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Internap about Fisher Plaza outage


>>Update, 11:27 a.m.: Here's the alert sent out by Internap Network Services a short time ago to its data center tenants at Fisher Plaza.

At this time, there has been no significant change in status regarding the power outage at the SEF data center. Work is continuing on site to restore power as soon as possible.

The electrical vendor is onsite continuing to work with the electical switch gear at the SEF (Fisher) datacenter.

Customers in the SEF PNAP with IP connectivity continue to see their connectivity restored and stable; however, there may be further periods of degraded IP connectivity as the situation continues to develop.

Customers colocated in the SEF PNAP continue to see issues with a loss of power in some areas.

The focus of on-site personnel continues to be getting the rest of the generators online; however, we currently do not have an estimate as to when full generator capacity will be feeding the SEF facility.

We will continue to provide updates as they become available.


Immersion's announcement that MicroScribe was being discontinued:

End‐of‐Life Announcement

Dear Immersion MicroScribe customer,

Immersion Corporation values your support of the MicroScribe® products but we regretfully announce that Immersion has decided to end of life the MicroScribe product line, and all associated 3rd party products. This announcement applies to all hardware, software and accessories.

Fire disrupts stations at Seattle's Fisher Plaza

A summary of the event by Associated Press:

>>Fire disrupts stations at Seattle's Fisher Plaza

SEATTLE – A fire at a Seattle building disrupted a server farm that provides service to multiple Web sites - including one that facilitates electronic transactions for tens of thousands of businesses and Microsoft's new search site.

The fire also affected television and radio stations in Seattle that broadcast from the building.

The small fire broke out around 11 p.m. Thursday in the basement of Fisher Plaza at an electrical vault - a room of the building where city power lines meet the building's transformers, said Seattle City Light spokesman Scott Thomsen.


Rob Dunlop, vice president of operations for Fisher Communications, said one of the main clients who uses the data center is Internap Network Services Corp., a company that manages data centers and routes Internet traffic. Calls to Internap were no immediately returned Friday.

Friday, July 3, 2009

updates on the Internap outage

updates on the Internap outage at Fisher Plaza East can be found here:

Temp repair is "on schedule to be completed by late this evening" for #fisherfire East. We're in Fisher Plaza East #geocaching


Locus Lingua blog:

When I get a phone call at 3am it is one of two things - either a relative has passed away or a server has gone down. Looking at those two options I would always take the latter. Bryan was on Caller ID, so I knew it was the latter. What I didn't realize was that this wasn't the ordinary check, reboot and "all's good" kind of server issue.

I tried to VPN into the machines and nothing was resolving, which is generally a Bad Thing. I dusted off my cardkey (unused for at least a year), grabbed my car keys and headed out the door in that daze that only a mom or dad knows during a 4am feeding. The usual fearful thoughts went through my head about the worst case scenarios.

Revware Purchases Immersion MicroScribe Division

Revware Purchases Immersion MicroScribe Division

RALEIGH, N.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Revware, Inc., the leading developer of CAD-Driven Reverse Engineering software and provider of touch and laser modeling solutions to manufactures and designers, announces its purchase of the MicroScribe® business from Immersion Corporation (NASDAQ:IMMR). The purchase is part of Revware’s strategic initiative to develop a broader catalog of modeling productivity tools for designers and manufacturers. The MicroScribe family of products is used to capture three-dimensional location and direction measurements in real time from parts and volumes. Combined with Revware’s RevWorks® and other available software packages, the MicroScribe digitizer is used for a wide variety of measurement tasks that result in the creation of computer models, collection of validation data, determination of precise angles, and many other physical measurements. MicroScribe digitizers are available in several combinations of working volumes, degrees of freedom and precisions to meet the needs of a broad range of customers.

