Saturday, August 22, 2009

Storm 2 will have Haptic Feedback


>>Wink Storm 2 will have Haptic Feedback

It's been kept quite for a while but, now it's finally out.

Here's the link:

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The S2's Technology

Here's something that was posted on CB I thought I would share w/ you.

Surreal's Statement:

"Storm1 uses technology where there is one physical button, you press the entire screen down onto the button which in turn produces a 'click'."

"The difference between the Storm1 and the Storm2 is that there is no physical button on the Storm2. You do not physically click, even though it might feel like you are. The click is done by the 'new technology', the user simply touches the screen and by the amount of force and type of action that is being selected the screen clicks on its own. This drastically improves. the 'clicking speed', and in turn typing speed. This is the main difference in my opinion. Also, this introduces the concept of multi-touch points, being able to 'click' multiple keys at once."

"We won't know anything until this thing hits the market. Of course this is speculation."

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