Wednesday, February 25, 2009

CDNetworks Acquires Panther Express To Speed Expansion In The U.S.

from Dan Rayburn's BusinessOfVideo blog:

For me, there are a couple of key take away points from this deal. To almost any other CDN, Panther Express would not be a good acquisition since they are not global, only provide HTTP delivery, have no applications and are still relatively small revenue wise. CDNetworks is probably the one company where this does make sense since both company's strengths help equal out their weaknesses. Since Panther's services are very basic, the integration of Panther's infrastructure under the CDNetworks umbrella should be pretty straightforward. Unlike what we saw with the VitalStream and Internap integration, CDNetworks does not need to migrate any applications, streaming servers or customers broadcasting live content. While CDNetworks does not appear to be in any hurry to integrate, and does not need to be, it should be pretty simple when the time comes.

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