MicroScribe digitizers improve the speed and accuracy with which the users collect physical job data, allowing them to more quickly model parts and make precise alignments thereby saving time and money. Customers include companies sized from Fortune 500 and Global 500 to small design offices and machine shops, government agencies, and universities in the U.S., Europe, Asia, Middle East, and South America. Revware, one of the first providers of software solutions for the MicroScribe when it was first introduced, has many years of experience working with the product. Tom Welsh, President of Revware, Inc., comments, “We are thrilled to be acquiring this incredible productivity tool and look forward to furthering its evolution. The MicroScribe has captivated our imagination from its inception and we are pleased to have this opportunity to mold its future.” The MicroScribe continues to fill a unique place in the contact digitizing marketplace as a cost-effective desktop solution. Product is scheduled to restart shortly and efforts are underway to reactivate the resale channel.

About Revware (

Founded in 1992, Revware, Inc. has developed and sold internationally several software products designed for use with contact digitizers from most major device manufacturers. Revware’s RevWorks modeling software is a Gold Partner add-on application for SolidWorks® computer-aided design software. The MicroScribe product family was first introduced in 1995 and the current product models include the G2 and MX lines of 5- and 6 degree of freedom desktop digitizers.

Accuray institutional sales

>>Separately, Uni-President's affiliated firm President (BVI) International Investment Holdings Ltd raised about US$15.52 million from a share sale of Accuray Inc, the parent firm said on Wednesday.

Uni-President said in a statement that President (BVI) International Investment sold 2.9 million shares of Accuray between Feb. 10 and Jul. 1, at prices ranging from US$4.86 to US$6.10 per share. It still holds 6.77 million shares, or 12.1%.

French humour

Pierre-Yves Maunier
Thu, 02 Jul 2009 09:57:57 -0700

Ca pouvait pas mieux tomber !
Ya pas le lien, "si vous ne voulez plus avoir de coupures de courant, cliquez ici"

Pierre-Yves Maunier,

Thank you for choosing Equinix. Because we are committed to
providing a high-quality experience for each of our customers, we would
like to get your feedback so that we can continually improve our
services and support to you.

We've asked CustomerSat, a leading online market research
firm, to conduct a short customer survey to find out if we are meeting
your expectations. The survey should take no more than 5 minutes to

To take the survey now, simply click on the URL below, or cut and paste the URL into your Web browser.


This survey is for research purposes only. You will never be
asked to buy anything and no one will contact you without your
permission as a result of your participation.

Thank you in advance for taking the time out of your busy
schedule to let us know how we can improve and strengthen our


Eric Schwartz
President, Equinix Europe
Equinix, Inc.

Internap's Fisher Plaza facility in Seattle

Just a comment to an article, as usual to be double-checked:

>>The outage was caused by the fire at Internap's Fisher Plaza facility in Seattle. Lots of other services (including parts of Internap's CDN) were affected.

Daniel Lieberman Today 09:47 AM

Major Outage at Seattle Data Center

from Data Center Knowledge, Internap seems to be involved (its data center in that location):

>>Many sites hosted at Seattle’s Fisher Plaza are offline amid widespread reports of a fire at the facility. The largest impact has been downtime at the payment portal, which has been offline for hours, meaning that its merchants have been unable to process credit card payments through their web sites.


An account on the NANOG mailing list reports that the incident triggered the sprinkler system in an electrical equipment room. As noted in the NANOG report, water damage could complicate recovery efforts.

This is the second major outage at Fisher Plaza in the past year. Last June many sites at the building were offline after an electrical event at the building. Fisher Plaza previously had a major outage in 2006 (more details here on that incident). The owner of the building, which also houses the operations of Seattle TV and radio stations, has been attemtpting to sell Fisher Plaza.

The incident is being discussed at Web Hosting Talk and on Twitter.


from globalhostingtalk:

Fire at Internap Seattle / Fisher Plaza ??

by admin on Jul.03, 2009, under Web Hosting Talk

My server is down and the hosting company said their is fire at the generators area ? any one else have any news on this ?


