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A CyberKnife will be installed in Florence (Italy) at Casa di cura Santa Chiara

quote (minute 2.05):

In 2009, the decision to acquire a CK has been taken.


LOS ANGELES, CA – January 14, 2010 — EdgeCast Networks, the superior, cost–effective rich media content delivery network (CDN), today announced major upgrades to its global network, bringing online two new strategic points of presence (POPs) in 2010 - Singapore and Paris. Additionally, the company's content delivery network now interconnects with more than 800 user networks around the world, making EdgeCast one of the world's best-connected and fastest CDNs."


The Singapore point of presence completed testing this month and is now online. The Paris point of presence is scheduled to go live in the first half of this year.


Public Peering Exchange Points
Exchange Point Name ASN IP Address Mbit/sec
Equinix Singapore 15133 1000

Friday, January 22, 2010

ST Telemedia appoints Terry Clontz as Managing Director, North America & Europe

Mr. Clontz sits on the Equinix Board of Directors

ST Telemedia appoints Terry Clontz as Managing Director, North America & Europe
Terry Clontz, StarHub's former Chief Executive Officer, assumes the appointment of Managing Director overseeing ST Telemedia's investments in North America and Europe with effect from January 2010. During his 11 years at the helm of StarHub, Mr Clontz has led the company in a number of major milestones including transformed StarHub from being Singapore’s third mobile player in 2000 to a fully-integrated "quad-play" service provider in 2009; merged StarHub with Singapore Cable Vision (SCV) in 2002; brought StarHub public in 2004 on the main board of the Singapore Exchange; and advanced StarHub’s market position to become Singapore’s second largest mobile operator in 2005, the same year that it became profitable.
Terry Clontz, Managing Director, North America & Europe

Prevention is cheaper than cure

from the Guardian:

Deep in the basement of the centre's new Marylebone building – in a radiation-proof concrete bunker just a few feet away from the Bakerloo tube line – a machine to rival any Hollywood techno-monster lies in wait. The Cyberknife, an inappropriate label for the device that is more ray gun than surgeon's scalpel, fires its beams of electrons with pinpoint accuracy as its linear accelerator whirls around the prone patient.

Such technology – alongside two other linear accelerators in adjoining bunkers – accounts for quite a slice of the £70m invested in the London Clinic's showpiece centre. While we marvel at the arrival of expensive space-age gadgetry, available of course only to a few private patients, it is disappointing to note the UK remains among the stragglers in adopting the technology already widely installed across Europe and even in India.


The NHS may be in line for one of these expensive gadgets – one for the entire country – sometime next year apparently, but that will not prevent many of us feeling short-changed when doctors have to deny patients access to vital treatments for lack of resources.

The 100th patient is treated at the UK's first CyberKnife Centre

from the IV MB, by yyy60:

>>The 100th patient is treated at the UK's first CyberKnife Centre

NHS patient suffering from prostate cancer receives 100th treatment at Harley Street CyberKnife Centre

A man from Greater London has become the 100th person to be treated at the UK's first CyberKnife Centre at the renowned Harley Street Clinic in London.

The man, who has been suffering from prostate cancer, could not be treated by other forms of radiotherapy. He is among a growing number of patients sent to the Harley Street Clinic for CyberKnife radiotherapy treatment by their NHS trusts.

Avectra Announces New Data Center

Avectra Announces New Data Center

Move enhances Web-based association management software performance and takes customer service to the next level

Our investment in this new, state-of-the-art hosting operation allows us to continue offering the industry’s best uptime and network performance as we add new clients on our association management software platforms

McLean, VA (Vocus/PRWEB ) January 22, 2010 -- True to Avectra’s commitment to provide world-class cloud computing and service, the industry’s innovator for association management software announced today a successful move of the company’s primary hosting services to a new data center in December 2009.

News Image“We focus on providing the best hosting and technology available,” said John Norton, director of Avectra’s network operations. “Our investment in this new, state-of-the-art hosting operation allows us to continue offering the industry’s best uptime and network performance as we add new clients on our association management software platforms.”

The new facility is operated by leading data center provider Equinix and is located in Ashburn, Va., on one of the largest internet exchange points in the world. In addition to offering even more reliable internet connectivity, the center provides upgraded equipment and improved power redundancy, physical security and environmental controls for the data of the nearly 1,000 member-based organizations using Avectra’s netFORUM association management software.

“The move to this data center more than doubles our network’s capacity and at the same time cuts our energy usage and physical footprint by more than 40%,” said Mark Zigadlo, network service manager at Avectra. “This enables us to extend even higher service levels to our customers while maintaining a green hosting option.”

With more than 12 years of hosting experience, Avectra is the leading provider of hosted membership management solutions and is committed to ensuring complete system redundancy with its Avectra Super Network. The shift of services to the new facility further extends Avectra’s hosting beyond the typical application platform level to provide the most comprehensive and reliable solution available with triple redundant disaster recovery and back-up.

About Avectra, Inc.

