Saturday, April 4, 2009

Last Q new CK installations and CK centers

from the IV MB, by yyy60:

>>Last Q new CK installations and CK centers

According to the public info I got, the new CK installed / open in last Q (Jan-Mar) are:


(1) North Broward Medical Center, Deerfield Beach, FL (open in Jan)
(2) New Millennium Cyberknife Center, Brandon FL (open in Jan)
(3) East Carolina University, Greenville NC (open in Feb)
(4) Brandon Regional Hospital Cyberknife Center, Brandon FL (open in
(5) Centennial Medical Center, Nasville TN (operational by July)
(6) Memorial Hospital, Gulfport MS (installed but not open)


(1) Bangalore, India (open in March)
(2) Chennai, India (open in March)
(3) Switzerland (open in March)

Oversea pending sales:

Canada, Italy, German, Russia (two), Czech, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela plus a China deal may be on the way

I have no idea how many CKs are sold and booked in last Q.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Three Cyberknife centers will open in Houston in 2009

from the IV MB, by yyy60:

>>Three Cyberknife centers will open in Houston in 2009

According to this link, new cyberknife center will set up in Sugar Land (SW Houston), Clear Land (SE Houston) and The Woodlands (North Houston). But so far only the Clear Land center is confirmed to open this summer or fall.

El Camino Hospital's board (Silicon Valley) approved to purchase a cyberknife

from the IV MB, by yyy60:

>>El Camino Hospital's board (Silicon Valley) approved to purchase a cyberknife

*** El Camino Hospital hospital spokeswoman Judy Twitchell…said the hospital’s board has not put any projects on hold because of economic conditions, and last month it approved the purchase of an Accuray CyberKnife, a device that allows noninvasive removal of tumors, at a cost of $11 million. ***^1805270

Silicon Valley / San Jose Business Journal
Cathy Weselby
Apr 3, 2009

Hospitals keep on building in Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is showing little evidence of the slowdown in hospital construction reported in other parts of the Golden State. With the exception of Sutter Health’s plan for a hospital in San Carlos, millions of dollars in projects are going full-steam ahead.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Atrium Networks establishes point of presence at Equinix Geneva data centre

Equinix (Nasdaq: EQIX), a provider of global data centre services, has announced that Atrium Network, a provider of smarter connectivity for the financial community, has expanded operations to the Equinix GV1 International Business Exchange (IBX) data centre located in Geneva, Switzerland.

Atrium Network's new point of presence (POP) will provide financial customers operating in Equinix's GV1 centre with access to Atrium Network's low latency connectivity solutions. It will also provide Atrium Network with proximity to Geneva's influential financial centre which will enable its customers to seamlessly expand their trading operations.

Situated in the heart of the city, the Equinix GV1 IBX data centre is a carrier-neutral facility, offering Geneva's banking and financial organisations access to an unrivalled choice of telecom operator and internet access provider networks. The deal with Atrium Network further extends this choice. In addition to offering high-performance, low latency connectivity, the Equinix centre also offers a full range of co-location, interconnection, support and monitoring services.

"Equinix's Geneva data centre houses a critical mass of financial services firms, and they all require highly resilient connectivity services to facilitate their business operations. Our strategy is to provide them with access to the widest possible choice of networks," said Petrina Steele, vice president, business development, Equinix Europe. "Atrium Network is an important addition to our portfolio as it gives our Geneva clients access to even more liquidity pools, all through a single point of connectivity."

Since launching in 2006, Atrium Network's strategy has been to extend its connectivity footprint. In addition to its new deployment in Geneva, the company has POPs in Equinix IBX centres in London and Frankfurt, both of which have large Equinix Financial eXchange communities of financial market participants. Atrium also operates POPs in Paris, Lisbon, Madrid, Brussels, New York, Chicago and São Paulo.

Commenting on the opening, Emmanuel Carjat, Chief Executive of Atrium Network said, "The opening of our Geneva POP at Equinix is another step in Atrium Network's strategic development and adds to our Europeaan footprint with a goal of providing clients single point, low latency access to the principal exchanges, ECNs and MTFs. Our partnership with Equinix allows its GV1 financial customers to reach venues all across Europe and North and South America. This, coupled with 'Exchange Ring', our ultra low latency connectivity to multiple trading venues, allows us to help clients mitigate the risk of any unnecessary co-location investment and ensure lowest possible latency access to all available trading venues.

Equinix Sets Conference Call for First Quarter 2009 Financial Results

The company will discuss first quarter results for the period ended March 31, 2009, and outlook for the second quarter and full year 2009.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mississippi's second cyberknife just installed at Memorial Hospital of Gulfport

from the IV MB, by yyy60:

>>It is so new that most staff in the hospital don't even know about it.

First I found it under "CK Location" in ARAY's company web site. Since the "CK Location" info is often not up-to-date (eg. India's two new CKs are not there), I searched google for confirmation and found nothing. Then I called Memorial Hospital's general phone no. The operator said she didn't know about cyberknife and transfered me to X-ray. X-ray said "not sure" and transferred me to Oncology. Oncology said "YES" but no detail. Finally I was transferred to the Cyberknife Coordinator.

The CK is just installed this week!

Samsung ST10 digicam has haptic feedback

from the IV MB, by cellodude:

>>First news leaked in Jan., sorry if this is a repeat on this board.
[With world-first features and innovative functions, the lineup offers a unique user experience only available from Samsung cameras. Notable functions across the lineup include... a touch screen with haptic feedback (ST10).]

ST10 has a 3" haptic touchscreen, MP3 player, and "Smart Face Recognition" that can recognize all individual's faces even in group photos. Notice the small number of buttons on the back.

Samsung ST10

Cyberknife Breakthrough for Eye Cancer Patients

from The Indipendent Weekly, Australia:

>>A leading cancer clinic in Munich has announced that it has successfully used Cyberknife treatment to remove uveal melanomas in more than 50 eye cancer patients.

The European Cyberknife Centre in Munich, has treated more than 50 melanoma patients using Cyberknife in the last three years. In each case, the operation was carried out under local anaesthetic in a single three-hour session, with the treatment itself lasting on average about one hour.


This is extremely important news for eye cancer sufferers. Uveal melanoma is the most common form of eye cancer and has always been a difficult disease to treat. In fact, until relatively recently, the only solution for middle and large-sized tumours was to remove the patient's eye altogether.