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One Wilshire Building - Equinix

Q: I would like to add a port in Los Angeles, but we are only in One Wilshire. Are you in One Wilshire Building?

A: Yes, Equinix can provision ports to the Equinix-LA fabric from the One Wilshire Building.

Equinix Exchange - Peering in Europe

Equinix Exchange - Peering in Europe

As Equinix expands its global service offering across the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific, the company is committed to providing high-performance platforms for exchanging Internet traffic.

Equinix provides a convenient platform for network service providers, content companies and enterprises to execute peering relationships across the globe, resulting in enhanced services levels and lower connectivity costs. Additionally, Equinix partners with top-tier internet exchange operators in Europe.
Equinix Exchange

Through the Equinix Exchange service, customers operating within Equinix datacenters can directly connect to each other for traffic exchange via a convenient and flexible central switching fabric managed by Equinix. This streamlined connectivity improves end-to-end network performance, reducing latency and packet loss, as well as lowering overall IP transit costs.Equinix services are available in Paris and Zurich (Europe); Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, Silicon Valley and Washington (North America); Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo (Asia Pacific).
Partner Exchanges

Partnerships with top-tier Internet exchanges will enable Equinix customers to scale their peering relationships to reduce costs and increase performance. This includes the DE-CIX in Frankfurt, the LINX in London and the AMS-IX in Amsterdam, as well as co-management of CIXP in Geneva and the ALP-IX in Munich

Services currently available in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Paris, Geneva and Zurich (Europe); Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, Silicon Valley and Washington (North America); Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo (Asia Pacific).

Equinix Exchange in Zurich

Equinix Exchange in Zurich (formerly the TIX) is the most important public internet exchange in Switzerland.

Offering a neutral peering location, the highest bandwidth available and the most cost-effective place to peer it is the most effective place to interconnect with ISP's in Switzerland. Operated across Equinix's primary Zurich datacentres, members access highly specified colocation space combined with interconnection infrastructure that enables them to connect and peer at speeds ranging from 10/100Mbps to multiples of 10Gbps.

The Zurich Exchange has more than 60 ISP members directly exchanging Internet traffic amongst each other, avoiding the need to routed traffic via other geographies - resulting in enhanced speed and reliability of network and content peering and a more robust end-user experience.

Together with CIXP in Geneva, the Zurich Equinix Exchange platform handles nearly 80% of the inner-Swiss Internet traffic. The service gives ISPs a direct path to almost all other ISPs active in the Swiss market and enables the most cost-effective transport of all multimedia traffic. It is the most important peering point in Switzerland with IPv4 and IPv6 peering mesh and hosting on one of the .CH ccTLD secondary Name Servers.
Features and Benefits

* Low access costs through unique location in the Telco heart of Zurich
* More than 30 carriers and ISP's within a 1 mile radius
* Highest number of carriers (13) with own fibre in house
* Carrier class facilities (diverse transformer feeds, online-UPS, Diesel Generator)
* ISP's are encouraged to make Equinix Exchange their POP in Zurich
* ISP's can offer all services to each other through dedicated lines
* Ideal location for placing of Voice/IP gateways with over 25 voice carriers switches directly connectable

Local support includes sales and technical support.

Equinix Exchange in Paris

Equinix expands popular service to Paris as more companies seek to utilize peering relationships to increase reliability and reduce costs of network traffic exchange.

Equinix launched its Equinix Exchange service in its Paris Saint-Denis datacentre in April 2008. The service enables networks, content companies and content delivery networks to peer through a central switching fabric managed by Equinix.

The site offers a total of 6,000m2 of highly specified datacentre space at this particularly well located site, as well as direct access to the more than 15 networks and 45 enterprises and content companies already operating within the site.
Features and Benefits

* Highest resilient peering fabric in Paris
* Equinix maintains a fully populated hot standby spare chassis
* Large Engineering staff with dedicated NOC and R&D staff
* Proven expertise based with deployed peering fabrics throughout the world
* Features such as a sFlow portal and the MLPE
* PA2 has the largest datacentre capacity in Paris
* PA2 has N+1 infrastructure design

Local support includes sales and technical support.

