Saturday, March 7, 2009

The first cyberknife in Switzerland is up and running

from the IV MB:

>>**** translated from German ****

20 Minuten News
Updated 04.03.09, 12:38

The "Cyber Knife" conquering Swiss OP

A Z├╝rcher Clinic goes new ways in the fight against cancer: Have some cancers previously unattainable, they can now accurately using the latest technology to be removed.

Even very small tumors and those that are inaccessible to the body, can thus be treated.

The characteristics of the "Cyber Knife" include the ability of tumors with a precision of less than one millimeter from 1200 different angles with a high dose of radiation to irradiate. Moreover, it registers the smallest movements of the patient and the tumor and immediately corrected it, as the Hirslandengruppe announced on Wednesday.

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