Saturday, May 19, 2012

Jamba Juice to open at Denver airport

The lounges that will close later this year include the Aviator's Lounge locations in the main terminal and on Concourse B.
The lounge in the terminal will become Jamba Juice and the Concourse B lounge will reopen as the Aviator's Sports Bar, a full service barbecue restaurant.

Friday, May 18, 2012

5 new stores set to open at Miracle Mile Shops on the Strip


>>Jamba Juice just opened a new smoothie and sandwich shop.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Equinix CEO: 'Ecosystems' Our Secret Sauce


>>IBD: Equinix recently acquired six data centers, including one being built in Shanghai as well as other assets in Hong Kong and Singapore, from Asia Tone for $230.5 million. Why pursue that deal?
Smith: The real driver was to get into Shanghai and eventually into Beijing. The Shanghai data center will be open in the second half of 2012.
This (China) is by far the No. 1 market that our current existing customers have interest in having Equinix capability.
IBD: Equinix gets about 20% of revenue from companies in the financial services sector. Is that a factor in expanding into China?
Smith: It's a mix of (telecom) network, financial and enterprise (corporate) customers. Big multinational companies want to have a footprint in the PRC (People's Republic of China).

Hedge Fund Star Touts Top Tech Stock


>>Equinix is a datacenter specialist, which Laffont referred to as the "core" during a keynote presentation at the Ira Sohn conference. Data warehouses have become strategic and the company is considered "beachfront property," he added.

  Equinix has spent $2 billion buying data centers, and it generates 30% return on equity. Laffont believes over the next four to five years the company's revenue could reach $4 billion and its share price could hit $500 a share. The fund manager is the largest holder of Equinix stock.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Forbes Fast Tech 25

from Forbes: 

>>No surprise, given the current obsession with the cloud, to find some cloud infrastructure plays, in particular Equinix and Rackspace.

Google Can Survive Too Much Innovation. You Can't

from Forbes:

>>James White, CEO of the Jamba Juice chain of stores, and his team use a well-disciplined “stage gate” process to de-risk each idea, from conception through testing. An example is its steel-cut oatmeal, launched in January 2009. Jamba began working on the product back in 2007, wanting to improve the increasingly popular breakfast part of its menu. The company field-tested the oatmeal in its San Francisco Bay Area stores in September 2008, then in Chicago in December 2008, before launching it the next month.  The product was perfect for Jamba’s strategy of capturing breakfast to make the most of its fixed overhead. With good market test results, management wasn’t surprised when the oatmeal became one of the most requested morning menu items and was named by Good Morning America as the best fast-food oatmeal product.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Most Data Center Related Stocks Positive In April

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>>April 2012 was another positive month for most data center related stocks, with Internap (INAP) and both CDN players representing the only exceptions to the rule.
Here is a quick look at how all stocks under our coverage behaved last month:

Jamba Juice joins McCormick Place retail lineup


>>McCormick Place is adding some new retail amenities to its mix, with Jamba Juice the latest addition, the convention center's board was informed Monday morning.

The juice and smoothie retailer opened on the level just under the main concourse linking the North and South buildings May 1, according to David Causton, the center's general manager.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Greece Euro Exit: Free Will Or Fate, The European Way?

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>>In Greek mythology the Moirai were the goddesses of fate, who personified the inescapable destiny awaiting each human being.
Zeus, however, was the only god obeyed by the Moirai, as he had the power to change everyone's fortune. In other words, in the world of ancient Greece fate did not just happen, as the chief sky-deity could interfere and engineer a different destiny. For the better or for the worse…

TMX Atrium adds Canadian market data feeds to Equinix NY4


>>TMX Atrium has expanded its infrastructure and is delivering Canadian market data into the Equinix NY4 data centre in Secaucus, New Jersey.

Can Jamba Hold Out Against the Big Two?


>>I think if Jamba can execute that strategy well, it should be headed for better things. The main challenge for the company will be to be establish itself as a well-recognized brand -- the way people know a Starbucks or a McDonald's. It won't be a simple job, but it is something Jamba will have to do to remain competitive.