Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Internap president and CEO discusses solutions to ‘exaflood’ and other challenges.

Some highlights, from ScreenPlays:

>>Jim DeBlasio – Internap is unique in the industry in that it provides end-to-end technology solutions to support an organization’s online business, and that’s from the origin to the destination. Our customers look to us to help them manage, deliver and monetize their applications and content with what we consider to be unsurpassed performance and reliability. Unlike others in this space, CDN is a product, not the company.

Vitalstream was a great acquisition for Internap. It enabled us to quickly claim a leadership position in this fast growing market – streaming video and progressive downloads – and we also expanded our customer base. We picked up roughly 80 employees from Vitalsteam that are some very talented engineers.

SP – We’re hearing more and more about video heading to mobile. Do you, or will you, have a role in the emergence of mobile video?

DeBlasio – It’s something we’re looking at right now. You’re absolutely right. At this point, I can’t really speak to or announce anything that’s going on. Only to say that the market is still emerging, and there is a real need for CDN applications, video applications, over the handheld device. That is something that will be growing in the future, and it’s something that we’re looking into.

As users become more and more comfortable with the experience they get with HD, you’re going to see it begin to really pick up over time, and I believe we’re still about a year away from that. It’s something that Internap can offer and do very well.

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