Friday, January 9, 2009

YouTube, Inc. - 20 Giga port

Company Information
Company Name YouTube, Inc.
Also Known As
Company Website
Primary ASN 36561
Public Peering Exchange Points
Exchange Point Name ASN IP Address Mbit/sec
Equinix Ashburn 36561 20000

Akamai - 20 Gig ports

Company Information
Company Name Akamai Technologies
Also Known As 12222
Company Website
Primary ASN 20940
Network Type Content
Approx Prefixes 10
Traffic Levels 1 Tbps+
Traffic Ratios Heavy Outbound
Geographic Scope Global
Public Peering Exchange Points
Exchange Point Name ASN IP Address Mbit/sec
Equinix Ashburn 20940 20000
Equinix Ashburn 20940 20000

HostGo Upgrades Network

HostGo recently added 10 gigabit ports Telehouse New York, Equinix Ashburn, and Equinix San Jose. With the PAIX Palo Alto upgrade completed, HostGo now boasts 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports at five different locations across its global network. The company will continue to roll out network upgrades as needed to create short-term and long-term network capacity.

About HostGo

A subsidiary of FritschNET, Inc., HostGo is a leading provider of Shared Web hosting plans and domain name registry services. With a customer base composed largely of individuals and small to medium sized businesses, HostGo offers a myriad of value-added services to help its clients grow their Web sites.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Centennial adding Cyberknife facility

from the

>>The following permits were issued Tuesday by the Metro Codes Administration:

Hospital renovations. Value: $1.2 million. Brasfield & Gorrie LLC took out a permit to renovate a portion of the Parkview building at Centennial Medical Center for a Cyberknife facility.

world's first camera to feature face recognition technology, combined with a Haptic Interface

Immersion issued two interesting P/R today:

>>Samsung First to Launch Digital Music Player With Immersions Touch Feedback

>>Immersion Powers Touch Feedback for Android Mobile Phone Platform

Cellodude, on the IV MB has also discovered this news:

>>Samsung announces ST10 camera

NEWS: 8 January 2009 13:08 GMT by Verity Burns

Samsung has announced the new ST10, the world's first camera to feature face recognition technology, combined with a Haptic Interface.

Integrated into a 3-inch HVGA touchscreen, users will feel physical feedback (i.e a vibrating sensation that will let you know you have pressed something) that Samsung says will give a "feel for greater control" over the camera's functions.

However it's the face recognition system in the 9-megapixel ST10 that Samsung really want to boast about. The technology actually recognises the people you're taking photos of, and then prioritises the friends and family you photograph the most. The camera can automatically classify photos according to who is in them, making it easier for you to find photos with certain people in them.

Additions to the face recognition are features such as smile shutter mode, which will only take a photo when a smile is detected on a recognised person, and blink shutter mode, that will immediately take another shot if any recognised face blinks.

Other features on the ST10 include an in-built Personal Multimedia Player with integrated MP3 player, Digital Image Stabilisation and Samsung's new "Smart Scene Recognition" with 11 different picture pre-settings.

A nice addition is the Angle/Composition Guide setting which will be handy when asking people to take your photo on holiday. Simply take a ghost picture of your desired shot and a template will be displayed when you pass the camera over to them, making sure you get the shot you want.

The ST10 will be available in a number of colours and is due to hit our shelves in February, priced at £179.

Samsung announces ST10 camera image 1
Samsung announces ST10 camera

7ticks Ultra-Low Latency Network Bridges U.S. and Frankfurt Financial Markets with Expansion at Equinix

Managed Service Provider Expands Reach of Global Financial Network

CHICAGO & FOSTER CITY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--7ticks, the leading provider of high performance trading network solutions, and Equinix, Inc. (Nasdaq: EQIX), a provider of global data center services, announced today that 7ticks has launched a direct, network-neutral connection within the Equinix Frankfurt-North (FR2) International Business Exchange (IBX®) data center between its U.S. based network and the Eurex proximity location in Frankfurt, Germany.