Avectra, with more than 16 years of experience, is the leading provider of on-demand association management software. Avectra’s Web-based, integrated netFORUM software enables organizations of all sizes to experience world class membership management. netFORUM Enterprise Edition is uniquely tailored to the needs of the largest member-based organizations, while their netFORUM Team and Pro Editions are scaled to perfectly address the needs of small and mid-sized organizations, providing the tools that help identify, secure and build members for life. Headquartered in McLean, Va., Avectra also has a regional office in Chicago. For more information about Avectra and the netFORUM family of products, visit, or call 800-858-8272.

9th Annual CyberKnife® Scientific Meeting


This year’s CyberKnife® Society Scientific Meeting will be held March 26 - 27, 2010 at The Fairmont Dallas located in downtown Dallas, Texas. Be sure to arrive on Thursday, March 25, as the program will begin promptly at 7am on Friday.

In the interest of your busy schedules and cost savings for all, this year's program has been condensed to 1.5 days – back to basics and focusing on science. This shortened program necessitates an early start with an agenda packed with only the highest quality clinical and technical presentations. As in previous years, the Physics session will run concurrent to general session allowing for the maximum number of technical presentations.

Something new this year is the integration of new and clinically compelling treatment protocols into general session. There will also be Tumor Review Boards highlighting complex cases utilizing the automatic response system encouraging interaction from the entire audience. The second half-day will focus entirely on Performance Improvement cases submitted, selected and presented by CyberKnife Users from around the globe. Undoubtedly you will receive an incredible amount of information during these two days – please register early as space will be limited.

We look forward to seeing you!


Member Status

Sept 1st -
Nov 30

Dec 1st -
Mar 5

CKS Member: Physician



Non CKS Member: Physician



CKS Member: Nurse/RT/Coordinator/Dosimetrist/Physicist



Non CKS Member: Nurse/RT/Coordinator/Dosimetrist/Physicist









Accuray Attendee



Guest of Registered Attendee




Advances in the applications, technologies and methodologies of CyberKnife Radiosurgery continue to evolve rapidly, creating a need for continual learning. The 9th Annual CyberKnife Meeting Scientific Meeting is designed to disseminate new scientific findings and technical innovations and expand basic knowledge relevant to clinical practice and to the improvement of patient outcomes.


The educational elements of this program are targeted at surgeons, oncologists of all disciplines, physicists, nurses, therapists and other professionals involved in CyberKnife Robotic Radiosurgery. Attendees will receive state-of-the-art practice information relating to radiation, and surgical oncology. Embracing the multidisciplinary approach to cancer care is essential to quality care. Research presented from medical and allied professionals will enhance the interdisciplinary nature of the program. The program will include presentations on standard, investigational and experimental therapeutics, treatment planning, alternative fractionation, emerging technologies, and physics. These topics are presented in a combination of panel discussions, proffered papers and posters. Educational sessions provide attendees with an essential review of timely topics. Panel discussions emphasize current controversies. Proffered papers and poster presentations represent new research findings. This combination provides complementary coverage of a broad range of topics relevant to radiation oncology and members of the multidisciplinary cancer care team.


This continuing medical education activity is designed to meet the interest of surgeons, radiation oncologists, physicians working in related specialties, residents, radiation physicists, dosimetrist, radiation therapists, radiation oncology nurses, radiation oncology administrators and all other health professionals involved in the field of oncology.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Storms KO NaviSite San Jose Data Center

from Data Center Knowledge:

A NaviSite data center in Silicon Valley was without power for an hour this morning after severe storms knocked out the facility’s utility power from PG&E. NaviSite’s San Jose data center lost utility power from PG&E at 4:45 a.m. Pacific time, and backup power systems failed to operate as designed.

A Study of Gemcitabine and Cyberknife Radiation Therapy for Pancreatic Cancer

from the IV mb, by yyy60:

>>A Study of Gemcitabine and Cyberknife Radiation Therapy for Pancreatic Cancer

People with pancreatic cancer that cannot be cured by surgery are being asked to participate in this study. The purpose of this study is to test the ability of the radiation oncologists to administer Cyberknife therapy along with Gemcitabine chemotherapy for patients with pancreatic cancer. Radiation and Gemcitabine are both effective at killing cancer cells but they generally cannot be given at...

Date First Received: January 15, 2010
Clinical Trial Phase: Phase 1 | Start Date: November 2009
Last Updated: January 15, 2010
Overall Status: Recruiting
Verified by: Georgetown University, January 2010
Estimated Enrollment: 10

Brief Summary

Official Title: “A Pilot Study of Full Dose Gemcitabine and Hypofractionated Stereotactic Radiosurgery in the Treatment of Unresectable Pancreatic Cancer”

People with pancreatic cancer that cannot be cured by surgery are being asked to participate in this study.

The purpose of this study is to test the ability of the radiation oncologists to administer Cyberknife therapy along with Gemcitabine chemotherapy for patients with pancreatic cancer.

