Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Immersion pushes Android smartphone and tablet developers to be touchy feely

from venturebeat.com:

>>Dennis Sheehan (pictured), vice president of marketing at Immersion, said in an interview at the company’s headquarters in San Jose, Calif., that Immersion designs the chips and hardware used to detect and reproduce touch sensations with the motors already present in phones for vibrate mode purposes. But app developers need more help from Immersion to create imaginative new uses of the technology.

Much like how operating system vendors create tools for application developers, Immersion is creating the Motiv developer tools for integrating haptics into apps. There are more than 100 pre-designed haptic effects, such as explosions, clicks, materials, textures, or bouncing. Immersion can add touch effects to a game that doesn’t already have them, such as Angry Birds, so that you can feel the twang of a slingshot when you shoot a bird at pigs in the game.


Check out our video of Sheehan with a couple of smartphone and tablet touch-feedback apps .

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