London Stock Exchange to abandon failed Windows platform


>>London Stock Exchange to abandon failed Windows platform

Anyone who was ever fool enough to believe that Microsoft software was good enough to be used for a mission-critical operation had their face slapped this September when the LSE (London Stock Exchange)'s Windows-based TradElect system brought the market to a standstill for almost an entire day. While the LSE denied that the collapse was TradElect's fault, they also refused to explain what the problem really wa. Sources at the LSE tell me to this day that the problem was with TradElect.

Since then, the CEO that brought TradElect to the LSE, Clara Furse, has left without saying why she was leaving. Sources in the City-London's equivalent of New York City's Wall Street--tell me that TradElect's failure was the final straw for her tenure. The new CEO, Xavier Rolet, is reported to have immediately decided to put an end to TradElect.

Light-emitted keyboards

Technologies that failed. There' s room for Light-emitted keyboards, too. Reason? "we tend to need visceral feedback as we type". From

>>12. Light-emitted keyboards

If video goggles fail because our human perceptions of video have a hard time understanding two discrete worlds, then light-emitted and roll-up flexible keyboards have a similar "physical world" limitation – we tend to need visceral feedback as we type.

Interestingly, your typing speed is faster on the iPhone when the device provides a click-click audio accompaniment.

"Touchscreen keyboards have generally been more successful when they have added the sound of keys clicking," says King.

Denver cyberknife

from the IV MB, by gila_munster1:

>>Denver CyberKnife

July 2nd, 2009

I have recently accepted a new position in a brand new clinic opening in South Denver called Denver CyberKnife. It is exciting as it is a new learning experience for me and will be a challenging new role as CyberKnife Coordinator. This is a disconnect from everything I have been doing up until this point. I will be more managerial and organizational in this role, instead of “nursy”. I will still be performing a small nursing role with educating my patients and administering medications on a limited basis.

CyberKnife technology is truly amazing. I hadn’t really known what it was or what it could do until I accepted my new role. CyberKnife performs stereotactic radiosurgery. Big fancy words for using very high doses of radiation to obliterate tumors in the body. Not to be confused with Gammaknife, that is only approved for intracranial use. Also, not to be confused with standard radiation therapy. CyberKnife is used on tumors in the brain, spine, lung, prostate, live, pancreas and other tissues in the body. Not yet approved for breast tumors, but studies are being done presently to see if it will be approved in the future. Not only does it obliterate tumors, it does this with sub-millimeter accuracym which means that we can treat the tumor with radiation without damaging the healthy tissue surrounding the tumor.

The linear accelerator (machine that produces the radiation beam) is mounted to a robotic arm that is linked with multiple computer programs that can track the movement of the tumor during treatment. It is hard to explain in a few sentences, so I will link you to our website to learn more. Let me tell you though, it is truyl impressive to watch. The success rate is huge and to do this with no pain or blood and minimal side effects is amazing!

Our commercial will be playing on local stations starting July 6th, but you can view it here:

Our website is very informational We have videos that can show the process the patient goes through as well as the treatment itself. It is truly amazing to watch in person.

We have named our CyberKnife robotic arm Ray, and you can follow Ray on twitter at He tweets often about the occurences in the office and educates it’s followers about the treatments.

You can also become a fan on facebook

I am so excited to be a part of this cutting edge technology that looks like it should be in the new Star Trek movie. Please learn more about where the future of medicine lies…

Internap peering

Internap has chosen TeleHouse and TeleCity for its expansion in Europe:

Notes Internap, AS 22212, is expanding in Europe and the U.S. and is actively seeking peers. Please contact us to discuss peering if our locations overlap.

