Friday, August 28, 2009

CKs installations

Accuray reported 4Q results a few days ago. Without getting into the financial expects of those numbers, a look at some data relative to CKs installations:

more details:

Intel Goes Live with FasterLab Satellite at Equinix LD4 Data Centre

from A-Team Group. Subscription required:

>>Intel Goes Live with FasterLab Satellite at Equinix LD4 Data Centre

The Intel FasterLab satellite implementation at Equinix’s LD4 data centre in Slough has begun operation, and is offering LD4 tenants and prospective tenants the opportunity to test the latency capabilities of the market data infrastructures supporting their execution engines at the site.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Immersion - Interim Head of Finance

from linkedin:

Kendra Borrego has wrapped up a short term consulting assignment and is looking for an exciting permanent CFO postion or consulting assignment. 1 day ago

Cancer-treating cyberknife to be launched today

from the IV MB, by yyy60.

>>With just two hospitals in the country -- Health Care Global (HCG), Bangalore, and Apollo Hospitals in Chennai -- procuring the high-end equipment, patients from several parts of the country are coming here for treatment. Hitherto, cancer patients would travel to the US for this treatment.

CyberKnife will be formally launched by former President A P J Abdul Kalam on Friday. "It has redefined cancer treatment and enhances the lifespan. The trauma, side effects of chemotherapy and resultant hair loss are reduced. The robot moves 360 degrees on the patient, blocks the normal tissues and treats only the tumour,'' Dr B S Ajai Kumar, radiation oncologist and chairman, HCG, told The Times of India.

Interim Head of Finance

new one:

Mr. Henry Hirvela, Interim Head of Finance

Mr. Hirvela joined Immersion in August of 2009 as Interim head of finance. Henry Hirvela is a multi-industry business leader with over thirty years of experience in executive, financial and corporate change management. While serving as CFO at Allied Waste Industries (NYSE: AW) Henry played a key role in transforming Allied from a small regional player to a Fortune 500 company in four years. Recently he led the successful turnaround of VistaCare (NASDAQ: VSTA) and its subsequent sale to Odyssey Healthcare. Henry has served as audit committee chairman and, subsequently, chairman of the board of directors at Three-Five Systems (NYSE: TFS) during which time he directed the TFS reorganization. He holds a bachelor's degree from the United States International University in San Diego, and earned an M.B.A. from the Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University.

Henry Hirvela

Oklahoma State University Medical Center Selects Lawson Healthcare Solution

>>NaviSite, a Lawson partner, will provide hosting services for the enterprise applications.

Reserve Fund Holders May Get 99 Cents a Share

Equinix was involved with the Reserve Primary Fund. Good news:

>>Reserve Primary Fund and its independent trustees filed a court brief Friday, supporting the distribution of the money-market fund's remaining assets as soon as possible.

The brief also said unpaid shareholders may receive slightly more than previously anticipated: Based on revised calculations and updated data, each unpaid shareholder may receive $0.9875 per share on a pro rata basis, and possibly as much as 99 cents per share. It had previously estimated that investors would receive $0.985 per share.

This is from Seeking Alpha conference call transcripts (1Q 2009):

>>One final note related to our cash balances. As was noted on previous calls, we placed some funds in the Reserve Primary Fund, the money market fund that [inaudible] in September of 2008. During the quarter the Reserve Fund announced their intent to maintain $3.5 billion of assets to settle their legal obligations and claims. As a result, we adjusted the net anticipated recovery to $0.917 per $1 of investment. Because of this decision the company recorded an additional loss of $2.7 million related to this asset.

High-speed trading goes off the Street - location, location, co-location

Marketplace talks about high speed trading, and explains it's all about location - location, location, co-location:

>>The high-frequency trader's building blocks are a lightning-fast computer and software that can buy shares by the bushel in the blink of an eye. There's one more key component: location.

If you're in Greenwich, Conn., and you place an order to buy a stock, it could take a half-a-thousandth of a second for the order to reach an exchange. But if your computer is sitting in the same building with the exchanges' matching engines, the computers that put buyers and sellers together, your order gets to the exchange 50 times faster.

Today Vasant Dhar teaches trading strategies at New York University's Stern School of Business. But back when he was a high-frequency trader, he placed his computer at a co-location facility.

This is the Equinix's co-location facility. It's a squat cement warehouse the size of five football fields. And it's not on Wall Street. It's four miles west of Manhattan in Secaucus, N.J.

Exclusive: Internap CEO on what’s next for CDN has an interview with Internap's CEO, where he discusses strategy for the future. Next will be Internap’s $50-million data-center expansion - this time it's about CDN:

>>CEO Eric Cooney talks about Internap's $50M expansion and the strategy for reinventing its CDN

In January, Eric Cooney, the former chief executive officer of Tandberg TV (which was acquired by Ericsson in 2007) was named CEO of Internap (NASDAQ: INAP), a colocation and IP transit services provider. It was a turbulent time for Internap. Although the data center business was booming, the company had struggled to integrate the assets of VitalStream, the content delivery network (CDN) provider it had acquired in 2007, to the point at which, last fall, Internap took a $100-million goodwill write-down on the assets it acquired for $217 million. And this month, it wrote down another $57 million, essentially emptying its books of the acquisition. With that slate now clean, some analysts say Cooney can reboot Internap’s CDN business and reinvigorate its IP services business, whose sales were down 7% in the second quarter. In a report this summer on the CDN sector, Yankee Group senior analyst David Vorhaus said that for Internap, “The challenge now is not one of technology or vision…but rather one of overcoming the preconceived notions that longtime CDN customers have of Internap.” Cooney hopes to change those notions in part by launching a new CDN platform this year. And the company is embarking on a $50-million expansion, building and acquiring its own data centers, thus reducing its reliance on partner sites. Cooney spoke with Telephony’s Ed Gubbins this week about that expansion and about the strategy for reinventing Internap’s CDN.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bennington v. Accuray Incorporated

