Saturday, July 2, 2011

Data Center Stocks Deliver a Strong First Half of Year

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>>Data center related stocks delivered, on average, a relatively weak performance in June, but still remained mostly very positive since the beginning of the year.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Piper Jaffray on Why Equinix Remains at the Top

from Seeking Alpha:

>>Post the Fall 2010 miss, Equinix's stock has gone from boom to bust to boom again, Piper Jaffray wrote in a report. While some might argue that the stock is fairly valued given that it has recovered to near pre-miss levels, we believe that additional upside remains.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

CBOE Stock Exchange (CBSX) Moves Trading Systems to New York Metropolitan Area on July 1

CHICAGO, June 30, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The CBOE Stock Exchange (CBSX) has announced two new strategic initiatives -- combining faster trading execution and a highly competitive single-price fee structure -- aimed at optimizing the trading experience at CBSX.


On Friday, July 1, CBSX will move its trading operations to the East Coast from Chicago and begin trading from the Equinix NY4 Internet Business Exchange datacenter in Secaucus, NJ. CBSX's move to the NY4 facility will increase execution speed for the majority of CBSX's customers, which are located on the East Coast.

In addition, CBSX on June 1 instituted a simplified pricing model with identical fees for both liquidity "makers" and liquidity "takers" trading on CBSX. CBSX currently is the only U.S. exchange to use identical pricing for both makers and takers of market liquidity. The new CBSX pricing model is also one of the most economical fees structures currently available in the securities industry.

"We continue to evolve by focusing on the needs of our customers. We worked in close collaboration with major trading firms to design initiatives that had as a common theme greater execution speed and simple, fair and cost-effective pricing," CBSX CEO David Harris said. "We've now addressed our customers' priorities by reducing execution latency and making available a very attractive pricing model."

In the new CBSX pricing model, the fee for stocks trading above $1.00 is $0.0002 per share, and for stocks below $1.00, the fee is 0.02 percent of the dollar value of the transaction. In standard maker-taker market models, fees are generally different for those who make market liquidity and for those who take liquidity from the market.

For additional information regarding CBSX's relocation and connectivity, please see

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Network Connectivity Overview

CBSX will utilize Equinix as its hosting facility. As a carrier neutral-data center operator, Equinix is on-net for over 36 carriers and fiber providers. This side array of network service providers offers redundant diverse connections throughout the NY metropolitan area and around the world. The central location of the Equinix facility also provides very low average latencies to the major market data centers in the NY metropolitan area.

Firms may choose to either connect directly to the CBSX routers at Equinix NY4 or through an Extranet. Direct connections are done with copper, multi-mode or single mode fiber Gigabit Ethernet cross connects from firm routers in the Equinix facilities to the CBSX routers. Actual bandwidth requirements vary based on the number of products being traded and market volatility. Firm routers must support the BGP routing protocol. Firms who do not choose to connect directly may connect via several service providers that offer shared Extranet connections to CBSX at the Equinix facility. Extranet providers Interactive Data, Radianz Ultra, RCN, Savvis COIN, SFTI, and TNS will be available.

Co-Location Facility - Equinix

Co-location space for network equipment and firms' applications servers will be available for CBSX utilizing Equinix's NY4 IBX® datacenter in Secaucus, NJ. Equinix has a one (1) cabinet minimum requirement. Five cabinets or above can be considered for private cages. Several power options are available.

Current Equinix customers should contact their Equinix Account Executive for information.

Firms new to Equinix and interested in co-locating hardware at the CBSX facility should contact Tim Rack from Equinix. Tim can be reached at 312.896.1341 or by emailing

Firms wanting less than a full cabinet for co-location can contact the following firms that provide hosting at the Equinix facility:

  • IDC/7Ticks - Andy Bigane 312.896.1398 or Neil Rudden 312.896.1341
  • Guavatech - Mike Pappas 312.604.4581
  • Essex Radez - Nick Radez 312.212.1815
  • Born Capital - Derek Haworth 312.896.0001
  • Victory Networks - John Biesiadecki 312.431.7369

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Immerse Yourself in Haptics


>>There’s a word you may want to get to know – Haptics.

If you’ve ever used a video game controller that rumbled or a touchscreen that vibrated when you hit a key, than you’re familiar with the concept behind the word.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fine Line Between Colocation and Cloud


>>Neutral data centers, like those operated by Savvis and Equinix, offer colocation services to brokers, hedge funds, ECNs and exchanges, and they are turning into virtual trading ecosystems. Meanwhile, these same data centers also offer cloud-based computing services. According to John Knuff, director of business development for Equinix, the global data center operator has relationships with 200 cloud-service providers, including networking and storage providers.

Recently, Equinix has been working with New York-based Voxel, which provides financial firms with a private, high-speed cloud infrastructure that bundles connectivity, storage and compute services. And in mid-April, Equinix teamed with cloud provider Logicworks, whose infiniCloud infrastructure allows organizations to migrate mission-critical applications to secure, compliant private clouds or on-demand public clouds.

Despite the boom in cloud service providers, however, "There's no rush to be an early adopter in the space," admits Knuff. While there are a lot of private cloud platforms being built globally, firms tend to be conservative with their implementations, he says, noting that it took time for Wall Street firms to accept colocation, too.

Muther! Hackathon

from Immersion FB page:

>>Still sleep deprived from the Muther! Hackathon, but we saw some great developers design apps with our MOTIV SDK, including incorporating haptics into SMS messaging for the blind, augmented reality, and even alerts for your parking meter. We'll keep you updated as these apps are published, so you can try them out for yourself!

Benchmark Reiterates Buy on Equinix

from Seeking Alpha/Benzinga:

>>Benchmark reiterated its Buy rating on Equinix. At the moment, Benchmark has a price target of $115 placed on the company's stock.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Exclusive: Inside Equinix's Sydney3 data centre


>>Equinix has started accepting the first customer equipment in stage one of its new Sydney3 (SY3) data centre.

The $77 million first stage was in "final commissioning" during iTnews' tour of the facility, with production power expected to be switched on to 1,000 racks this month.

Equinix Australia's managing director Darren Mann said the centre was "open for business", with the company taking orders from customers while "finishing touches" were added.