Saturday, February 19, 2011

NYSE-Deutsche Boerse Merger: Any Impact on Equinix's Financial Ecosystem?

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>>The announced NYSE (NYX)-Deutsche Boerse (DBOEY.PK) merger will create the world's largest exchange for stocks and derivatives – and will represent both a risk and an opportunity for both companies' data center partners.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Less Than One Week until Silicon Valley’s Leading Technology Summit

Technology Convergence Conference to bring together IT and facilities leaders including Microsoft, Cisco Systems, eBay, Zynga, Equinix, Intel, Yahoo! to discuss cloud computing, data center efficiency and other topical IT issues

2011 Technology Convergence Conference

FREMONT, Calif--(BUSINESS WIRE)--TELADATA, a leading IT consulting firm specializing in IT infrastructure design, planning and project management, today announced that there is less than one week before its highly popular Technology Convergence Conference begins.

The conference, which will occur Wednesday, February 23rd at 7:30 a.m. at the Santa Clara Convention Center, will assemble IT and facilities leaders from across the country to share best practices and provide detailed case studies relating to common yet complex technological and organizational challenges in the data-center space.

The full-day conference will cover the relationship between technology and the mission critical ecosystem with four separate tracks, including converging technologies, energy-efficiency strategies, solutions for top data center challenges and IT/Facilities strategic planning.

Rich Miller, editor of Data Center Knowledge, will moderate a morning panel on cloud computing titled Reconciling the Speed Change Requirements by Cloud Computing for Data Centers.

In another session, titled Bridging the IT/Facilities Gap: Global Benefits of Visualization, Optimization and Power Metering, Tim Cox, IT Program Manager at Cisco Systems, will demonstrate a web-based monitoring application he developed internally that intelligently manages physical resource allocation in critical facilities.

Attendees will also be treated to end-user case studies that are applicable to small, medium and large enterprises.

Some of the presentation topics include:

  • Cloud Computing: Hype vs. Reality
  • Data Center Challenges and Solutions for R&D Labs
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Owning vs. Leasing Data Center Space
  • Results of Yahoo!’s Next Generation Data Center
  • Avoiding Unnecessary Costs when Transitioning the Enterprise to the Next Generation Internet Protocol (IPv6)
  • Top AV and Security Trends that Impact Facilities and IT Design
  • Bridging the IT/Facilities Gap: Global Benefits of Visualization, Optimization and Power Metering
  • New Utility Energy Efficiency Programs for Data Centers

The full agenda can be found at

Thursday, February 17, 2011

OT - Abhella

CoreSite will be reporting earning on march 10.

The company operates seven data centers located in five of the top six North American hubs for colocation services. One Wilshire, in Los Angeles, is the premier interconnection point between North America and Asia, and the most important property in CoreSite's portfolio.

The company completed its initial public offering on September 23rd, 2010. The offering raised about $310 million, which allowed the company to deleverage significantly and gave also the opportunity to fund several growth projects, which are expected to come online by middle 2011.

Analysts, on average, forecast revenues of $ 31 million for Q4, and earnings of $ 0.22 per share.

There are several metrics that might be worth checking for a better understanding of CoreSite's financial performance.

The average customer contract has a length of more than 5 years, and renewal rates have so far been quite high, with tenants accepting, on average, to pay a premium about 24 percent higher than the previous contract (Q3 2010 data ).

Here is a quick summary of CoreSite's existing and potential data center portfolio (click to enlarge):

For proper understanding of how much of this potential will be turned into revenue generating data center space, and when, we may refer to the company's sheet presented at REITWorld 2010:

From a financial point of view, the company has no real near term obligation, as shown in this sheet:

NYSE and Deutsche Borse merger - the data center question


>>As the planned merger gets board approval, where do its data center plans begin, and end?

To date Deutsche Boerse and NYSE have fundamentally different approaches. One laid off risk in favour of a partnership approach, through its deal with Equinix. The other, NYSE, onboarded risk to play in the colocation business. Deutsche Boerse does not have anything equivalent to Basildon, a shining palace on the hill. The question is does the merged entity sell Basildon to someone like Equinix and move into Frankfurt. Where do I concentrate liquidity? It makes sense keeping derivatives and cash equities close together. What is the compelling value to a market operator to own real estate?'


