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Steven Eng

Item 5.02. Departure of Directors or Certain Officers; Election of Directors;
Appointment of Certain Officers; Compensatory Arrangements of Certain Officers.

(b) Mr. Steven Eng, a member of the Board of Directors (the "Board") of Equinix, Inc. ("Equinix"), has given Equinix notice that he does not intend to stand for reelection to the Board. Mr. Eng joined Equinix's Board in December 2002 and served as chairman of the Compensation and Nominating Committees of the Board and as a member of the Audit and Stock Award Committees of the Board. Mr. Eng will continue to serve as a director of Equinix through the end of his current term.

The resignation of Mr. Eng was solely for personal reasons and did not involve any disagreement with Equinix, Equinix's management or Equinix's Board.

Is Google’s Network Morphing Into a CDN?

Must read from Data Center Knowledge:

Is Google’s Network Morphing Into a CDN?

March 18th, 2010 : Rich Miller

A chart from Arbor Networks showing the growing use of peering by Google.

Google has dramatically increased its use of peering over the past year, and has also accelerated deployment of local caching servers at large ISPs, making the company’s network resemble a content distribution network (CDN) such as Akamai.

Virtacore hits the mid-tier with managed private clouds from Equinix facility

from Tier 1 Research daily newsletter:

Virtacore hits the mid-tier with managed private clouds from Equinix facility

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

2010 March Data Center World: Keynote Speech

from, with pictures taken from Brian Lillie's presentation:

2010 March Data Center World: Keynote Speech

Posted By Zen Kishimoto, 5 hours ago

Last October, the Data Center World keynote address was delivered by a facilities person. This year, it was delivered by Brian Lillie, CIO of Equinix, who is IT enough for me.

Brian Lillie

The title of his presentation was "Are You Ready to Ride the Four Tsunamis About to Hit Your Data Center?” His four tsunamis happen to be:

  • IP traffic increase
  • Mobile data traffic increase
  • Emergence of cloud computing
  • Data volume increase

“Superspend” on Data Centers “Dysfunctional”

a different opinion on Wall Stree's recent attitude toward data centers:

“Superspend” on Data Centers “Dysfunctional”

Tom Steinert-Threlkeld
Securities Industry Blog, March 14, 2010

Can it be?

Trading firms and marketplace operators are wasting money on the big “monolithic” data centers they’re building, as electronic networks proliferate, market data explodes and volumes surge?

That’s the contention of Ronald H. Bowman Jr., author of “The Green Guide to Power: Thinking Outside the Grid” and “Business Continuity Planning for Data Centers and Systems: A Strategic Implementation Guide.”

At last Thursday’s meeting of the Wall Street Technology Association, he said the financial thinking and planning – and, remember, this is America’s finance industry – can be ‘remarkably dysfunctional.”

The executive vice president of Tishman Technologies says the “superspend” on 100,000-square-foot data centers at $2,700 a s square foot in New Jersey, where Wall Street essentially has moved, needs to be rethought. Tishman has built data centers for Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch and Bank of New York Mellon.


Cyberknife surgery revolutionizes radiation

from The Frederick News-Post:

>>A 22-year-old young woman, with much of life ahead, was diagnosed with a tumor near her pituitary gland located in the base of the brain. She could either undergo an operation and risk losing her eyesight and the ability to have children, or she could try a new, cyberknife radiation treatment.

She chose the latter. Six years later, she's given birth to two healthy children and still has her eyesight. The tumor has not returned.

The cyberknife program has been at Frederick Memorial Hospital's Cancer Center for nearly a year.


Monday, March 15, 2010

Equinix Zwolle and Enschede connected to NL-ix

Equinix Zwolle en Enschede aangesloten op NL-ix

De Equinix datacenters in Enschede en Zwolle zijn aangesloten op Netherlands Internet Exchange (NL-ix) .

“We willen klanten een maximale keuzevrijheid bieden als het gaat om hun netwerkverbinding”, zegt Michiel Eielts, General Manager van Equinix Netherlands. “De koppeling van onze datacenters in Oost-Nederland met NL-ix is een essentieel onderdeel van deze missie. We zijn nu de eerste provider in deze regio, die klanten dit type toegang biedt. Via onze ISP-klanten bieden we kleine en middelgrote organisaties de mogelijkheid om te profiteren van de snelheid, optimale beschikbaarheid en connectiviteitsopties van NL-ix.”

AboveNet launches low latency transatlantic connectivity

AboveNet launches low latency connectivity between key financial centres in London and New York

Alan Berryman, Director of Sales and Marketing, AboveNet UK: "We’re expecting strong demand for our premium service from organizations such as investment banks, hedge fund operators, as well as foreign exchange and equities traders.”

AboveNet, Inc. (NYSE: ABVT) has launched what it describes as one of the industry’s fastest, low latency end-to-end transatlantic connections between London and New York.

AboveNet’s new low latency transatlantic service is targeted specifically at the financial sector, supporting critical applications such as foreign exchange trading and market data feeds.

“With venues such as Chi-X now operating out of Equinix in Slough and NASDAQ operating out of Carteret, New Jersey, we’re seeing a growing requirement for low latency transatlantic connectivity. We’re expecting strong demand for our premium service from organizations such as investment banks, hedge fund operators, as well as foreign exchange and equities traders,” commented Director of Sales and Marketing for AboveNet UK, Alan Berryman. “Because we can now guarantee every aspect of our transatlantic and metro services, customers can always rely on AboveNet to deliver the low latency performance their business demands,” Berryman further added.

AboveNet Chief Technology Officer, Rajiv Datta, said, “Adding the low latency capability between New York and London is a natural extension of our industry-leading Agility Guarantee program. In addition, we can now provide high bandwidth connectivity between London and our 16 U.S. markets for a broad range of customer applications.”

Sunday, March 14, 2010

John Adler's departure

from the Accuray Yahoo MB:

While I don't have inside info on what went on with Adler in the ARAY boardroom (and doubt few on this board do), I have spoken to him at Users Meetings, listened to his lectures, and presented cases to him on the CK Society's MD forum. He is well-respected by surgeons and rad oncs, and extremely knowledgable about not only cranial radiosurgery (where he is one of the leading contributors in the field) but extracranial as well. I'm hard pressed to think of a physician more expert on CK literature or applications. He is a great advocate for the potential of SRS in general and CK in particular, but will tell a patient or doc when surgery is better in a given situation. I know neurosurgeons who were considering a radiosurgery device for their clinic that he has travelled to see and promote CK. It is inaccurate to describe him as a figurehead whose last good idea was 17 years ago.

Adler is a physician, not an engineer, physicist, or software designer. (I'm sure VAR has some of those who used to work for ARAY.) I'm not worried that VAR will design a LINAC on a robotic arm, as that is a completely different paradigm than their current machines. But I can't see Adler's departure as anything but a huge blow to ARAY. Who is the lead MD now in the company who can credibly promote CK to the medical community? (Don't tell me that short thoracic surgeon whose name I'm blanking on.) I can't conceive of any reason why Alder would be threatened with a lawsuit and run out of ARAY by management, other than because he objected to them enriching themselves at the expense of the company and shareholders.