TelecityGroup Amsterdam 2 (South East) 22212 Amsterdam NL
TelecityGroup Frankfurt (Gutleutstrasse) 22212 Frankfurt DE
TelecityGroup London 2 (Harbour Exchange) 22212 London UK
Telehouse Paris 2 (Voltaire) 22212 Paris FR

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Andrew Schroepfer - tech plays for the second half of 2009

Andrew Schroepfer, of Exponential Capital, and Mark Demos, of Fifth Third Asset Management, share their tech plays for the second half of 2009.

on CNBC.

Flash: today's new Apple localized haptic feedback patent app. picked up by MacRumors

a post by cellodude on the IV MB:

>>Flash: today's new Apple localized haptic feedback patent app. picked up by MacRumors

MacRumors reports on a new patent app. by Apple dated 7/2/2009 which describes using a grid of piezo actuators (IMMR patented tech) for localized haptic feedback. Within the article is a link to the Apple/IMMR licensing rumors from 4/26/2008.
Today's article:

[Haptic Feedback, Fingerprint Identification, and RFID Tag Readers in Future iPhones?

Thursday July 02, 2009 05:00 AM EST;

Written by Arnold Kim

Apple has let loose a number of revealing new patent applications that cover some interesting technologies that could be used in future iPhones.

Haptic Tactile Feedback

Perhaps most interesting amongst the patent applications is the acknowledgment by Apple that despite the many advantages of the iPhone's multi-touch screen, a lack of tactile feedback remains its biggest disadvantage]

Equinix Hit By Outages in Sydney, Paris

Data Center Knowledge on the Equinix outages - adding Paris to the list:

>>Equinix data centers in Paris and Sydney, Australia have experienced power outages this morning, according to widespread reports from affected customers.


The power outage at the Equinix PA2 Saint-Denis IBX Center has caused downtime for several prominent customers, including the video site DailyMotion and the Paris operations of the European web hosting provider ClaraNet. Early media reports suggest the facility-level loss of power may have been brief, but some customers sites are taking longer to recover.

The Saint-Denis data center is a 65,000 square foot facility. Equinix has one other Paris data center, and a third facility is under construction.

NYSE Cuts Trade Times to 5 Milliseconds

from the WSJ:

>>NYSE Cuts Trade Times to 5 Milliseconds

NYSE Euronext cut order-execution times 20-fold at the New York Stock Exchange, part of an effort to catch up to faster competitors that have taken market share.

With the implementation of a new system for processing orders on the NYSE, customers will see trades executed within five milliseconds, compared with 105 milliseconds previously. As recently as 2007, the time was 350 milliseconds.


While NYSE Euronext has juggled fees to stay competitive, it also is counting on new technology to draw traders, with the new order processing system replacing its 33-year-old SuperDOT platform. The exchange operator also is building a new low-latency network for data centers in New York and London.

The moves aim to reassert NYSE Euronext's dominance in U.S. stock trade, badly dented by intense competition in recent years. This month saw the exchange's share of U.S. stock trading slide to 29%; in March 2008, it had half the market.

Chief Executive Duncan Niederauer this year targeted a 50% market share in stocks listed on the NYSE, a goal he has acknowledged as "aggressive." In late June, NYSE Euronext claimed about 39.9% of trade in so-called Tape A securities.

State of the (Voxel) Network Address

from the Voxel blog, a few interesting Equinix notes:

>>First, I’m pleased to announce the expansion of the Voxel network to Seattle, WA.

Not to overshadow this announcement, Voxel has also gone live with its Singapore (SIN1) facility, our first deployment in Asia. We are providing our full suite of services, including virtualized and dedicated server hosting and content delivery, out of this location.

Some notes from the field:

Why Singapore?

Raj, our CEO, posted to our blog last summer, explaining our reasons for opening an office in Singapore:

With an office in place, opening a datacenter in Asia was next on our plate. Singapore appealed to us for a number of reasons:

  1. It was “centrally” located, providing reasonable path latencies and transport options into Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India, and mainland China, to name a few locations.
  2. We were able to find a datacenter with plenty of available space and power, and reasonable connectivity options out.
  3. Having an office in close proximity makes operations easy, even as we develop infrastructure and systems to keep our staff away as much as possible.