Partner Exchanges

Equinix interconnection and peering partnerships

Equinix will partner with top-tier Internet exchanges that have a well-served existing critical mass of high-quality Internet service providers and connected parties operating within their system. This will enable Equinix customers to scale their peering relationships to reduce costs and increase performance.

This includes the DE-CIX in Frankfurt, the LINX in London and the AMS-IX in Amsterdam, as well as co-operating the CIXP in Geneva with CERN.
Partner Exchanges - Amsterdam

Equinix and AMS-IX interconnection and peering partnership

The Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX), the world's largest single metro area Internet exchange, will extend its peering fabric into Equinix's Amsterdam-1 (AM1). AMS-IX will establish a point-of-presence in Equinix's AM1 datacentre, which is scheduled to open in the third quarter of 2008.

Equinix customers will be able to directly exchange traffic, or .peer,. with AMS-IX's critical mass of diverse Internet service providers and high-quality traffic exchange participants to increase reliability, improve performance, and reduce the costs of network traffic exchange.

Equinix and AMS-IX are leaders in providing network-neutral platforms for the interconnection of enterprise, service provider and content company networks. Located in Amsterdam, AMS-IX is a non-profit, neutral and independent Internet exchange that currently connects over 290 international parties. AMS-IX is the largest European Internet Exchange measured by traffic volume. Equinix is the global interconnection and peering leader, serving the world's leading ISPs, broadband providers, international networks, content delivery networks, enterprises and major content providers.

"Our relationship with Equinix goes back several years, and we are pleased to now have a formal agreement where the aggregation of networks from each of our organizations can interconnect in the most efficient and reliable manner possible,. said Job Witteman, CEO of AMS-IX. .With the increasing need for businesses to exchange data across a wide variety of networks - from partners to customers to vendors -- this agreement between AMS-IX and Equinix will ensure additional options for rich interconnection across both of our respective network-neutral platforms."
Why connect to AMS-IX

* A cost effective means of exchanging traffic
* A large amount of parties to peer with
* The quality of service offered
* The neutrality and independence (i.e. being an Association)
* The geographical location
* The type of connected parties
* The range of ports and services offered

What do we offer?

AMS-IX is dedicated to offering professional non-blocking peering services over Ethernet infrastructure. There are no restrictions on utilization of the port. The platform is designed for continuous optimum performance using innovative technologies. AMS-IX is the first IX worldwide to use photonic switching in the core of the switching platform. Moreover it is the first exchange to offer 10GE peering services. AMS-IX has a very extensive IX service portfolio with ports from 10 Mbps to 10Gbps allowing both IPv4 and IPv6 including:

* Unicast peering VLAN - for regular IP peering all types of traffic - data & VoIP
* Multicast peering VLAN - especially useful for broadcasting streams
* Private Interconnects - between 2 members
* Closed User Groups - between 3 or more members
* GRX - the first global GPRS roaming exchange peering service (restricted)
* MDX - the first Mobile Data exchange peering service

Partner Exchanges - Frankfurt
Equinix and DE-CIX interconnection and peering partnership

In Germany Equinix has partnered with DE-CIX, the main exchange point for Internet services between international Internet service providers in Germany, central and eastern Europe.

Equinix customers will be able to directly exchange traffic, or “peer,“ with DE-CIX critical mass of diverse Internet service providers and high-quality traffic exchange participants to increase reliability, improve performance, and reduce the costs of network traffic exchange.

DE-CIX, the second largest European Internet Exchange according to traffic volume, currently connects over 200 international Internet Service Providers. Equinix and DE-CIX are proud to announce that they reached an agreement where Equinix' Frankfurt-2 facility will become a DE-CIX enabled site during the first half of 2008.

The site will provide datacentre services to telecommunications operators, Internet network providers and Internet service providers. The facility covers high available datacentre space with secured and lasting power supplies, air-conditioning, security and fire protection for power-intensive high-density installations.