Where do we go from here?
The fact is that the only people who know are sitting around the board tables at NYSE and Deutsche Boerse but with $400m in annual savings planned and IT earmarked to deliver it, whatever happens, we are talking about change at a data center scale.

Apple secures 60% of global touch panel capacity, causing tight supply


>>In order to achieve its internal goal of shipping 40 million iPad products in 2011, Apple has occupied close to 60% of the global touch panel capacity causing tight supply among Apple's competitors, according to sources from upstream component makers.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Robotic radiosurgery expanded to breast cancer


>>The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center has completed the first of 45 planned post-lumpectomy high-beam radiation treatment as part of a clinical trial to assess the effectiveness of the focused, shorter-course treatment.

The Dallas-based University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center trial will investigate Accuray’s CyberKnife System, already in use for head and neck radiation oncology procedures, for use in women with localized early-stage breast cancer following successful lumpectomies.


Led by Robert Timmerman, MD, professor of radiation oncology at UT Southwestern, the researchers will evaluate patients over the next 10 years for tumor recurrences as well as cosmetic changes, for which the system is purported to deliver improved results.

EZX Data Center Now in Equinix NY4

EZX Inc., a leading provider of trading infrastructure for hedge funds and proprietary trading firms announces the availability of managed services from its new data center located in Equinix’s state of the art NY4 facility.

Westfield, NJ (PRWEB) February 16, 2011

EZX, Inc. announced that its new data center located in Equinix’s NY4 facility is fully operational. With the new site online, EZX clients now benefit from low latency cross connects and high speed connectivity direct to their trading counterparties. “All of our existing clients have been migrated seamlessly, and we are actively turning on new clients every day,” said John Petschauer, EZX CEO. “Low latency and high speed have become critical to the business of trading. It’s not just for high frequency traders,” added Mr. Petschauer. In today’s fast markets, trading firms are demanding lower latency connections to their counterparties. Whether they are trading an FX triangular arbitrage strategy or a simple equity pair, speed matters. Now, with the combination of their world class software and new data center, EZX is continuing to deliver what customers need.

About EZX, Inc.
EZX is a leading independent provider of Trading Infrastructure delivered as a Service for strategy focused Hedge Funds, Proprietary Trading Firms, & Brokers. Our high speed, broker neutral trading platform easily integrates to your Strategy/Algo engine, proprietary OMS, custom trading screens, or Excel spreadsheets. EZX configures, certifies, and supports the entire trading infrastructure so you can stay focused on your business. Our core product, iServer, is a proven trading infrastructure with a flexible API, pre-certified FIX connectivity to over 90 destinations, and a full function trade blotter. iServer enables you to quickly automate your strategies and trade electronically with global brokers, banks, and exchanges. EZX’s products are built using industry proven technology that can process thousands of messages per second with low latency and reliable performance for Equities, Options, Futures and FX trading. Our world class service and support means we proactively monitor the infrastructure and assistance is always available.

For more information on our products and services, please visit, email us at sales(at)ezxinc(dot)com, or give us a call at (+1) 908-376-1445.

Next Generation Haptics: Market Analysis and Forecasts

HT to jedi on the IV MB:

>>An in-depth study of the growing popularity of haptics-enabled tactile feedback on mobile devices to augment UI interactions and enrich media consumption, and an examination of both current and advanced actuation technologies which will deliver crisp, realistic high definition haptic experiences.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Equinix's Track Record Bodes Well for Today's Acquisition of ALOG

full article available at Seeking Alpha:

>>Equinix has a very successful history of acquiring and merging foreign companies into its data center footprint. The largest and most challenging acquisition was certainly its merger with i-STT in Singapore and Pihana Pacific in Asia back in 2002. This complex transaction also included some debt retirement and a cash infusion which allowed the company to survive the dot-com bust.

new filings - Equinix


Amount beneficially owned: 3,101,094

Percent of class: 6.74%


Goldman  Sachs Asset Management


10.8 %

Lone Spruce, Lone Balsam, Lone Sequoia, Lone Cascade and Lone Sierra




Shumway Capital Partners LLC


2011 MarketTools ACE (Achievement in Customer Excellence) Awards

Kudos and special thanks to our employees across the world. Equinix has been named a winner of the 2011 MarketTools ACE (Achievement in Customer Excellence) Awards, which certify, acknowledge and celebrate outstanding achievement in customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and/or partner satisfaction.

