Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Analysis: Dude, where's my save?


>>As General Manager at Equinix and a former PC gamer himself, he's one of few people who actually knows which companies databank with him -- most companies like Zynga won't make that information public. To them, it's a security risk because they don't want people trying to physically assault their servers (which can happen the way it went down with Lineage II); but to OnLive, announcing that they databank with Equinix encourages user trust -- because no datacenter sounds safer than Equinix's.

"They're basically maintained as anonymous sites, and most often where we do development we do them in warehouse areas," Poole says, giving us a verbal tour of our OnLive saved games' home. "So from the outside, they're indistinguishable from any other warehouse. There is no marking, we don't put our logo on the outside of the building. If you were just to walk up to it, the only thing you might notice are all the closed circuit cameras that look at the outside. To get in, you would need a code to get into the security lobby. Once you're in there, that's where the security guards are, and then there is a mantrap layer between the security lobby and the regular lobby. Where you have to go through a biometric security check."

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