Thursday, January 22, 2009

Akamai: About 3.8 M Simultaneous Obama Streams, Details Capping Of Customers

must read about Akamai and teh recent Presidential inauguration webcast from Dan Rayburn:

>>Last night I had a long conversation with Akamai about the inauguration webcast and got more details on the actual number of simultaneous streams they served and their methods and reasoning for capping customers on their network.

Many who are writing about inauguration traffic numbers are quoting from the Akamai press release and implying that Akamai delivered, at peak, 7.7 million video streams of the inauguration, which is incorrect. That 7.7 million number is the total number of all audio and video streams for all of Akamai's 2,800 customers delivered on their network that day. Out of that 7.7 million number, Akamai said roughly half of that was just for the inauguration. That puts my earlier estimate of around 8 million simultaneous streams combined across the Akamai, Limelight and Highwinds CDN a little high, with the number being more around 7 million.

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