Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Google Can Survive Too Much Innovation. You Can't

from Forbes:

>>James White, CEO of the Jamba Juice chain of stores, and his team use a well-disciplined “stage gate” process to de-risk each idea, from conception through testing. An example is its steel-cut oatmeal, launched in January 2009. Jamba began working on the product back in 2007, wanting to improve the increasingly popular breakfast part of its menu. The company field-tested the oatmeal in its San Francisco Bay Area stores in September 2008, then in Chicago in December 2008, before launching it the next month.  The product was perfect for Jamba’s strategy of capturing breakfast to make the most of its fixed overhead. With good market test results, management wasn’t surprised when the oatmeal became one of the most requested morning menu items and was named by Good Morning America as the best fast-food oatmeal product.

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