7ticks’ presence at the FR2 center facilitates ultra-low latency services between the Eurex and other international exchanges. Within the center, the Frankfurt presence enhances 7ticks’ existing access to the Eurex VALUES API and Enhanced Broadcast Solution. 7ticks also now offers the new Eurex Enhanced Transaction Solution for lowest latency order routing.

“The expansion of 7ticks’ services to Equinix’s FR2 IBX center builds upon the successful partnership that the two companies have in the U.S., where 7ticks is deployed at Equinix’s Chicago centers,” said John Knuff, director of business development for Equinix. “7ticks offers a variety of services that furthers our goal of providing financial market participants at Equinix with access to the best of breed managed services providers."

“During these times of extreme market volatility, traders need affordable, low latency access solutions more than ever. Extending our network to Frankfurt, Germany represents another important step in our global expansion plans,” said Joe Bigane, Managing Director for 7ticks. “Our clients are already seeing huge advantages in performance, reliability, and cost affordability.”

About 7ticks

7ticks is headquartered in Chicago, where the company pioneered managed proximity co-location services for Chicago’s electronically traded products and exchanges. The Frankfurt data center marks the first of several international locations in 7ticks’ plans for global expansion, and complements the company’s existing U.S. proximity offerings. The 7ticks team provides electronic trading infrastructure design, procurement, installation, and hosting services that are enhanced by ongoing management, support, and monitoring solutions.

Proprietary trading groups, clearing firms, global investment banks, brokers, market makers, hedge funds, and independent software vendors (ISV’s) choose 7ticks for industry leading network performance, reliability, monitoring insight, and cost savings.

For more information on 7ticks, please visit or call 312-896-0300.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Verizon's Data 'Hotels' Bring IP Traffic Closer

from Information Week:

>>The program lets content owners and CDNs bypass traditional backbone-peering processes by depositing their content directly into temporary data centers.

With the tidal wave of content crossing the Internet growing more than 50% a year and with consumers demanding more jitter-free content,Verizon (NYSE: VZ) on Wednesday announced a program designed to streamline IP delivery for content delivery network providers (CDNs).

The Verizon Partner Port Program enables content owners and CDNs to bypass traditional backbone-peering processes by depositing their content directly into data center "hotels," including some provided by Equinix.

SoftLayer Technologies, Inc.

All three locations are live now.

Public Peering Exchange Points
Exchange Point Name ASN IP Address Mbit/sec
Equinix Ashburn 36351 10000
Equinix Dallas 36351 10000
SIX 36351 10000

Private Peering Facilities
Facility Name ASN City Country SONET Ethr ATM
Equinix Ashburn (DC1-DC4) 36351 Ashburn US
Equinix Dallas (DA1) 36351 Dallas US
Westin Building Seattle 36351 Seattle US

Colo Pricing Trends Boost Data Center Shares

must read from Data Center Knowledge:

>>Last month we wrote about the potential that colocation prices could rise as data center space runs short due to mothballed construction projects. The Wall Street Journal (subscription) has now written about this trend, noting that “demand is outpacing supply, and that could potentially drive up prices of data-center services.”


The biggest winner in Tuesday’s trading was DuPont Fabros Technology (DFT), whose shares have been battered since it suspended construction on three large data center projects. Shares of DuPont Fabros jumped 34 percent yesterday, closing at $3.68 per share. The value of DFT has doubled over the past five trading sessions.

Other companies in the colocation and hosting sector with gains include:

just as a joke, here is Equinix post-our article... ;-)

Higher Prices Loom For Data-Site Users

A must read from the WSJ:

>>Businesses are turning to outside companies to run their data centers faster than most of those companies can build additional facilities. Now demand is outpacing supply, and that could potentially drive up prices of data-center services.


The result is the number of commercial data centers will rise just 5.3% year-to-year in 2009 and 4.75% in 2010, according to Tier1 Research. That is down from 6% in 2008.

