Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Minnesota Internet Traffic Studies (MINTS)

Some interesting data:

Current (year-end 2007) annual Internet traffic growth rates

Year-end 2007 monthly Internet traffic estimate
U.S.750-1250 PB (PetaByte = 1015 bytes)
World3000-5000 PB (PetaByte = 1015 bytes)

Year-end 2007 estimates for monthly Internet traffic (GB per capita)
Western Europe2.3
Hong Kong17.0
South Korea17.0
Estimates for Australia and Hong Kong are based on official government statistics, while that of Japan is derived from cooperative ISP data collection in that country. In all cases, extrapolations were made to provide estimates for year-end 2007. Figures for other countries are based on snippets of information of varying degrees of reliability, as well as confidential reports by some service providers.

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