Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Is NYSE’s NJ Data Center A Game Changer?

must read about colocation and the financial sector, from Data Center Knowledge:

>>Is NYSE’s NJ Data Center A Game Changer?

The NYSE initiative has securities analysts wondering whether the exchange will win business away from the low latency trading operations of other north Jersey data center players, including the Savvis (SVVS) trading hub in Weehwaken and Equinix’s growing presence in Secaucus.

“While we recognize there is additional capacity coming in, I think that the overall demand environment is going to continue to drive business for service providers such as ourselves for the foreseeable future,” said Phil Koen, CEO of Savvis, in a recent conference call. “We see that as an improving trend.”

Equinix has emphasized the global nature of its network of financial trading hubs, with additional facilities in Chicago, London, Frankfurt, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

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