Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Algo Technologies goes live at SIX Swiss Exchange


>>Algo Technologies Ltd has announced that it has gone live as a provider of proximity services from SIX Swiss Exchange via Equinix's Zurich based data centre.

Algo Technologies CEO Hirander Misra said, "This is very much part of our development of a world-class, super fast distributed trading infrastructure. It will cater to the latency sensitive trading community as they move away from trading single locations to trading from multiple locations powered by our low latency market data with our near light-speed fibre network interconnecting their trading hubs via the shortest available path. And in order to allow our clients to access a wide range of trading venues we have created a portfolio of co-location facilities closest to the big pools of trading liquidity at exchanges and MTFs. This deal with Equinix and SIX Swiss Exchange is the most recent of those."


Eric Schwartz, President of Equinix Europe added, 'Equinix has expanded rapidly into the world's top financial centers, and we are very pleased to see that Algo Technologies is offering its low latency market data and network services to the members of SIX Swiss Exchange from our state of the art Zurich ZH4 data centre as well as working with us at other key strategic locations.'

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