Thursday, June 2, 2011

Equinix Internet Exchange in AP

New Peers at Equinix Internet Exchange
Welcome the following new peers at Equinix Internet Exchange in AP:

Godaddy (AS 26496)
Matrix Systems (AS 55818)
TOT International Internet Gateway (AS 38040)

Anittel (AS 7631)
Callplus (AS 9790)
Cloud Central (AS 7551)
Delion (AS 55555)
Exetel (AS 10143)
Ovee (AS 45646)
Planet Ozi (AS 18221)
Simtronic (AS 55707)
Nexon (AS 9797)
Western Australian Internet Association (AS 10084)

NEC BigGlobe (AS 2518)

Hong Kong:
Amazon (AS 16509)
IPTP (AS 41095)
Qwest (AS 209)
VNPT (AS 45898)

AP Traffic Update
Equinix AP aggregate peering traffic reached a new record high of 110Gbps during the month of May 2011.

source: AP Beer and Peer

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