We decided to go with Equinix as our facilities provider, occupying a large caged suite in their flagship “SG1″ facility. We searched long and hard, and found Equinix to be the best solution as a neutral facility in the country, with vendor and peering options blowing away the competition. At the risk of sounding like a press release, the Equinix Asia folk are true professionals, continually setting a high bar and proceeding to meet or exceed expectations. Thanks to the tireless efforts of their sales, project management, and network teams, we were able to turn up with no major snags, and following a fairly aggressive schedule. I’d highly recommend them to any organization looking to expand into the Asian market and unable to have all their needs met by Voxel directly.

(One anecdote here: you can e-mail Equinix’s Asia support center at any time, day or night, with odd requests such as “hey, could you please grab a laptop, console up this newly-arrived device, and give it an IP and local login?” and receive a call ten minutes later asking if you’re able to log in. Remote-hands organizations elsewhere would be well-served to follow this lead!)

John Knuff talks about the announcement that ISE will locate their new trading platform at the Equinix New York data centre

from, interesting video:

John Knuff, Global Business Development Director at Equinix talks about the announcement that ISE will locate their new trading platform at the Equinix New York data centre, offering global connectivity to ISE trading clients.

Tier1 Research releases Internet Datacenter Supply Midyear 2009 Update Report

from Tier1 Research daily newsletter:

>>Tier1 Research is pleased to announce the publication of the 2009 Internet Datacenter Supply Midyear 2009 Update Report. This new report provides revised metrics for supply and demand growth as well as utilization data for multi-tenant Internet datacenters, including projections through 2012 for each of the top IDC markets in .....

Equinix Sydney outage?


>>Equinix power outage downs VoIP, tweets up a storm

Twitter has been flooded with complaints about a power outage at Equinix's Sydney data centre which apparently knocked out data and network systems, including VoIP.

Equinix's Sydney office could not give any details about the outage at this time.

VoIP service provider MyNetFone issued a statement on its blog about a power outage today.

“We apologise for the service interruption on Thursday 2nd July 2009 between 11:40am EST and 1:00pm. The problem was caused by a nation-wide power outage which triggered a total loss of power at our co-location facility in Sydney.”

According to MyNetFone, as soon as power was restored our engineers were on-site restoring our systems.

“There was no loss of data, and the service has now been fully restored. We are awaiting a formal incident report from our co-location provider who is meant to have emergency power systems in place for just such an incident. Clearly things did not work as planned.”

MyNetfone uses the Symbio Networks platform at Equinix for VoIP peering.

According to AusNOG mailing list member Patrick Wu, “Our gear lost power at Equinix, plus our PoP at Petersham (in Sydney) lost power and UPS kicked in... Some of our customer sites went out in the west as well.”

Here are what some posts to Twitter related about the outage.

@alanjlee: @jodiem Could be related to a power issue at Equinix in Sydney.. a bunch of sites went offline/back online such as Yahoo.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

AtlantiCare's high-tech cancer center in Egg Harbor Township NJ opens (CK operable in fall)

from the IV MB, by yyy60:

>>AtlantiCare's high-tech cancer center in Egg Harbor Township NJ opens (CK operable in fall)

** there are 4 CK in NJ. AtlantiCare's will be the 5th. St. Peter’s Hospital in New Brunswick will be the 6th (construction complete late 2009) **

The Daily Journal, NJ
July 1, 2009

Many cancer patients are senior citizens, and they have greater prospects of surviving with advanced treatment now available at the state-of-the-art newly opened AtlantiCare Cancer Center on English Creek Avenue in Egg Harbor Township.

Anchoring the center's diagnostic and treatment suites is its "linear accelerator," which is one of the most sophisticated cancer treatment modalities. It looks like "Star Trek" medicine and is top-of-line technology. Slated to become operable this fall is an even more advanced tumor-treating device -- the Cyberknife, a non-invasive robotic radiosurgery system.

