Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fiber-Hosting LLC

$65 a month 1000mbit Server IPv4/6

The following package is up for sale:

1U Celeron D 1.6 GHz
800 Mhz FSB
1 GB DDR2 (667 Mhz) SDRAM
1000 GB Monthly Transfer
Gigabit Ethernet Port
5 Private IPs
Free IPv6 IPs
Monthly Price: $75.00
Discount Price: $65.00
- Coupon: digital

Route Optimization:
We handle our blended transit and route optimization with an Internap FCP 10Gig unit. You will no longer have to worry about one provider always having the best latency! Your server will be able to pull a mix of all transit providers on our network, and the default provider will be the fastest one for your client at all times.

Bandwidth Providers:
Level 3
Internap (Coming Soon)

Line Speeds:
Cogent = 10 Gig
Telia = 1000mbit
Level 3 = 1000mbit
Internap = 1000mbit (Coming Soon)

Here at Fiber-Hosting LLC, we offer affordable Gigabit hosting. We have been a private hosting company since 2004. Our company's headquarters are based out of Austin, Texas. We are here to provide quality services to small, medium, and enterprise level business.

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