Winners Announced for the 2011 MarketTools ACE Awards. Prestigious Annual Award Program Recognizes the Best of the Best in Using Enterprise Feedback Management to Increase Customer, Employee and Partner Satisfaction and Improve Business Results.

Immersion pushes Android smartphone and tablet developers to be touchy feely


>>Dennis Sheehan (pictured), vice president of marketing at Immersion, said in an interview at the company’s headquarters in San Jose, Calif., that Immersion designs the chips and hardware used to detect and reproduce touch sensations with the motors already present in phones for vibrate mode purposes. But app developers need more help from Immersion to create imaginative new uses of the technology.

Much like how operating system vendors create tools for application developers, Immersion is creating the Motiv developer tools for integrating haptics into apps. There are more than 100 pre-designed haptic effects, such as explosions, clicks, materials, textures, or bouncing. Immersion can add touch effects to a game that doesn’t already have them, such as Angry Birds, so that you can feel the twang of a slingshot when you shoot a bird at pigs in the game.


Check out our video of Sheehan with a couple of smartphone and tablet touch-feedback apps .

Equinix: Solid Quarter, Expecting Increased Guidance

full article at Seeking Alpha:

>>We see what the company reiterated as guidance for 2011 as a floor, and given the fact that historically the company has always been conservative (guide and beat), we expect a new guidance after Q1, in the more traditional revenue range.

If we consider the midpoint of management's Q1 2011 forecast ($ 355 million), and assume no further growth (with additional sales just balancing churn, expected at 2% per quarter), Equinix is already supposed to hit $ 1,420 million for the year. With good inventory available, and increased expansion capex forecasted in 2011 due to more expansion needed, we believe the company is just waiting for more data before translating these expectations into an increased but reachable target.

Pricing Remains Firm for Equinix During 4Q


>>We liked what we saw from Equinix EQIX in its fourth-quarter earnings release. Fourth-quarter revenue grew by 42%, to $345.2 million. This drove full-year sales to $1.22 billion (up 38.3% year-over-year) which was roughly 1% higher than our full-year projection. Thanks in part to the Switch and Data acquisition and very strong bookings, the North American segment generated the most year-over-year sales growth (up 53%) followed by Asia (up 37%) and Europe (22%).

Alog Data Centers do Brasil

Company Information
Company Name Alog Data Centers do Brasil
Also Known As
Company Website
Primary ASN 16397
IRR Record
Network Type NSP
Approx Prefixes 350
Traffic Levels 5-10Gbps
Traffic Ratios Mostly Outbound
Geographic Scope Regional
Looking Glass URL

ALOG DataCenters do Brasil

ALOG DataCenters do Brasil is a leading carrier-neutral Data Center provider in Brazil and serves approximately 1,200 customers across its two data centers in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. The company is currently expanding its footprint to include a third data center in Tambore (a suburb of Sao Paulo), which is on track to deliver Phase 1 capacity by March 2011. Combined, the three ALOG data centers total 36.000 square feet of data center space.

ALOG 410 qualified professionals provide collocation, managed hosting and cloud computing solutions. We pride ourselves in catering to your needs by offering flexible service packs with customized solutions specially developed for your business.

Alog follows the ITIL orientations - and has assured quality by a management system certified with ISO 9001:2008. Alog also received the SAS70 level II seal.

ALOG’s history begins in the year 2000, when .comDominio was founded. In 2005, ALOG was established in Rio de Janeiro, to provide excellence in IT infrastructure managed services. The two companies merged in 2007, consolidating ALOG’s leadership in managed hosting in Brazil. The two companies merged in 2007, consolidating ALOG’s leadership in managed hosting in Brazil. Since then, ALOG presents an annual growth of 30%, while maintaining a solid financial condition.

ALOG’s name comes from the Italian word Alogis, which means to host, to shelter. Our name was chosen because it fits perfectly with our mission – in order to be the largest, best, and most profitable data center in Brazil, we need to go far beyond simply providing excellent hosting services to our clients.

Equinix in Deal to Buy Brazilian Firm

from WSJ:

>>Equinix Inc. is taking part in a $127 million deal to buy 90% of ALOG Data Centers of Brazil SA, expanding into South America for the first time, Equinix said Monday.

Investors in the transaction, expected to be formally announced Tuesday, are Equinix and Riverwood Capital LLC, a private-equity firm.

