Friday, February 6, 2009

Terremark Earnings Call Transcript

Some highlights from Terremark conference call, last night (transcripts available from Seeking Alpha):


>>Jose A. Segrera

While we have seen some level of churn increase due to the macroeconomic conditions, it has not had a material impact on our business or outlook.

Jonathan Atkin – RBC Capital Markets

Within colo is the churn at that similar 1% level?

Jose A. Segrera

What we have seen for the past five or six quarters between the hosting and cola is you will typically have colocation running under 1% and then hosting running just slightly above 1% and those trends remain in place.

Colocation and pricing:

>>Jose A. Segrera

Pricing in the December quarter remained steady and we do not expect any significant changes in these trends over the coming quarters.

Manuel D. Medina

However, without a doubt, the success we are having at NCR, at the beginning anyways, colo will be significantly more because that’s where the big dollars are as far as coming in.

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