“Equinix works with Internet providers and carriers around the world and we would like to welcome them to Frankfurt. This is a valuable addition to the telecommunications marketplace in Germany's Internet capital. A competitive datacenter market certainly helps to drive our business and we are glad to announce that Equinix's Frankfurt 2 facility will become a DE-CIX enabled site soon,“ says Harald Summa, Managing Director of DE-CIX.
Features and Benefits

* Centrally located right in the heart of Europe
* Second largest Internet exchange in the world
* Leading Internet exchange for Central and Eastern Europe
* State of the art Force10 switching platform
* 230+ participants
* 1.3 Tbps of connected capacity (Public Peering)
* 200+ Private Interconnects in service
* 200+ Gigabit-Ethernet ports
* 160+ 10Gigabit-Ethernet ports
* 100% uptime in 2007
* One Stop shopping
* Public peering service
* Private interconnects
* Router/Switch Colocation

Partner Exchanges - Geneva
CIXP co-operated by Equinix and CERN

CIXP (CERN Internet Exchange Point) is the largest Internet Exchange in French speaking Switzerland and the neighbouring region of France (Rhone-Alpes).

It is a carrier-neutral exchange, open to all Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Co-operated by CERN and Equinix, CIXP offers its services at two locations, at CERN (the world's largest particle physics laboratory and the birthplace of the Web) and at the Equinix datacenter in downtown Geneva (Centre de la Confederation). Its location - on the border between Switzerland and France and on crossroads between research and commercial traffic - make it highly attractive to both ISPs with a global and ISPs with a more regional focus.

Equinix has established Ethernet connectivity between the two CIXP locations, and between CIXP and the Equinix Exchange in Zurich. ISPs are able to interconnect and exchange IP traffic (.peer.) with members of both exchange points. Combined, CIXP and the Equinix Zurich Exchange handle nearly 80% of the inner-Swiss Internet traffic.

CIXP is a historical European Internet landmark through which the first pan-European Internet backbone and the first T1 connection to NSFnet were established in 1989 and 1990. It is also a founding member of Euro-IX, the association of European Internet Exchange Points.

Got plenty of (old logo) Equinix cards? (2)

Got plenty of (old logo) Equinix cards?

Equinix - Global Stats

Global Stats

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T1R on Internap

Tier 1 Research:

>>Internap has had a weak start for the first half of 2008.
Now that the ill winds of the economy are blowing through the tech sector, the question has been whether Internap will change its strategy or be sold in order to effect a turnaround. For now, the answer is .....

IMMR 10Q notes

from the iV MB, by cellodude:

>>Answers to some questions from 10-Q

Did IMMR buyback any shares? Yes.
[During the three months ended September 30, 2008, the Company repurchased 1.1 million shares for $7.2 million at an average cost of $6.50 through open market repurchases. During the nine months ended September 30, 2008, the Company repurchased 1.8 million shares for $13.4 million at an average cost of $7.31 through open market repurchases.]

Does the Sony Computer license settlement extend to Sony Ericsson? No.
[The license does not cover adult, foundry, medical, automotive, industrial, mobility, or gambling products.]

How's Logitech doing? Well.
[The increase in gaming royalties for the third quarter of 2008 compared to the similar period in 2007 was partly due to the increase in sales of new steering wheel products from Logitech.]

Does the MSFT patent agreement hurt IMMR? Yes.
[Additionally, Microsoft is now making touch-enabled wheels covered by its royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable license to our worldwide portfolio of patents that could compete with our licensees’ current or future products for which we earn per unit royalties.]

Does increasing sales of VibeTonz phones really matter? Yes.
[Mobile device license and royalty revenue increased due to the shipment of additional VibeTonz enabled phones by our existing licensees. We expect mobility device and royalty revenue to be a significant component of our revenue as our technology is included in mobile phone handsets.]

Is IMMR prepared for Windows 7? No.
[In addition, Microsoft announced that its new product, Windows 7, will feature a new multi-touch input function, allowing users to use multiple fingers simultaneously to interact with touch surfaces. Enabling multi-location touch-feedback will require us to innovate on the hardware and software sides, enable Windows 7 API’s with multi-touch output support, and work with our licensees and third parties to integrate such features. There are feasibility risks both on the hardware and software sides, and may be potential delays in the revenue growth of haptically-enabled multi touch surfaces.]

