Friday, August 21, 2009

Equinix Paris Facility Hit by Cooling Outage

more info on the Equinix outage in Paris by Data Center Knowledge:

>>Equinix Paris Facility Hit by Cooling Outage

The problems began late Wednesday afternoon as temperatures in Paris rose into the upper 90s. “Multiple chillers that support the second floor failed, and the standby chiller system did not start in time to absorb the load,” Michel Brignano, General Manager of Equinix France, wrote in an incident report which was posted to the FrNOG list.

“This impacted temperatures on the second floor and had indirect effect on the ground floor as well,” Brignano continued. “The specific causes of the failures are still under investigation but there appear to have been component/subsystem failures in at least two of the three primary chiller systems supporting the second floor. At this time, we can not say definitively whether the failures were related or not.”

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