense integration efforts in customer products.
· Managing demonstration equipment including installation, support, maintenance and debugging;
· Coordinating communication with other Immersion stakeholders in Product Development, Product Management and Sales.
· Bilingual – Business Mandarin and English, both written and spoken; other languages a plus
· Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, computer science, or other engineering discipline;
· Mechanical design and development
· 3D/2D CAD experience
· Above-average communications and interpersonal skills;
· Rigorous design and analysis skills;
· Familiarity with the Windows Office suite for documentation & communication tasks; and
· Understanding of electronic schematics and analog circuits.
Additional technical qualifications (pluses):
· Experience in design or manufacture of consumer electronics products;
· Understanding of electromechanical systems;
· Mechatronics or robotics training or background;
· Any experience in the field of haptics/force feedback;
· Familiarity with the Windows operating environment – programming in Visual Studio 6.0, .NET;
· Familiarity with Linux
Immersion's policy is to comply with all applicable laws and to provide equal employment opportunity for all applicants and employees without regard to non-job-related factors such as race, color, religion, gender, national origin, ancestry, age, disability, veteran status, marital status or sexual orientation. This policy applies to all areas of employment, including recruitment, hiring, training, promotion, compensation, benefits, transfer, and social and recreational programs.]

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Accuray Shares Gain Despite New Product Launch By Competitor

This article from WSJ summarizes it quite well:

>>Accuray Shares Gain Despite New Product Launch By Competitor

Medical-device maker Accuray Inc. (ARAY) shares gained Wednesday even as a new product hit the market to compete with the company's flagship radiosurgery device, the CyberKnife.

Varian Inc.'s (VAR) new TrueBeam system, which was unveiled to investors Wednesday, may be a game changer in the field of radiation oncology. Still, Wednesday's share gains by Accuray could indicate investors don't think TrueBeam entirely closes the gap in competing with the CyberKnife in the more specialized area of radiosurgery, observers said.

Equinix exec Jarrett Appleby interview at Light Reading

Equinix exec Jarrett Appleby interview at Light Reading

- link

What if you could make bandwidth near free for $6.62 million?

3Crowd blog post:

>>At 3Crowd, we just received a $6.62 million venture investment from our partners at Storm Ventures and Canaan Partners. With that investment (and maybe some more later) and a lot of hard work, we plan to execute this vision: we think we can change the economics of the content delivery systems and make widespread distribution of video more financially feasible. And we think we can make a substantive and positive impact on Internet along the way. If we can help provide tools and subsystems that can enable “the crowd” to harness resources in a new way, we may be able one day to realize a content economy where bandwidth is no longer a restrictive line item on businesses’ operating budgets. If we do our job right, scalable and affordable data delivery will no longer be a pipe dream.

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CENX, Interxion Bring Ethernet Exchange to Europe

a must read from Telecom Rumblings:

>>CENX, Interxion Bring Ethernet Exchange to Europe

This is turning into something of an arms race, as CENX and Equinix match initiatives and PRs. It’s almost as if they view this as a Highlander-type situation. You know … ‘there can be only one.” I am interested in opinions from readers on whether the economics of this new line of business favor dominance by a few or a proliferation of providers. With efforts by Neutral Tandem (TNDM: chart, news) in process and others rumored to be on the way, I guess we are going to find out.

How Not to Build a Cloud


>>1. Don't centralize too much

Using IT services concentrated in data centers is the whole point of cloud computing and virtualization. But keep your eye on end user response times, says Vince DiMemmo, general manager of cloud and IT services at Equinix, which essentially provides the platform and infrastructure services on which other companies build their own. Customers include Verizon, AT&T, Japan Telecom, MCI, Comcast and YouTube, among others.

The lag between when a user presses a key and the response from a server that could be anywhere in the world could spell life or death for cloud computing projects, he says.

"If the user experience isn't fast enough, VDI services won't be accepted, just as SaaS wouldn't be," Bowker says.

Equinix spreads user access nodes around the edge of its network—close to concentrations of end users. "We cut down the physical distance between the network and the end user—even inside the building if we can connect directly," he says. "Every hop is a piece of equipment that contributes its own network latency and extra response time, even if it's only microseconds, if you add that to every packet for every node, it adds up."

Sponsored Post: Keryx Biopharma (NASDAQ:KERX) Product Development Update

Keryx Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ:KERX) is an emerging biopharma company that has a pair of lead compounds in late stage development: Perifosine for the treatment of cancer and Zerenex for patients suffering from renal disease.

Last December, Keryx announced the initiation of a Phase 3 pivotal study of Perifosine (KRX-0401), the Company's PI3K/Akt pathway inhibitor (a cell signaling pathway that disrupts the normal cell cycle / programmed cell death and leads to chemotherapy drug resistance in some cancer cells), in multiple myeloma patients under a Special Protocol Assessment (SPA) with the FDA with Fast Track designations for this indication.

