Monday, December 24, 2012

Mohawk Industries Becomes Worldwide Leader In Ceramic Tile

Read the whole article at Seeking Alpha: 

>>Last week, Mohawk Industries (MHK) finally announced the acquisition of Marazzi Group, the fifth largest producer, in volume, in the ceramic tile industry. The combination of Mohawk's existing ceramic tile division, Dal Tile, and Marazzi Group creates the largest ceramic tile company in the world as far as revenues.

The first rumors about the deal spread out about one month ago, when the Italian financial magazine "Il Mondo" reported that advanced negotiations were in the works (link, in Italian). Seeking Alpha was the first English speaking source to talk about the deal, also supplying added information about the acquisition target, soon followed by Reuters and other news feeds.

The market reacted positively to the acquisition, and the stock gained 4.88% on Friday, on a down day for most securities.

Samsung aims to sell 510 million phones


 >>``Of the 510 million handsets it plans to sell, 390 million are slated as smartphones and 120 million, feature and budget phones,’’ according to an executive from one of Samsung’s key suppliers.

Adding a Sense of Touch to Online Shopping

from WSJ: 

>>The Samsung Galaxy S III has an advanced feature called Auto Haptic that uses vibration to create physical responses such as feeling the sling stretch in Angry Birds. Apple is also researching and applying for patents in haptics.