Equinix peering: Participant Lists


peer with the Equinix Corporate network

Company Information
Company Name Equinix Corp Network
Also Known As
Company Website
Primary ASN 14609
IRR Record
Network Type Enterprise
Approx Prefixes
Traffic Levels 20-100Mbps
Traffic Ratios Balanced
Geographic Scope North America
Looking Glass URL
Route Server URL
Notes When you peer with the Equinix Corporate network (AS14609) it includes the IBX Kiosk wireless network. When peering is established with AS14609 you will eliminate transit hops and latency between the IBX Kiosk wireless and your equipment in the IBX.

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Digital Realty Trust c.c.

Some highlights from DLR conference call (see Seeking Alpha transcripts):

>>Despite the challenging market conditions, overall we continue to see very attractive pricing and strong demand throughout our top markets, particularly for our Turn-Key Datacenter product. Demand for Datacenter space continues to be very healthy in our primary markets.

We continue to see significant lack of supply necessary to meet this demand and DLR remains one of the full Datacenter providers with the financial capacity and expertise to proactively build turnkey facilities.

In addition, we were able to capture previously unutilized space of 120,000 square feet from Qwest in our 350 East Cermak facility in Chicago in exchange for a substantial payment to DLR. We are redeploying this space as Turn-Key Datacenter to meet the demands from our tenants, including securities and commodity trading customers at the property. No other space is available at the building.

(Equinix has two data centers in the building)

Michael Foust

So this is related to Qwest, as I mentioned in my remarks, and at 350 Cermak in Chicago, it's maybe our most highest demand building, highest demand market, and we're out of space there.

William Marks - JMP Securities

On sectors of the economy, are there any areas where you're seeing a real slowdown in demand?

Michael Foust

Not really. It's interesting. Financial services continues to be a strong demand area - and that's very broadly, everything from commodities, security trading platforms to major Wall Street firms. We're seeing continued demand from the Internet sector, companies that are operating, companies like the Yahoo!s and Amazons and Facebooks of the world still need space.

And the system integrators and IT outsourcing companies are seeing a lot of demand, and I think, if you look at a lot of the analysis that's coming out of kind of the co-location, hosting, managed services sectors who are a lot of our customers, their businesses are doing quite well and they continue to see expansion for 2009.

David Aubuchon - Robert W. Baird & Co.

And then just one last question relative to an earlier question about just demand and whether or not it's falling off, are you seeing anything differentiating the international side of your business right now?

Michael Foust

I'd say no. Now, with that said, we've been very focused on London, Paris, Amsterdam, and we're seeing good demand in all those markets. I would say in London there was probably a little bit of a slowdown in interest from financial services, but growing interest from kind of corporate, major corporates and system integrators easily taking place. And now we've got financial services coming back and showing interest again.

A lot of interest from network providers, content delivery, corporates, system integrators, folks like IBM. We recently did a lease with them in Paris for their corporate customers. It seems more broadly based in terms of different industry verticals than maybe it was even a year ago.

DuPont Fabros Technology - in need of additional funding...

from Data Center Knowledge

>>DuPont Fabros Technology (DFT) is seeking additional funding to complete construction on major data center projects in New Jersey and northern Virginia. The company said today that it is negotiating a $150 million loan with a large pension fund, and hopes to complete the funding by the end of 2008. In the meantime, DuPont Fabros has suspended its fourth quarter dividend to preserve capital.

Rackspace - looking for “opportunistic investments”

from Data Center Knowledge: (a similar opportunity was mentioned as a possibility by Equinix in their conference call)

>>Rackspace Hosting (RAX) is reducing its planned capital spending on data centers because it believes it will be able to buy or lease a facility for less than it would cost to build one of its own. CEO Lanham Napier said the company, which has $260 million in cash, is focused on “opportunistic investments.”

Carpathia Hosting - Equinix Ashburn - 20,000 Mbit/sec

Company Name Carpathia Hosting
Also Known As CIRN
Company Website
Primary ASN 29748
Network Type NSP
Approx Prefixes 30
Traffic Levels 50-100 Gbps
Traffic Ratios Heavy Outbound
Geographic Scope Global
Looking Glass URL
Route Server URL
Notes Operating 29748 in Ashburn, 26978 in Phoenix.
Aside from many other customers, AS29748 carries a very large quantity of traffic for if you run an eyeball network that is probably why you are reading this.

