Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More Viewpoints On What’s Next for CDNs

I’d like to add my comments to Rob’s article “So the recession is indeed punishing CDNs.” After all these companies, both pure plays and telecoms, reported 2Q results and issued weak guidance for Q3, it’s quite clear that the sector is experiencing little to no revenue growth and expecting this trend to last in the close future.

Dan Rayburn is taking a longer time frame approach in his article: “The Future of the CDN Market”, to see what this can mean for the whole sector:

As we look to what the CDN market will be like 12 months from now, it’s clear that many vendors won’t be able to sustain themselves. The fact is, the CDN industry has been through this cycle before. In 2000, about 50 CDNs of all shapes and sizes existed. Two years later, in 2002, there were only about a dozen CDNs; in 2004, that number was only five or six.

link to the article available at Telecom Rumblings...

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