Craig Keyser, chairman of the ARMC board of trustees declared, "We envisioned a bright, airy, comfortable, positive, hopeful, thoughtfully designed cancer treatment center that would help make the treatment of cancer just a little bit better, and everything we envisioned has come to life and then some."

ConvergEx's LiquidPoint Selects Equinix NY4 for its East Coast Data Center

the domino effect, at work:

>>Move Will Provide High-Frequency Clients with Cutting-Edge, Low Latency Order Execution

NEW YORK, July 1 /PRNewswire/ -- ConvergEx, a premier provider of investment technology solutions and global agency brokerage services, today announced that its options business, LiquidPoint, has selected Equinix NY4 as its East Coast data center. Combining the benefits of NY4 with LiquidPoint's Advanced Order Routing System (AORS), customers will have industry leading, low latency order and algorithmic access to the International Securities Exchange, the Chicago Board Options Exchange's new C2 Exchange and other key options and financial exchanges.

"This direct connectivity will provide a significant advantage for our high-frequency trading customers who are desirous of ultra low latency," said Anthony Saliba, chief executive officer of ConvergEx's LiquidPoint. "It is critical to our clients that LiquidPoint's AORS infrastructure remains on the cutting edge of high-volume, low latency order execution."

Customers will also have the opportunity to co-locate within LiquidPoint's infrastructure to have direct access to LiquidPoint's Order Routing, Nth Exchange and market data application programming interfaces (APIs).

LiquidPoint, based in Chicago and a member of ConvergEx, is an agency-based registered broker-dealer that specializes in derivatives execution management technology and brokerage services for listed options and equities. LiquidPoint provides a total solution for today's dynamic and diverse trading requirements, combining sophisticated trading tools with its commitment to superior order execution services and focused customer support.

About ConvergEx

BNY ConvergEx Group, LLC provides investment technology solutions and global agency brokerage services to institutional clients worldwide. The Company's key business lines - Investment Technologies, Liquidity & Execution Management and Intermediary & Clearing Services - provide a full array of leading technologies and an integrated platform of performance-driven, global trading capabilities. BNY ConvergEx Group is comprised of the following businesses: BNY ConvergEx Execution Solutions LLC (member NYSE/FINRA/SIPC), LiquidPoint, LLC (member CBOE/SIPC); Eze Castle Transaction Services LLC (member FINRA/SIPC); Westminster Research Associates LLC (member FINRA/SIPC); G-Trade Services LLC (member FINRA/SIPC); BNY Jaywalk LLC; ConvergEx Global Markets Ltd. and Eze Castle Software LLC. Additional information is available at

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Navisite settles LTI dispute for $5.75M

from Boston Business Journal:

>>Navisite Inc., a provider of Web-based technology services, said it will pay $5.75 million to settle a two-year-old arbitration dispute with La Touraine Inc., an Internet marketing company based in California.

Navisite said it would pay the $5.75 million settlement with cash on hand and borrowings through a line of credit.

Navisite, which sued the former stockholders of Jupiter, said it continues to pursue its claims in court.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Gain Capital Group


>>Gain Capital Considers Co-Lo for Europe, Asia

NEW YORK-Foreign ex­­change (FX) trading and services provider Gain Capital Group is in the midst of evaluating co-location possibilities for markets in Europe and Asia as well as upgrading its technology to support trading in additional asset classes, DWT has learned.

The firm recently began to offer co-location after moving the majority of its hosting to datacenter provider Equinix's Secaucus, N.J. facility, explains Andrew Haines, CIO of Gain Capital. The vendor would be in the running to be the datacenter provider for Gain outside the U.S. too, he adds.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Unsere Serversysteme sind in einem Rechenzentrum von Equinix in Düsseldorf untergebracht. Die einzigen deutschen ISO-zertifizierten Rechenzentren mit 99,999 % garantierter Verfügbarkeit für Strom werden von Equinix betrieben.


