Thursday, October 20, 2011

Samsung smartphone sales beat Apple in Q3 tip insiders


>>Samsung has reportedly overtaken Apple in smartphone shipments this past quarter, with inside sources claiming the Korean firm pushed out more than 20m of the devices in Q3 2011.


According to Strategy Analytics’ numbers, however, Samsung hit the 12m smartphones point in Q1 2011, and then exceeded 19m in Q2.

AlgoSpan Speeds Up London to Frankfurt-Stockholm Trade Routes


>>The upgrade, which improves the low-latency routes on its market access platform (AlgoNet, provides faster access to Equinix FR2 International Business Exchange data center in Frankfurt and Nasdaq OMX’s data center in Stockholm from its network hub at Interxion LON1 in London. Nasdaq OMX Nordic markets include Copenhagen, Helsinki, Iceland, Riga, Stockholm, Tallin and Vilnius. The decision to improve connectivity to Frankfurt and Stockholm allows AlgoSpan to continue to meet the demands of customers needing to access venues such as NASDAQ OMX, Deutsche Borse’s cash equity market Xetra and the German derivatives market Eurex, in addition to other AlgoNet markets across Europe.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cadillac Unveils 'Intuitive' Vehicle Infotainment


>>GM engineers at the rollout said that CUE was in development for three years, in part because it broke ground by using technologies that were previously not employed in autos. Capacitive touch, in particular, has not been used in vehicles until now because of questions over its ability to serve in "automotive grade" units.

"We had to develop a touch screen that would work in Michigan in winter and Phoenix in summer," Bly told Design News. "Others have not pursued the technology in the past, but we decided to take on the challenge." Bly added that GM's success with automotive-grade capacitive touchscreens was largely due to a cooperative effort with an unnamed supplier. Bly said that GM would reveal the name of the supplier next spring.

30 million Galaxy S devices sold


>>Announced in a press release today, Samsung has outed just how many Galaxy S devices have been sold around the globe. Samsung already sold some 20 million original Galaxy S phones. Numbers for the Galaxy S II are equally impressive at 10 million, or one phone a second since launch. That’s a grand total of 30 million Galaxy S devices sold. With full US availability and the holiday season right around the corner, that number will rise very quickly.

(this device alone might mean about $3 million in royalties for Immersion so far).

Monday, October 17, 2011

Reduce latency by avoiding the Internet, urges CDN provider


>Limelight Networks takes advantage of Equinix's data centres to drive traffic away from congested Internet; claims live streaming is 'necessary evil'.

In an environment when milliseconds can directly affect revenue streams, it's important that content providers reduce their latency. And avoiding the public Internet is key to that, Chris Townsley, director of European sales at content delivery network provider Limelight told Total Telecom on Monday.


Limelight focuses on getting the data as close to the end user as possible, carrying it along its own dedicated infrastructure to its data centre partner Equinix's servers.

There's "almost no Internet," Townsley said, aside from the final link between the user and the nearest Equinix data centre.

Cadillac's CUE Brings Haptics Under The Spotlight

Read the whole article at Seeking Alpha:

>>General Motor's (GM) luxury brand, Cadillac, recently participated at the CTIA Enterprise and Applications conference where it introduced its new Cadillac CUE navigation, information and multimedia car system.

According to GM engineers CUE, which stands for Cadillac User Experience, will represent a game changer in the automotive industry, as this new in-vehicle hub is meant to simplify drivers' usability while allowing a single control source for all information and entertainment tools used in (or connected to) a car.