Saturday, August 22, 2009

CrackBerry podcasters guess piezo haptics in Storm 2

from the IV MB, by cellodude:

>>CrackBerry podcasters guess piezo haptics in Storm 2

As we hoped and suspected. If only I had more ammo...

I pose a question. How would you describe localized haptics if you had no idea about the underlying technology, especially a very quick effect?

Timestamp - 22:20 - "Now the other interesting thing of course is, when the unit is powered off, the screen is fixed, it doesn't have any click, it's just a rigid glass. And when you power it on, I mean the glass is still rigid, but then you get that just tiny bit of movement like, in and out, like you feel... you know you push on it and you feel it move. I don't know if you'd call that a haptic response [yes you would!], I don't think so, like it still kind of feels like you're pushing a fixed piece of glass down it's not like shooting something up you know, electro mini-vibrations or anything like that, but there's definitely something going on. And, umm... can you guess the word I'm going to throw out there? This word is gonna' rock everybody's world. OK, I think it's it's using some kind of piezo technology." (Piezo discussion continues). "I think there's magic in there somewhere."

Full discussion about Storm 1 plunger, comparison to multi-touch Storm 2 etc. starts at timestamp - 20:48

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