Perifosine is in-licensed by Keryx from Aeterna Zentaris. Keryx expects a patient recruitment period of approximately 16-18 months and expects to report data from this study during 2H11. In addition, a refractory metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC) study under SPA is expected to begin 2Q10 with projected completion 2H11.

During the first week of 2010, Keryx announced that it has reached agreement with the FDA regarding a SPA for the design of a Phase 3 clinical program for Zerenex (ferric citrate), which is the Company's iron-based phosphate binder for the treatment of elevated serum phosphorous levels (hyperphosphatemia occurs in the majority of dialysis patients, resulting in serious medical complications such as blood vessel calcification and skeletal deformities since phosphate is a major component of bone along with calcium) in patients with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) that are on dialysis.

Zerenex works by forming iron-phosphate complexes in the gut that are not absorbed since patients with ESRD are prone to electrolyte disorders such as elevated phosphorus due to the absence of normal kidney function. In accordance with the Company's SPA agreement with the FDA, the Phase 3 clinical program for Zerenex will consist of two clinical studies, including (1) a short-term efficacy study that is expected to commence by the end of 1Q10 with date expected during 2H10; and (2) a long-term safety and efficacy study that is expected to begin mid-2010 with data expected and a NDA filing expected during 1H12.

Keryx has retained all key commercial rights for its two lead compounds and has the resources to complete Phase 3 development for both of its lead compounds, which provides more leverage in partnership discussions. The estimated cash burn rate for 2010 is $1.3 million per month or approximately $4 million per quarter and $16 million for the entire year.

This is a sponsored post placed by IR GRO on behalf of ProActive Capital. Please visit the ProActive News Room for more details on Keryx.

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Pan-European Carrier Neutral Ethernet Exchange launched by CENX and Interxion

It really sounds like Equinix and Interxion agreed on issuing their P/R the same day... :-)

>>Pan-European Carrier Neutral Ethernet Exchange launched by CENX and Interxion

Interxion, the leading European provider of colocation data centre services, and CENX, Inc., operator of the world’s first Carrier Ethernet Exchanges, today announced a partnership to launch a pan-European Carrier Neutral Ethernet Exchange service. The service will be available in Interxion’s London data centre in June 2010 with expansions being planned for other locations including, amongst others, Amsterdam and Paris.

Market analyst Infonetics Research expects that as a direct result of efficient and economical interconnects between service providers, the market for Ethernet Services can grow at 20% CAGR to a total of almost US$40 Billion in 2013. CENX’s proven business processes and methodologies enable service providers to gain access to the CENX marketplace within 30 days, which today includes over 5 million Ethernet end user locations provided globally by more than ten service providers including Verizon and Level 3.

>>Equinix Launches Carrier Ethernet Exchange

Begins Global Rollout Based on Successful Development Program with 24 Participants Including AboveNet, Easynet, KPN International, PCCW Global, RCN Metro, Reliance Globalcom and Virgin Media Business

London, England (at the Light Reading Ethernet Europe 2010 Conference) – April 12, 2010 – Equinix, Inc. (Nasdaq: EQIX), a leading provider of global data center services, today launched the Equinix Carrier Ethernet Exchange™, a global service that provides a multi-carrier environment for the exchange of data traffic between providers of Ethernet services. Originally announced in October 2009 as a service development program, the Equinix Carrier Ethernet Exchange is the first service of its kind to be successfully deployed globally, enabling carriers to meet the worldwide demand for Ethernet services, an expanding industry that is expected to reach $40 billion by 2014.

Partners buy Cannons Lane property for CyberKnife facility Read more: Partners buy Cannons Lane property for CyberKnife facility - Business First of

from the Luisville Bizjournals (HT to yyy60 on the IV MB):

>>Partners buy Cannons Lane property for CyberKnife facility

Plans to break ground this year

Baker and Bass plan to build a 6,500-square-foot facility on the Cannons Lane site.

The CyberKnife Robotic Radiosurgery System performs stereotactic radiosurgery procedures.


Baker is a Louisville native and radiation oncologist who currently practices in Hawaii.

His project received state approval last October, after Kentucky’s state health plan was changed to allow for technology such as the CyberKnife.

The Louisville CyberKnife facility would house the second such machine in the state. Lexington’s Central Baptist Hospital, a sister facility to Baptist Hospital East, has the other one.

Immersion target raised to $7 from $6 at Capstone

from the IV MB, by stckdiva:

>>Immersion target raised to $7 from $6 at Capstone
09:43 EDT

Immersion target raised to $7 from $6 at Capstone

Capstone believes Immersion's long-term prospects remain favorable after meeting with management. The firm upped its target price to $7 and maintains a Buy rating on the stock.