ESTUGO wurde 2004 in Dublin (Irland) gegründet, viele der ersten Kunden sind noch heute bei uns. ESTUGO ist auf das Hosting von Online-Shops spezialisiert und in sämtlichen Punkten darauf ausgerichtet (Marken-Hardware, Performante Server, kein overselling, Notfall Hotline/E-Mail Support, SLA uvm.).

ESTUGO ist auf die Bedürfnisse des Kunden “fixiert” und hat sich in einem hart umkämpften Markt bis heute durch Faktoren wie: Server Performance, einfache Erreichbarkeit des Supports, Zuverlässigkeit und Kundenfreundlichkeit stets gut behaupten können.

New Hong Kong Server Coming Soon

New Hong Kong Server Coming Soon


We looked long and hard for a good location to offer our services in Hong Kong. Internap was able to provide us not the cheapest, but the best solution. We are sure the quality of the bandwidth and their services, will allow us to uphold our standards of customer service to our expanding customer base located all over the world.

Due to the huge price difference in Hong Kong for bandwidth compared to other locations around the world, we are unable to offer this server as part of our normal packages. We will be adding a new package to our lineup called "StrongVPN Premium". This Premium package will allow customers to access all servers (Regular, Open and HK) and also have increased number of switches available per month.

The price for the Premium StrongVPN Package is yet to be determined, but should be around the $30 a month range.

We thank all of our customers for their continued enthusiastic support and as always welcome any feedback.

--- / started as a computer system integrator in South Lake Tahoe in 1994 with a small staff. We moved from various colocation facilities in Northern California until we settled at 200 Paul ExchangeColo now run by Digital Realty Trust. This facility offered us a ideal location for peering and growth ability.

We have been able to steadily grow our customer base by understanding a fundamental rule in regards to business. There is no way to truly grow a hosting business on product and price advantage alone, the most important factor to a successful business is a strong customer service culture.

Going with the wrong hosting company can be devastating to a online business, we want to assure you of our maturity and skill.

Here are some quick facts about us

• Developer / Engineer quality tech support 24x7x365, everyone that answers your support request is highly trained and skilled.

• / Core Team has been together close to 12 years and makes up 70% of our company.

• We can work with you personally on your business needs unlike large budget hosts.

• We have no hidden fees, unlike low cost hosting companies our monthly price is our monthly price.

• We don't segregate our customers based on pricing, everyone will receive quality support from us.

• We manage over 900 Servers and work efficiently and quickly through any situations.

• We are a 14 Person Company, working in multiple locations around the world. Our team comprises of Linux and Windows Experts.

• Our specialty is managed dedicated servers that use mass bandwidth. We emphasize quality communications with our customers, and knowing what they want before they ask. / mission is to provide 5 star support with a exceptional all fiber network for your servers. We have two datancenter locations to consider. Our main location is San Francisco, but we are also at Internap in New York. Details are below. By default we quote all servers into San Francisco. Please let us know if you need a East Coast Server quote.

Reuters reports Sony planning (haptic) PlayStation phone

from the IV MB, by cellodude:

>>Reuters reports Sony planning (haptic) PlayStation phone

TOKYO (Reuters) -
[Sony Corp is considering developing a cellphone-game gear hybrid in a bid to better compete with Apple Inc's highly popular iPod and iPhone, the Nikkei business daily said on Saturday.

A Sony spokesman declined to comment on the report.]

Sony Ericsson's patent app. for a gaming phone, "ORIENTATION BASED MULTIPLE MODE MECHANICALLY VIBRATED TOUCH SCREEN DISPLAY," includes 58 occurrences of the phrase "mechanically vibrated touchscreen display."

Unsure how IMMR/Sony license affects this situation.