Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Magento Hosting Provider, MageMojo Expands to New Datacenter

The fastest magento hosting provider in the US, MageMojo ( announced today that is has completed it's expansion into a new Equinix datacenter in Pittsburgh, PA. This move has greatly expanded MageMojo's network and has quadrupled it's power and rack capacity to make room for their rapid growth.

The Equinix datacenter is a carrier neutral facility and has direct connections to many of the Tier 1 internet providers around the world. This move brings together MageMojo's own IP space with the network blend of Tier 1 internet carriers including; Level3, Global Crossing, Qwest, Cogent, Verizon and Sprint.

Co-founder Eric Hileman says "Colocating inside a carrier neutral facility like Equinix allows us to put our equipment less than 50 feet from the Tier 1 internet carriers. This provides a unique advantage of lower latency network connectivity over our competitors who chose to colocate their equipment in a manner that requires them to backhaul long distances into carrier neutral facilities. We've combined that lower latency with route optimization software from Cisco, to always find the best route from all our carriers. The end result is that we're able to provide some of the lowest latency routes around the world which means faster page load times for our customers. Our expansion into this new datacenter and the many optimization techniques that we use on our servers, make us the fastest Magento hosting provider."

Eric Hileman's claim that MageMojo is the "fastest Magento hosting provider" have recently been confirmed by independent tests at Magento commerce sites that are hosting with MageMojo are showing transaction speeds of .09 seconds per transaction, truly making MageMojo the fastest Magento web host in the US.

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