Radiation and Gemcitabine are both effective at killing cancer cells but they generally cannot be given at the same time. Cyberknife therapy is highly focused radiation that is being used extensively at Georgetown University and around the United States to treat a number of cancers. It is believed that because Cyberknife is so highly focused it can be given safely with regular doses of chemotherapy to attack cancer cells in two ways at the same time.

This research is being done because it is not known if using Cyberknife with chemotherapy will be a safe way to treat pancreatic cancer.

Study Type: Interventional

Study Design: Treatment, Non-Randomized, Open Label, Active Control, Single Group Assignment, Safety Study

Study Primary Completion Date: May 2010

Switch and Data Agrees to Settle Stockholder Class Action Lawsuits

TAMPA, Fla., Jan 19, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Switch and Data (NASDAQ: SDXC), a leading provider of network-neutral data center and Internet exchange services, today announced that it and the other defendants have entered into a memorandum of understanding with plaintiffs' counsel to settle three purported class action lawsuits filed regarding the proposed merger between Switch and Data, Equinix, Inc. and Sundance Acquisition Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Equinix.

In connection with this settlement, the three lawsuits and all claims asserted therein would be dismissed with prejudice, including the claims brought against Switch and Data and its directors. Switch and Data and the other defendants deny all of the allegations in the lawsuits and believe that the existing disclosures regarding the proposed merger are appropriate under the law. Nevertheless, Switch and Data and the other defendants have agreed to settle the putative class action lawsuits in order to eliminate the risk, burden and expense of further litigation, to fully resolve all claims raised in the lawsuits, to permit the merger to be consummated without the risk of injunctive relief or delay, and to permit Switch and Data's stockholders to receive the consideration provided for in the merger.

Switch and Data today filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission a Current Report on Form 8-K to announce the settlement of the stockholder class action lawsuits and to also supplement and amend the Proxy Statement dated December 21, 2009, as previously supplemented on December 23, 2009. For further information, please see the Form 8-K, which is available at or on Switch and Data's website at

Under the memorandum of understanding, the parties will seek approval of the settlement in the Florida state court; simultaneously, the parties will agree to stay the actions pending in the Delaware Chancery Court and the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida. The proposed settlement is conditional upon, among other things, the execution of an appropriate stipulation of settlement, consummation of the merger and final approval of the proposed settlement by the Florida state court. The proposed settlement contemplates that plaintiffs' counsel will apply to the Florida state court for an award of attorneys' fees and costs in an aggregate amount of $900,000, and that the defendants will not oppose or undermine this application. These attorneys' fees and costs will not be deducted from the merger consideration.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Countdown to the Nanosecond

from Securities Industry News:

The Countdown to the Nanosecond

Does one millionth of a second—a microsecond— really matter? How about one billionth of a second? As exchanges and trading firms strive for ultra-low latency, a nanosecond most certainly can.


Nasdaq selected Correlix in November to provide Nasdaq OMX customers with independent real-time measurement of latency in trades on its market, for intraday and post-day analysis. “I think that’s the common goal, maybe someone would manage to break the 100-microsecond mark. Maybe we’ll have the first exchange going below 100, next year, maybe, it can get to tens of microseconds, but I think nanoseconds are a five-year horizon.”

Correlix measures up to one microsecond of granularity, which is pretty much what will be needed for the next two years, at least, said Melamed.

Competitor Corvil also supports nanosecond precision in its products, noted Byrne, who said many of his customers use this precision to examine nanosecond differences in arrival of messages. This is particularly important today in co-location facilities, he added.

“The final frontier is collocation, where the algorithms, the trading engines are right at the exchange, located as close as possible to where the orders are being executed so there’s almost no latency,” said Lloyd Altman, a senior executive in Accenture’s Capital Markets Industry division. “Whether that will be nanoseconds eventually, I would guess maybe one day it will be, but will it matter? What is the competitive advantage of being within nanoseconds? Ultimately, it really comes down to who got the order in first, who got the execution matched first, and the ultimate factor will be the speed of the execution engine within the exchange… you reach a point where it’s hard to see whether you are getting more efficient because it’s already so fast and so close.”


Once nanoseconds become the new benchmark, the race towards picoseconds—one-trillionth of a second— may not be light years away.

CBOE Delays New Options Market as SEC Mulls Ban on Flash Orders


>>CBOE Delays New Options Market as SEC Mulls Ban on Flash Orders

Jan. 8 (Bloomberg) -- The Chicago Board Options Exchange, the largest U.S. equity derivatives market, will wait until the second half of the year to start a new platform catering to high-speed traders while the Securities and Exchange Commission reviews industry practices.


CBOE is creating C2 to appeal to so-called high-frequency traders who sometimes send thousands of orders a second to exchanges to take advantage of fleeting price changes. The all- electronic exchange was approved by the SEC on Dec. 10.

Secaucus, Not Chicago

C2 will enable CBOE to compete more effectively with newer exchanges with different market models, the Chicago-based firm says. As part of this effort, C2’s matching engine will be based in Secaucus, New Jersey, instead of Chicago, reducing the time to trade and update quotations for C2’s participants based in the New York metropolitan area.