Job opening lists companies IMMR would like to license in North America

from the iV MB, post by cellodude:

>>Job opening lists companies IMMR would like to license in North America11/4/08


Business Development - Mobility
Location: San Jose, CA
Job Code: 2008-51
# of openings: 1


We currently have a Business Development position available in our Mobility group. This person will be responsible for leading IMMR’s Mobility business development activities with respect to the major: 1) OEMs (Motorola, RIM, Apple, Kyocera); 2) OS/Platform providers (Microsoft, Google, TI, QCOM, Java); 3) Wireless carriers (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, TMobile, Leap and MetroPCS); and 4) Gaming Developers (EA Mobility, Glu, I-Play, Digital Chocolate, HandsOn, THQ and Disney) in North America. This person’s primary objectives is to sell/license IMMR’s solution to the NA OEMs; integrate and entangle the IMMR solution with the OS/Platform provider’s solutions; persuade/cause the major wireless carriers to specify IMMR’s Mobility solution as a must have requirement in the handsets they purchase from their OEM handset vendors; and sell/license IMMR’s content enhancement tools to the game developers. The primary measure of success for this position will be the revenue derived from the above objectives.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Real-Time Election-Night Viewing at uWink - Nolan Bushnell's Newest Restaurant

uWink is a new restaurant experience from Nolan Bushnell, founder and former CEO of Atari and Chuck E. Cheese. uWink is a social entertainment eatery where guests can order their food, drinks and media (think games, movie trailers, horoscopes and other media candy) via touch screens located at their table.

On Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2008, uWink is turning the entire restaurant into election headquarters by showing election coverage on all of its 20 larger-than-life projector screens.

Terremark: credit crunch scuttled potential sale

from Data Center Knowledge

>>Terremark Worldwide (TMRK) said late today that a potential sale of the company was derailed by the credit crisis. The Miami-based colocation and managed hosting specialist said it received an unsolicited takeover offer in April, and worked on a potential deal through mid-September, when the Terremark board cited problems in the credit markets in its decision to halt efforts to sell the company.

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Data Center Investor

Great initiative by Data Center Knowledge:

>>Today we launch our Data Center Investor channel, which brings together our quarterly and yearly stock performance charts, along with our updates of how the sector is affected by eventful market movements.

Remember to track our Data Center Investor channel for performance updates on data center companies.

Tier1 Research: Global Multi-Tenant Internet Datacenter Market Shows Remarkable Growth as Datacenter Demand Exceeds Supply

from T1R press release:

>>NEW YORK - (Business Wire)

A new report by Tier1 Research finds that the global multi-tenant datacenter market has shown remarkable growth in the past 12 months. Demand is up 14% on a global basis, while supply is up only 6%, exacerbating an already lopsided supply/demand curve.

T1R analysts found that several factors are contributing to this demand, including the extremely high cost of datacenter construction, specialized skill sets, aging of existing enterprise datacenters and, especially, the primacy of the Internet as a vehicle for service and application delivery. While demand growth may be slightly depressed in 2009 due to larger macroeconomic factors particularly in specific markets demand is expected to rebound strongly as the economy recovers, surpassing current levels significantly. Even during the slowdown, the inability of enterprises to build their own datacenters will outweigh any impact from decreased IT spending.

"The recovery of the economy from the current slowdown will likely result in a temporary exacerbation of price increases, as demand will grow significantly faster than supply during the first 12 months of a recovery. This is due to the datacenter construction cycle, which varies from nine months (for a phased expansion) to 18 months (for a greenfield build). Demand, of course, has no built-in delay, which will likely cause the sort of cross-market price increases seen during 2005, said Jeff Paschke. It should be noted that in addition to the normal increase in IT spending associated with a recovery, there has been considerable speculation concerning Internet traffic increases in the 2011-2012 time frame, which will have a complementary impact on datacenter demand.

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Navisite - AJE

Among NAVI's "hidden" assets, AJE. A look at traffic, recently:


Ads are now shown all over the site, with special offers for Companies planning posting job searches.

Hard, however, to foresee a sale of this asset in this climate...