Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fine Line Between Colocation and Cloud

from www.wallstreetandtech.com:

>>Neutral data centers, like those operated by Savvis and Equinix, offer colocation services to brokers, hedge funds, ECNs and exchanges, and they are turning into virtual trading ecosystems. Meanwhile, these same data centers also offer cloud-based computing services. According to John Knuff, director of business development for Equinix, the global data center operator has relationships with 200 cloud-service providers, including networking and storage providers.

Recently, Equinix has been working with New York-based Voxel, which provides financial firms with a private, high-speed cloud infrastructure that bundles connectivity, storage and compute services. And in mid-April, Equinix teamed with cloud provider Logicworks, whose infiniCloud infrastructure allows organizations to migrate mission-critical applications to secure, compliant private clouds or on-demand public clouds.

Despite the boom in cloud service providers, however, "There's no rush to be an early adopter in the space," admits Knuff. While there are a lot of private cloud platforms being built globally, firms tend to be conservative with their implementations, he says, noting that it took time for Wall Street firms to accept colocation, too.

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