Monday, February 14, 2011

LG Targets One Million Tablets, 30 Million Smartphones In Comeback


>>LG aims to sell 150 million phones, including 30 million smartphones this year, said Dr. Jong-Seok Park, the president and chief executive of LG Mobile Communications, in an interview. LG’s 30 million smartphones target represents more than four times the number of smartphones the company shipped in 2010. LG also wants to sell one million units of its new tablet, the Optimus Pad, though Park declined to specify a timeframe for that sales goal.

Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

from Engadget:

>>LG Optimus Pad first hands-on! (video)

>>LG Optimus 3D hands-on

>>LG Optimus Pad priced at €999 in Germany

>>SmartQ announces Ten, an Android tablet packing IPS display with piezoelectric touchscreen

But what really sells the Ten is its piezoelectric touchscreen, which supports multitouch input even with non-conductive objects like the old school styli. This means said tablet can achieve light transmittance similar to its capacitive touchscreen counterparts but using cheaper parts, as well as having point-input precision similar to those with resistive touchscreens but with better screen clarity. Alas, no date or price has been announced for the Ten just yet, nor do we know if it'll get Honeycomb in the future, but price it right and it might still get some love.

>>T-Mobile G-Slate hands-on: yep, it's an LG Optimus Pad

Immersion Corporation: Adding a New Royalty Stream?

Read more at Seeking Alpha:

>>In anticipation of this week's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Immersion Corporation (IMMR) announced the MOTIV Development Platform for Android (GOOG), a tool designed to simplify haptic integration for both OEMs and application developers.

LG unveils 3D smartphone, new tablet


>>LG Electronics on Monday unveiled the world’s first full 3D smartphone, called the Optimus 3D, as well as a new tablet at an event on the sidelines of Mobile World Congress.

With the Optimus 3D, consumers will be able to watch 3D videos without wearing special glasses as well as capture 3D content themselves via a special double camera on the back of the phone.

“For users to be able to create content will be paramount to reach a critical mass in 3D content,” said Daniel Hernandez, LG director of product marketing in Europe. “We believe this phone will act as a catalyst to create the 3D mobile industry.”

Also on Monday, LG unveiled a new tablet, the Optimus Pad. It weighs 654 grams and its screen measures 8.9 inches, which LG stressed would make it easier to pick up with only one hand, in comparison to other, larger tablets on the market.

from Bloomberg:

>>LG Electronics Inc.’s troubled handset division is targeting a return to profit this year as it rolls out new products including smartphones capable of recording 3-D images.

The Optimus One became LG’s first smartphone to sell more than 1 million units in November, about 40 days after its debut, according to the company.

Former Baron Manager Shares Buys and Sells

from Yahoo:

>>Over the last few weeks we have sold out of two of our long-term holdings in the data-center industry-- Equinix and Terremark.

With respect to Equinix, the stock has recovered all of its decline since we were able to opportunistically make purchases following a disappointing 3Q10 earnings report, and it is now trading close to our $5 billion market cap upper limit for holdings in our fund.

Tablet Shipments May Be 101 Million by 2012, Morgan Stanley Says

from Bloomberg:

>>Shipments of tablet computers may jump sixfold in two years to 101 million units in 2012, undermining sales of video-game players and traditional personal computers, Morgan Stanley


The shipments may increase to 65 million in 2011 from 16 million last year, the investment bank said in a report today. The global penetration rate of tablet computers is estimated at 3 percent, compared with 75 percent for desktop computers, 63 percent for notebooks and 30 percent for smartphones, according to the report.

The nascent market may benefit Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. while having a “cannibalization” effect on makers of gaming devices including Sony Corp. and Nintendo Co., Morgan Stanley said.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

More images and details of Galaxy S II, Galaxy Tab 10.1″


>>After the inadvertent leak yesterday, Samsung has officially confirmed Galaxy S II and Galaxy Tab 10.1″. While all the specs from yesterday remain the same like 1GHz dual-core processor, 4.3-inch (4.27-inch) Super AMOLED WVGA display, 8.49mm thickness, 116g in weight, HSPA+ Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth 3.0 + HS (High Speed), the Galaxy S II will also have a Readers Hub, Social Hub, Games Hub, Music Hub, 8MP camera with full HD video recording, gyro sensor, Mobile High-definition link allowing to watch full HD content on TV and storage options of 16 and 32GB.