Saturday, August 27, 2011

Equinix Announces Hurricane Irene Continuity Plan

As you would expect, our Site Operations personnel have taken additional precautionary measures to guard against interruption of customer services due to the approaching hurricane.

What are some of the measures Equinix is taking

  • The generators have been tested, fuel tanks are full, levels verified, and backup fuel vendors have been placed on standby in the event of extended power interruption.
  • Special arrangements have been made to make sure staff are available on site as necessary to maintain operability standards.
  • We have secured hotel rooms near the sites, and have brought in cots, MREs, and other emergency supplies, should the situation become extreme.

What about flood risk?

  • All East Coast IBXs are minimally several feet above flood plain.
  • We have staged leak diversion kits, sandbags, tarps, vinyl sheeting, etc. with which to secure doors and windows.
  • All drains and sump pumps have been verified as free from debris and in working order.

Who should I contact during the storm for updates?

  • During the storm, the most effective way for customers to get updates is to call 866-EQUINIX or 866-378-4649 or email In case of landline outages, we have an extensive cellphone network in place to provide updates to the ERC (Equinix Response Center, as listed above.
  • In case of an outage of any type, customers will be sent an Equinix Incident Notification via email with details of such outage and applicable updates to the outage resolution.

How will I know when the danger has passed?

  • Equinix will send updates to customers every two hours through the Equinix Incident Notification process if and as Irene’s path indicates an IBX is within the storm’s path. Specific Incident Notifications will be sent if, and when, additional incidents arise in accordance with our standard and customary processes.
  • Supplemental staff will be in place for both our sites and support teams. 1- 866-EQUINIX and will be available to answer specific questions for the duration of the storm.

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