Bennington v. Accuray Incorporated

Plaintiff:Doug Bennington
Defendant:Accuray Incorporated, Euan S. Thomson, Robert E. McNamara, Wade B. Hampton, Ted Tu, Wayne Wu, John R. Adler, Jr. and Robert S. Weiss

Case Number:3:2009cv03813
Filed:August 19, 2009

Court:California Northern District Court
Office:San Francisco Office [ Court Info ]
County:San Francisco
Presiding Judge:Hon. Phyllis J. Hamilton

Nature of Suit:Other Statutes - Securities/Commodities/Exchanges
Cause:15:77 Securities Fraud
Jurisdiction:Federal Question
Jury Demanded By:Plaintiff

Internode gains foothold in MSP space

Internode has found an unexpected market for its enterprise data centre offering with managed service providers becoming tenants in the space.

The Adelaide-based ISP yesterday revealed an expansion of its East Coast data centre product with a dedicated suite in the Global Switch facility in Sydney.

The 50 square metre suite augmented existing space in a third-party suite in the same centre and in the nearby Equinix facility.

Samsung sells 550,000 Yu-Na Haptic phones in 80 days


Samsung today announced that they have sold more than 550,000 units of its Yu-Na Haptic or SCH-W770/SPH-W7700/W7750 (depending on operator). This feat comes in just under 80 days of its launch and is one of the fastest selling phones for Samsung.

Logitech G27 Racing Wheel: the Closest Thing to Real Racing



Racing game enthusiasts, you'll be glad to hear that Logitech today announced the G27 Racing Wheel (which replaces the G25). It's a three-piece set that will have you convinced you're racing Indy in your own living room.

The G27 is built with a dual-motor force feedback mechanism that creates realistic force effects in the 11-inch hand-stitched leather wheel. You'll feel traction loss, weight shift, and the surface of the road as you race. The gears deliver a quiet steering action, almost eliminating noise and unwanted vibration.


Rackspace Overview

The Fundamentals
  • Founded in 1998
  • Based in San Antonio, TX
  • Nine (9) Data Centers: San Antonio, TX (2); Dallas, TX; Herndon, VA; Ashburn, VA; London, UK (2); Slough, UK; Hong Kong
Public Peering Exchange Points
Exchange Point Name ASN IP Address Mbit/sec
Equinix Ashburn 36248 10000
Equinix Dallas 36248 10000

Private Peering Facilities
Facility Name ASN City Country SONET Ethr ATM
Equinix Ashburn (DC1-DC4) 36248 Ashburn US
Equinix Dallas (DA1) 36248 Dallas US
Equinix Heathrow 15395 West Drayton UK

Monday, August 24, 2009

Internap's Career Center Portal

still hiring in Lincoln, NE...

telco density is the main differentiator for Equinix, no matter where we are.

an interview with Equinix’s president of Asia-Pacific, Samuel Lee, from The Jakarta Post:

>>Below are the excerpts of an interview between Equinix’s president of Asia-Pacific, Samuel Lee, and The Jakarta Post’s Mustaqim Adamrah, after the launch of Equinix’s second data center in Singapore recently.

Question: How do you see the market in the Asia-Pacific region and in the Southeast Asia region? How do you explain this in number?

Answer: Globally, I think in the US, if we’re talking about market size, it’s about maybe US$7 to $8 billion, and Asia Pacific maybe around $2 billion, something like that.
But it’s debatable because today all people can have a very different comprehension of how big the market size is.

But in general, the Asia-Pacific market size is around maybe a third to a half of the US size. But the growth here in Asia will be faster than the US because of the economic development.

For Southeast Asia, Singapore is an IT hub. So a lot of companies have a call center in the Philippines, their office in Indonesia. What they want to do is just pull the international telco connection and break that connection to Singapore and hook up in their IT systems in Singapore.


How will you maintain your business?

We will continue to endorse network service providers into our data center because as I mentioned, telco density is the main differentiator for Equinix, no matter where we are.

We’ll view our inventory ahead of the demand. So when we have costumers come to us and ask us for space, we have inventory to serve them. In some countries, we do have experience in going back.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fiber-Hosting LLC

$65 a month 1000mbit Server IPv4/6

The following package is up for sale:

1U Celeron D 1.6 GHz
800 Mhz FSB
1 GB DDR2 (667 Mhz) SDRAM
1000 GB Monthly Transfer
Gigabit Ethernet Port
5 Private IPs
Free IPv6 IPs
Monthly Price: $75.00
Discount Price: $65.00
- Coupon: digital

Route Optimization:
We handle our blended transit and route optimization with an Internap FCP 10Gig unit. You will no longer have to worry about one provider always having the best latency! Your server will be able to pull a mix of all transit providers on our network, and the default provider will be the fastest one for your client at all times.

Bandwidth Providers:
Level 3
Internap (Coming Soon)

Line Speeds:
Cogent = 10 Gig
Telia = 1000mbit
Level 3 = 1000mbit
Internap = 1000mbit (Coming Soon)

Here at Fiber-Hosting LLC, we offer affordable Gigabit hosting. We have been a private hosting company since 2004. Our company's headquarters are based out of Austin, Texas. We are here to provide quality services to small, medium, and enterprise level business.