The slowdown in new data-center facilities comes at a difficult time. To cut costs during the recession, many businesses running out of space in their own data centers have turned to third-party data-center providers to rent out space. Demand for these services rose 14% from a year earlier in 2008 and is expected to increase at similar or greater rates for the next several years, according to Tier1 Research.

Now the demand and supply is likely to diverge even more over the next few years, as the typical data center takes 12 to 24 months to build, says Daniel Golding, a Tier1 analyst. "It could be a big problem," he says.

It won't be long until current facilities begin to fill up. Globally, the data centers in use are about 65% full, according to Tier1. The company expects that to hit 70% in 2009 and rise seven percentage points or so each year thereafter. Equinix says it is operating at about 78% capacity and that it has accelerated development at a 340,000-square-foot facility it opened in Secaucus, N.J.


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Nokia is touchscreening "with a vengeance"

cellodude on the Investor Village MB:

>>Also, consumer demand is forcing touchscreens to be "the thing" to buy, since Nokia's non-touchscreen numbers fell in 2008.

[But Nokia recorded its first fall in sales of smartphones in the third quarter of 2008, according to Gartner, the research company, partly because of its lack of handsets with touchscreens.]

Build more touchscreens than Samsung?

[The Finnish group is seeking to become the world’s largest maker of mobiles with touchscreens this year after unveiling handsets that will compete with the likes of Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Omnia.]

It could happen.

[Carolina Milanesi, analyst at Gartner, said Nokia’s goal of becoming the world’s largest maker of mobiles with touchscreens was realistic, though it would have to expand its range beyond the 5800 and N97.]

The breakthroughs that will change lives in 2009

from Mailonline:


The major advance is in noninvasive ways of treating certain cancers, particularly inaccessible cancers considered inoperable and sometimes untreatable - even with radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

This year, such patients may benefit from a therapy directly targeting these tumours:


The CyberKnife System is a robot that performs 'radiosurgery' using radiation to destroy tumours in a painless, non-surgical way.

By combining a robotic arm with image guidance from X-ray cameras, the CyberKnife System can treat tumours with pinpoint accuracy and therefore with larger doses of radiation and less damage to surrounding tissue.

The machine can treat, for example, early-stage lung cancer, spinal tumours and even areas which have already undergone irradiation that would not be treated a second time but where the tumour has returned.

Patients with lung cancer who have undergone Cyberknife have a survival rate of around 90 per cent, compared with 30 per cent with conventional treatment.

'Cyberknife has the potential to replace surgery as the first form of treatment for cancer,' says Dr Nick Plowman, director of clinical oncology at St Bartholomew's Hospital.

AVAILABLE: Now, privately from the Harley Street Clinic from January. See or telephone 020 7935 7700. The clinic is currently in talks regarding an NHS/private partnership.


January: the name of the game is "predictions for the new year"... :-)

An interesting post from The Digital Cave:

>>Top 10-ish Data Center Predictions for 2009


The hosting providers are going to have a very good year. I would bet that these firms such as Equinix, Digital Realty Trust, CRG West, are going to have a banner year. With the general slow down of the markets, and tight restrictions on capital dollars, these folks will ensure pricing and demand both stay very high. Net result great profits for them, higher costs for the customers.

Digital Realty Trust will remain king in the REIT category of hosting providers. They are simply doing all the right things. I envision a cautious growth of new facilities and capacity in under-served or capacity hungry markets.


In the colo provider space, players like Terramark, Equinix, and Savvis will also see a big uptick in revenues. With some markets as high as $175/sq ft/month it will become harder and harder to procure space and these folks will take advantage of that fact in spades.

As measured by stock price and/or earnings, Terramark will be the biggest winner in this space. Equinix will show steady growth and place second. Savvis is the wildcard. They will likely have a good year, but they will realize that they need better management at the top of their hosting business. The cries for better management and operations practices are already deafening.