Saturday, September 17, 2011

ViviTouch haptic technology hands-on: electroactive polymer giving a 'high definition feel'

from Engadget:

>>Our very own Myriam was impressed by this $100 peripheral (which is now available on Amazon), and so were some of us here at TGS on certain applications. We were most impressed by the pinball game demonstration using the Pulse, and even more so with a similar demo on a modified first-gen iPad that house two ViviTouch actuators -- there was certainly a more natural feel to the game, especially when the pinball hit the bumpers.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Breaking News: Qantas to trial in-flight Wi-Fi, tablets ZDNet / Cloud / Story OrionVM taps Equinix S3 for expansion


>>Local start-up OrionVM has taken capacity at the new Equinix S3 datacentre in Sydney, as the cloud infrastructure start-up continues its efforts to crack the $1 million revenue milestone.

The move marks a period of renewed success for the company, which recently took out the broadband innovation award at the Tech23 showcase, planning to use the $25,000 prize money to fund marketing and development and an overseas expansion in an attempt to generate $1 million in the current financial year.


"The migration into Equinix Sydney3 allows us to push forward a couple of new features we have been working on. Most of these features required the increased transit and power capacity offered by the new facility," he said.

The move will also allow it to cut costs. Yeo said that bandwidth prices would drop by at least 15 per cent (overall pricing is being finalised).

Monday, September 12, 2011

Smartphones out-ship feature phones in Europe, Samsung leads the way

from Engadget:

It was probably gonna happen sooner or later, but a new report from IDC confirms it: smartphones are now out-shipping feature phones in western Europe.