Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Another Reason To Get The C7: Enhanced Haptic

not sure this is correct, though... see the comment section

from thenokiaguide.com:

>>Still can’t decide between the N8, C7 or E7? Take a look at our handy comparison, which might make the decision making process a bit easier.

If you’ve looked at that chart closely, you’d notice that the C7 has one feature that both the N8 and E7 lack: Enhanced haptic. What’s strange about this is that it isn’t mentioned in the C7’s specs and the Product Manager didn’t really talk about. It wasn’t until I used the C7, did I notice that there was something different about it compared to the N8. While typing with the virtual QWERTY keyboard I noticed that the haptic feedback was much better.

When I asked the Product Manager, he confirmed that indeed the C7 was using a newer generation of haptic feedback. It’s a bit hard to describe, but it’s as if each single key vibrated separately, instead of just the entire device vibrating to simulate a single key press. It’s as if they placed individual tiny motors beneath each key on screen, which of course is impossible. The general idea behind this on previous devices was to give you some tactile feedback, the sensation that you actually pressed a physical button. On all previous devices like N900, 5800, N97 and even the N8, it did give you feedback, but it wasn’t really like pressing a single, isolated button, it was more like: Oh, the entire phone vibrated.

On the C7 they’ve done an amazing job, creating a very effective and elegant effect that actually feels like pressing a key. The way each key vibrates separately without affecting other areas needs to be felt to be appreciated. It’s a very sophisticated process with subtleties that takes this to another level and that works beautifully on the C7. What makes this even more surreal is when you realize that your touching a piece of glass and that this is coming from a device that seems impossibly thin. This time Nokia got that just right.

Did you like or noticed the Nokia C7’s enhanced haptic?

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